Betrayal (Halik) Episode 107

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 107 Helen attempts to kill Jacky and CJ while Ace gets shot on his manhood 

Lino and Jacky slept over at the police station and he told Jacky that it was morning. He urged Jacky to go home and have some rest.

Jacky made Lino promise to be hopeful and also asked him to have some rest. Jacky then went to visit the Bartolome family to give them update.

She told the family that Lino and the police were doing everything possible to find Jade and CJ as the immigration had informed them that they were still in the Philippines.

Ace and Jade got into an argument. Ace asked, upon all that he did for Jade was that how she was going to repay him? Jade stated that he killed Aliyah and was scared of what he might do to her too. She tried escaping again but Ace didn’t let her.

He pushed her inside the car, Helen and Paeng heard the news that Ace was fugitive and Paeng said Ace was on his own since he brought that upon himself. He should clean his own mess.

However, Helen called Ace immediately to ask him what happened and why he was all over the news. He explained that there were complications that arose while trying to escape and Helen showed him an old house which she was hiding in and asked him to come over.

Ace drove to the place together with Jade and the child. However, the police asked Lino if he knew a place that Ace could hide in and he said he knew someone who knew the Corpuzes well.

Lino visited Mauro in prison and he did not know where the Corpuzes could possibly hide since they had private residents overseas. Lino realised he was wasting his time but Mauro remembered a possible hideout for the Corpuzes.

It was a place owned by the parents of the Corpuzes but Paeng had told Mauro that it was sold which he believed could be a lie. Lino then called the police to inform them. The police warned Lino not to go but should wait for them.

Jacky who was in a car thinking of the possible place that Ace could hide remembered the abandoned house which Ace told her it was for his grandmother so he told the driver to ride to that place.

In the morning, Jade woke up to find CJ not by her side. She cried and quickly ran out to the other room to search for the Child. She saw Helen holding the child while Ace was helping her to pack.

Jade screamed and instructed Helen to give back her son since she kidnapped the child. Ace said he gave Helen the baby to go out with her. Helen said she just wanted to take a stroll with the child for him to see the sun.

Jade won’t let her so Ace helped his mom to run while he forced Jade into his car. Jade said she would not be able to live without her son but Ace said she should forget about CJ since he was the person holding them back.

Once he was not with her, Lino would not be able to track them and told Jade that they were running to a different place, there, they would make their own babies but Jade would not agree.

Fortunately or unfortunately, Lino arrived there and Ace had no choice than to hold Jade as a hostage. He warned Lino not to get close otherwise he would shoot him.

Lino asked of his son and Jade said Helen fled with him. Lino warned that should anything happen to the child or if Ace shoots him for their son to get hurt Jade would be blamed.

Ace said he was in the situation because of Lino. He lamented that since he married his wife, Jacky  he had lived in a nightmare of his wife being in love with Lino and forced Lino to admit that he had an affair with Jacky before he and Jade’s relationship began.

Lino warned Ace to stop twisting stories to cover up for his guilt. He told Ace that he had always cheated on Jacky and not that Jacky had fallen for someone. Lino asked Jade to look through his eyes and swore, adding, she herself knew very well that he never and ever cheated on her and was faithful.

Ace pulled the trigger to hit hiss archrival and Lino fell, however in the Bartolome residence, Dolor felt a sharp pain and prayed for Lino and CJ that God should guide and protect them them.

Jade struggled with Ace, trying to get the gun since he shot Lino. She called Ace a murderer. Ace said he killed for her and would not allow her to leave him, claiming Jade had been always using him.

Lino woke up and fought with Ace, Jacky got there and spoke with Jade who was in the car and asked her where CJ was and she said Helen escaped with him and gave her the direction which Helen took.

In a bus, Paeng arrived somewhere and he got out of the car. The police were called that Paeng was in that bus and the inspector ordered his men who saw Paeng to quietly follow him since he might meet his wife for them to catch both.

Helen spoke with Paeng after she got to a certain river waiting for the bolt she was supposed to escape with. She told Paeng that CJ was with her and Paeng asked why the child was with her.

He warned her to leave the child behind but Helen said she could not leave the baby behind in the middle of nowhere. Jacky got there and called out Helen’s name.

Meanwhile, Ace defeated Lino due to the bullet wounds and fled with Jade while Jade was asking where he was sending her. Lino who fainted regained consciousness. The police inspector called Ken to inform him that they have gotten a lead on the whereabouts of Paeng.

Helen tried escaping but Jacky followed her. She pleaded with her to give her the baby. Dolor led the entire family in a prayer to ask God to have mercy on her family and support Lino.

Jacky convinced Helen that she was left alone since Ace had escaped so did Paeng and asked her to hand over CJ. Jacky believed the baby would only make her get arrested.

She told him that Lino was in the abandoned house searching for CJ and the police would arrive there if she failed to hand CJ over to her. Jacky said she did not care if she wanted to escape but should give her the baby.

After she gave CJ to her, Helen did not allow Jacky to go with the child, she only said sorry and pushed Jacky inside the river and fled while Jacky was drawning and cried for help.

Helen who was escaping bumped into Lino and he caught her. He asked of his son and she asked him wether he did not hear their screams. Lino had to abandon her and ran to Jacky’s aid.

He jumped inside the river and saved CJ, then he took off his shoes to swim further to save Jacky. After he brought Jacky out he helped to get the water out of her.

However, Jade tried stopping Ace from driving since she did not know where he was sending her. After failed attempts she brandished a gun and Ace dared her that she could not do anything against him, Jade was forced to shoot Ace’s hand.

Ace then could not drive any further and he pulled over. He got out of the car and Jade also came out still pointing a gun at him. He pleaded with Jade not to do that to him, he asked why Jade shot him while he has done nothing but helped her.

Jade called him a rapist and a monster but he he said he was not a rapist since everything that went through among them she wanted it as he gave her all the things that Lino couldn’t give her.

After recalling how Ace first slept with her, she was tempted to shoot his manhood and she closed her eyes to shoot Ace’s manhood without listening to Ace’s plea for mercy.

Lino managed to save Jacky and she asked of CJ, Lino carried CJ and the police reached there. The inspector instructed the rest to search for Helen.

Ace collapsed and as she was also trying to take steps, she began coughing blood. She also collapsed and the police got there.

At the hospital, the results showed that nothing had happened to CJ. The Bartolomes were happy with Maggie saying finally their problems were over.

“Yes except you,” Lino teased his kid sister. Jade woke up to see Lino sitting there with her. She asked for CJ and said she had to save him from Helen no matter what.

Lino said there was no need since CJ was alright. She then demanded to see her son but Lino said she could not see the child again. Jade got scared and wondered why. She said upon all that she did against Lino he was still there with her so why wouldn’t he allow her to see her son or was about to die.

Lino’s silence made her realised that something was wrong. He wanted the doctor to explain Jade’s condition but she pleaded with him to tell her as she could stand it.

He said she was suffering from a form of tuberculosis and he wondered where he got it from whether from prison or it was from a stress.

Lino showed affection towards Jade, Marissa arrived there and wanted to talk to Jade but after seeing Lino with her, she left. Lino got an update from the police that his men were still tailing Paeng.

An inspector who was in a casual wear spotted Helen. She had covered herself up with a scarf and tried to go unnoticed from the officers who were in uniforms.

The one who was not in uniform realised she had barged into Ace’s ward and made a call to the inspector that “positive,” Helen Corpuz was in Ace’s ward.


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