Brothers (ANG Probinsyano) Episode 147

Brothers (ANG Probinsyano) Episode 147 Macario dies after reuniting with Makmak

Onyok excitedly wakes up Makmak and Benny and with the rest of the family, they make preparations to go and visit Cardo.

The stubborn adorable kid even packs up some clothes so he could go and sleep in Cardo’s cell. Flora admonishes him, saying that he’s not going to be allowed to sleep there because it’s not a vacation house.

Soon enough, Cardo is reunited with his family and when asked what happened to his nose, he claims to have slipped in the bathroom and landed face-first. Now how’s that even possible?

“Are you sure that’s all?” Benny presses. “You slipped?”

“I slipped,” Cardo reaffirms, piercing him with a look. He then notices the bruise on Onyok’s face and questions the little boy about it.

“Some of the other kids were picking on me, saying you were a criminal,” Onyok mentions.

“I’m sorry they’re picking on you because of me,” Cardo says. “Just ignore what they say.”

“You want me to just let them say things like that? That you’re a criminal?”

“What matters is that you know the truth. So no more fighting from now on, okay?”

Elmo asks if Tomas was the one who had given him the nasty bruise and Cardo insists that he had slipped. Soon enough, Makmak is reunited with his dad. They all eat and talk for some time and Onyok asks Cardo if he ever gets lonely behind bars. Cardo replies in the affirmative.

“Maybe I should stay here with you so you won’t feel alone,” Onyok offers.

“No, you can’t. Kids can’t stay in here.”

“Oh c’mon, Cardo. We can even eat and sleep at the same time. You always used to take care of me. Now it’s my turn, so let me take care of you.”

Verna receives a phone call and answers it, only to find that it’s from her wretched husband. Silently, she listens to him ramble a whole load of crap before slamming down the receiver and breaking down.

At precinct 8, Alyana is downcast as she’s unable to figure out a way to get evidence to have Cardo acquitted. Jerome promises to help get Cardo out. Meanwhile, the attorney questions Verna about backing out from her plan to help Cardo and the irritating queen of indecisiveness says she can’t sacrifice her wretched son.

“So you’ll just let Cardo Dalisay take the fall? As long as Dalisay remains behind bars, it will weigh on your conscience.

As Cardo vows to prove his innocence, Macario thanks the family for taking care of his son. Flora makes Cardo promise to stay away from Tomas. With the visiting time exhausted, Cardo bids goodbye to his family, leaving Onyok inconsolable.

All bets now on, Anton beats the hell out of his opponent, impressing Tomas the cow-ward. Later, Ramil informs Cardo about Tomas’ plot to have him fight Anton. Cardo makes it clear that he doesn’t want to get into any more fights so he can easily prove his innocence. The Manager gives him a reality check.

Ramil beats some guys at a card game and they accuse him of cheating. He goes ahead to beat them up, declaring that he’ll be taking over the gambling operations again. Brando takes the matter to Tomas who gives the go-ahead to strike back.

Before long, the Manager is ganged up on by some goons. He manages to fend them off for some time but is eventually outnumbered and stabbed. Ultimately, Cardo comes to his rescue. Later, Ramil thanks Cardo and promises to help him in any way he can.

Macario is killed as Brando and his gang try to rile up Cardo into fighting Anton with the promise of a monetary reward should he win. Once back in their cell, Ramil tries to talk Cardo into taking Anton on.

However, Cardo refuses to fight him and Macario declares that he’s gonna go for it. Cardo tries to talk some sense into him which seems to be going in one ear. And out through the other.

Meanwhile, Alyana takes out the kids to the park in hopes of cheering them up. As JP has a moment with Lorraine, Onyok expresses his appreciation to Alyana as she takes care of him.

“Cardo used to be the one who would do all these for me.”

“Cardo is like a father to you?” Alyana asks.

“He is. And I really wish I could take care of him while he’s stuck in jail.”

Alyana seems to break down.

“Why are you crying?” Onyok asks.

“It’s nothing. I just missed Cardo a lot too.”

“Don’t worry. Cardo promised me he wouldn’t be staying in jail much longer. We can all be together again soon.”

While Macario writes some letters for his son, Tomas orders Anton to finish him off to upset Cardo. The two brawlers soon face off, with Macario dominating from the onset. After some time, Anton turns the tables.

Cardo soon finds out about the fight and he hurries over to witness Macario taking a merciless beating. Unable to get though the crowd, Cardo looks on as Anton stabs Macario in the heart.

While Makmak looks forward to the day he can visit his dad again, Tomas the cow-ward is delighted with the turn of events. Cardo hurries over to Macario’s side as the scumbags disperse.

With his last breath, Macario asks Cardo to promise him that he would take care of his son. And then, he dies in his arms.

Cardo tries to revive the unfortunate guy. “Macario! Macario, don’t give up! Don’t give up now! Macario! Macario!! Macario!!!”

Enter the rotten guards who come to restore “order”.

Cardo goes through the letters Macario had written for his son as he flashes back to their last conversation. Meanwhile, Tomas the cow-ward has a talk with his wretched son over the phone, confident that Cardo would challenge Anton to avenge Macario’s death.

The miserable guy is delusional, thinking that Anton his pit-bull would easily finish off our favorite hero. Don Emilio finds out about the situation and Joaquin the jackass declares that Cardo’s days are numbered.

“Your father’s the one whose days are numbered,” Emilio says in introspection, silently gloating.


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