Until We Meet Again Episode 13

Until We Meet Again Episode 13 Angela recovers while Claire and Calvin’s deepen their romantic affair  

After seeing a shadow of a person approaching, Francis pulled a fast one on Calvin. Calvin went inside Angela’s ward ready to approach her, least did he know that it was a trap set up by his father.

Suddenly, the light in the ward was switched on, behold Francis availed his face, leaving Calvin stunned by his father’s move. Francis revealed that he had transferred Angela to another place and would not be able to see her. Calvin begged his dad but he did not give in to his son.

Claire was out sitting on a certain chair during the night, some three guys went to harass her. Claire fought them when they were making advances on her and tried to get away from them but she ended up falling off the stairs. She went unconscious and the guys ran away thinking she was dead.

Evelyn and Helen went to report Claire’s missing to the police at the station but she got a call from a hospital telling her that Claire had been admitted there. Evelyn rushed off to see her and she was told that Claire would need physical therapy since she badly injured her foot when she fell down.

Evelyn apologised for neglecting her in her attempt to get Angela cured. Evelyn also called Calvin to inform her that Claire had been admitted at the hospital.

When Calvin went to see Claire, she told him not to go into her room as she was upset with him. Calvin sent flowers with him and went to Claire’s room. He apologised as well for not being there for her and said he would no longer look for Angela. They hugged and got more intimate as each day passed by.

Bernard was worried about the treatment Francis was performing on Angela but Francis assured him that he would cure Angela. After observing her, Francis concluded that Angela acted agitated whenever she felt afraid.

He therefore administered a medical treatment that suppressed her fears. He was then able to get Angela to calm down in order for him to treat her.

Angela was able to respond well to her treatment, through regular training on how to walk, speak and to exercise after a year, she was walking normally and could talk, although not as eloquent as other person of her age. Francis held a conference with the other doctors to show them the progress he had made with Angela.

Angela was presented to the doctors and even greeted them. Francis was commended for the great job he had done on Angela.

Claire and Calvin’s relationship deepened and was a proud girlfriend of Calvin. She recovered from her foot injury and Calvin took her out to hike since he had missed it.

They went with Elmo and Claire’s friend but Claire hated being there. She resolved to antics just to make them return to Manila but Calvin did not want to. He said it was late and had to stay for the night. Elmo had a chat with Calvin and asked him whether he really loved Claire. Calvin said Claire had all the qualities that he was looking for.

Evelyn and Larry also processed with their annulment and the court presented the annulment papers to Larry during a grand celebration where he cut ribbon for the opening of his new business. Odessa who had been dating Larry saw it as a good news and called for a celebration.

She thought it would be her chance to start a family with him but Larry shuttered her hopes, saying he was okay at that moment.

Francis had a conference with a topic Feral Child. He lectured on how Feral child grow in isolation  or sometimes with a care of an animal and Angela became a case study.

He later, decided to discharge Angela from the hospital and bring her home to his house. This is to enable Angela to learn to interact with people more normally.

Glenda complained that Francis did not ask if she and Calvin were okay with it but Francis said he could no longer let Angela stay at the hospital.

He gave Angela a room at the house and gave instructions to the maids about how to take care of her. He also installed a camera in Angela’s room to see how she continued to behave. Angela got used to her room.


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