Betrayal (Halik) Episode 1

Betrayal (Halik) Episode 1 Mauro succeeds in separating Jacky from Lino 

“Ace I am expecting you to be a man enough to alert your wife when she is making a mistake.”

Lino Bartolome was working at his furniture shop when an acquaintance came there to speak with him about a television interview that he gained with a popular TV station.

He later rode his car and travelled Bali. On his way he had a reminiscence of the past with Jacky, his former l^ver who they shared passionate moment together.

They showered eachother with ki$$es till sunset. He then arrived at his destination and the family welcomed him home.
He was served with sandwiches and juice. He later gave his mother a present which he made.

Elsewhere, Jacky Montefalco who was in jacuzzi having her bath received a text from her husband Ace.

The text read: “Sorry, l^ve running a bit late so will meet you later after I return from the factory.”

She texted him back and walked to the room. Jacky saw Lino’s interview on television after her conversation with Ace on phone. She then opened a jewellery box which in many ways served as a “pandora box” for a bracelet which reminds her of Lino.

Flashback: In 2003 at Mandaue, Cebu during a joyous occasion, Jacky went to save Lino who was being bullied and beating by other children.

Jacky hugged her uncle who came to visit from Manila. He was complementing some furniture works in the house. The uncle was not enthused by how Jacky’s school cloth was looking dirty. Jacky was wearing the uniform when he helped Lino to fight other children and in the process stained her uniform.

Her father, Mauro told Gabriel, Jacky’s brother to show his uncle around and confronted Jacky over her deeds.

Jacky later found a letter written for her through an accident. Her parents came to see her cry.

Six years later, some factory workers were having argument and Jacky stopped them, later Mauro arrived with a pistol to forcefully send Jacky away from helping Gustin, the father of Lino.

A demonstration went on against the Montefalco family and Jacky wanted her father to give in to the needs of the demonstrators but her father reprimanded, saying Jacky acts like she was not his daughter.

Her mother, Loida who was unhappy with her husband warned him not to raise his hand on Jacky.

Mr Montefalco went for his pistol to shoot the demonstrators although his family tried to stop him but he never listened. He shot in the air and the police arrived to arrest the demonstrators.

Jacky pleaded with her father to stop his act against the people but he turned into a deaf ear.

Later, Lino was informed by someone that his mother has collapsed. Jacky tried to offer a lending hand to Lino and his family but she unfortunately had an accident together with his brother Gabriel when she was driving to help Lino’s family.

Her mother was broke down by the incident, for a moment she thought Jacky was dead when she was carried from her car to the ambulance.

Loida wept bitterly as Gabriel, Jacky’s brother was stuck in the car. Lino later came to the hospital to visit Jacky. Her father came to inform Jacky that Gabriel was dead.

Mr Montefalco blamed Jacky for the death of Gabriel. He also blamed Lino for everything that has befall on his family.

Gabriel was later laid to rest and Jacky wanted to lay a flower on his grave but Mr Montefalco held Jacky’s hand to stop her from mourning and showing her affection for Gabriel.

Mr Montefalco fought Lino who was trying to defend Jacky. Jacky’s mother got sick out of shock from Gabriel’s death and had to be sent to a nursing home.

She was confined in a wheelchair. Jacky said sorry and blamed herself harshly for the misfortune.

She later met with Lino who comforted her. They kept meeting secretly and their feelings for eachother grew from just friendship to an intimate relationship. They began to make l^ve in their hideout and had $e×.

Lino made lots of promises to Jacky never to leave her irrespective of what Mauro does to separate them.

Fast forward in 2018 at Manila, Ace came home and said sorry for arriving late. Jacky gave her husband a welcome ki$$. Ace hungrily torn his wife apart and ate her like a cup cake, they had $3×.

They later went to a club and a drunk man touched the waist of Jacky so Ace fought him. Jacky met a friend and they had a toast together.
Ace spotted a certain lady and he was already having a lustful feelings for her.

He went to a washroom and a different lady came to meet him. She told him that the place was for the ladies. The lady opened one of the WC’s room entered it with Ace and had $3x. The lady who he was lusting over her also went to the washroom and heard the mo@n!ngs.

She later saw the woman Ace was $3×ing, coming out to apply a makeup. As the lady left the washroom Ace also came out fastening his belt and she stared Ace surprisingly.

Ace then approached her and fling his fingers in the air to show her that he was a married man, thus there was no strings attached to what he had with the lady in there.

He then left the washroom leaving the lady he was lusting over in there. The lady also had a fling on Ace and approached him when he was drinking with his wife Jacky.

Jacky saw the lady watching Ace seductively and Ace was watching her. She wondered what was going on between the two.

As the lady saw Jacky was watching her, she then offered her card to Ace to contact her anytime for a business.

Ace and Jacky later went home. Ace was tired already so he mounted his matrimonial bed sleeping but Jacky asked him questions about the lady and why she gave him her card but Ace kept giving excuses that it did not matter. He told her that they had to sleep as it was late.

Jacky was shocked to hear that from him but she sat quietly to remove her makeup.

Mr Montefalco launched a new furniture shop dubbed: MonteCorp together with Ace. He complemented Ace for the great job and asked Jacky not to allow a good man to pass her by.

Jacky told her dad that the place was not a perfect place to talk about relationship issue.
She later went to visit her mother, who was already fit together with Ace and she introduced him to her mother as her boyfriend.

Flashforward: She finished removing her makeup and went close to Ace to give him good night k!$$es.

It turned out that the lady who Ace was lasting over was Jade, Lino’s wife. She arrived home to meet Lino sleeping on the bed. After she changed to her nightwear, Lino made advances towards her but she turned him down.

She lied to him that she went to meet some business partners and was tired. She also told him that her boss wanted her to travel to Singapore. Lino asked whether it was a new contract and she said she did not know much but she told her boss that she was thinking about it.  Lino told her about him supporting his mother and uncle to pay some bills hence did not have much.

Jade said it was not the fact that she did not want him not to help his people but he had to an urgent needs first. She then took a towel to go and wash down.

At the office, Jacky was busy putting things in order but Ace asked her to calm down as she was sounding like her father, Montefalco.

Lino also at his furniture shop was busy and tirelessly working to gain name in the industry.

Ivy, the secretary of Jacky, knowing Ace’s weakness acts seductively towards him. As she gives Jacky documents to sign she also used the opportunity to tease Ace seductively.

Jacky gain a contract and she told her father about it but Mauro asked: “Where are we supposed to get the money from?”

Jacky pleaded with Mr Montefalco to consider the opportunity they have gained and invest into it.

“Ace I am expecting you to be a man enough to alert your wife when she is making a mistake,” Mr Montefalco added.

Loida warned Jacky against Ivy as she realised the game she was playing with Ace. Jacky said sorry to her mother, saying it was not that she did not believe her but she trusted Ace.

She descended down to do a registration. She came to meet a cue and as destiny would have it Lino was in the same cue. Her documents fell and when she was picking them she saw Lino but was not sure whether it was him.

After she was attended to she was asked to sit and wait. She heard a voice which sounded like Lino so she looked on.

Lino was speaking with his mother and asked her to give the phone to magi, his kid sister.
As Jacky joined her mother in the car she saw Lino having a conversation with someone and watched him without stopping.

Loida realised that something has captured the attention of Jacky so she asked her what was wrong and she said it was nothing.

Ace kept on with his infidelity act, he was seriously exploiting the body of Ivy. She complemented his performance and was hard for them to say goodbye to eachother.

Ace said he would have to go away for four days and said he was going to miss her.
Jacky discovered something in Ace’s drawer. It was telephone and got upset when she saw a brand-new phone box which there was charger and earpiece inside.

She heard the horn of Ace’s car and descended down the steps to meet him. Ace opened the main gate as he was approaching, Jacky turned still holding the box, looking for the right moment to confront Ace.


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