Brothers Ang Probinsyano Episode 148

Brothers Ang Probinsyano Episode 148 Friends of Cardo haunt Joaquin to fish out the truth following allegations against Cardo 

The director calls Tomas in and questions him about the fight that had ended in Macario’s death. Tomas being the coward he is pays off the “rotten” official to cover it up. Meanwhile, Jimboy and Ramil caution Cardo to stay quiet about the matter as they point out the fact that Tomas practically controls everyone there.

A moment later, Makmak comes to visit with his adoptive parents, excited to show his dad the medal he won in the spelling bee. Cardo soon shows up and painstakingly informs him of how his father had been killed in a fight.

While the family proceeds to lay Macario in state, an inmate riles up Cardo to get back at Anton and Tomas. Estong the makeshift doctor counsels him against it, saying that more innocent lives would be lost in the fight. In his 5 star cell, Tomas the coward is visited by his “jackass” son and he charges him to do something to get him out since he’s starting to go crazy.

The prison cook counsels Cardo to desist from harb6oring thoughts of revenge over the death of his friend, Macario.
“The longer people stay in here, they act like animals. Don’t be like them. You don’t seem like the type who would seek revenge.”

Cardo gives him his signature smirk. “You don’t know me then.”

The cook then shows Cardo a newspaper he had bought which headlines that Macario had been killed in a riot. “I thought you said he died in a fight because papa Tom had him killed. Why did the news mention riot?”

While Tomas enjoys a massage from Choy his most loyal lapdog, Makmak reads the letters his dad had written him and he gets emotional as he flashes back to the past.

At precinct 8, Soriano alleges that Tomas had planned for Macario to die in the prison “riot” so he could set up Cardo next to suffer the same fate. Alyana dashes in just then.

“We need to find evidence that will prove Cardo’s innocence,” she begins. “Before Tomas kills him.”

“Joaquin is the key to all of this,” Jerome adds. “But we need to find proof that show it was Joaquin who set Dalisay up.”

“While all of this is happening…there’s someone who hasn’t come out in the open.”

“Mrs. Verna.”

While Verna is having her usual banter with her treacherous father, Alyana, in the company of Jerome and Soriano, goes to see Cardo in prison. Cardo asks her to be careful around Joaquin while he’s not around.

“Dalisay,” Jerome begins. “We just wanted you to know, that we don’t believe the accusations against you. And that…we’ve gotten a plan. We’re going to look for very strong evidence that will prove that Joaquin Tuazon set you up.”

“Please watch over my family while I’m stuck in here.”

“You can count on that.”

“Be careful while you’re in here,” Alyana sobs. “We will do everything to prove your innocence.”

“Please don’t worry,” Cardo says. “I’m going to get out of here. I know the truth will eventually come out. So I have to keep the faith alive.”

Verna greets Tomas with a sweet, dirty slap

As Verna has another banter with her dad, mentioning her greatest wish of spending the holidays with the person who had sent her wretched husband to jail, Atty.

Patrick does his master’s bidding and informs him about the evidence he’s acquired which points to Don Emilio as the one who had framed him. Meanwhile, Cardo confronts the director over the bias investigation of the death of Macario. The crook takes the matter to Tomas who calms and motivates him with more filthy cash.

Cardo receives a visit from his family and while he’s busy spending time with them, Alyana begins her investigation on Verna in hopes of finding evidence to prove that Joaquin the jackass had indeed framed Cardo.

She comes upon some articles of Verna with regard to the town of Magbanua. “That’s the territory of congressman Subito…the congressman behind the bombings in metro Manila. He was also a suspected protector of drug syndicates. So how is he connected to Mrs. Tuazon?”

Having been called into Tomas the coward’s private cell, Cardo takes a beating from the director who’s following the Tomas’ orders like some worthless dog. In school, Onyok talks to the class about his foster father and as expected, those little rascals begin with their verbal abuse. Onyok indulges them for a while but eventually pounces on them.

Tomas calls his father-in-law and questions him about having had him framed. Unfazed, Emilio asks sarcastically if he’s also going to frame him up and send him to jail.

Tomas declares that he would be the one who would put an end to his life and make him pay for everything. Don Emilio mocks him. Meanwhile, Flora scolds Onyok for getting into another fight at school.

“Those kids were the ones who started it,” the little boy laments. “I guess I’m just like Cardo. I didn’t do anything wrong, but I’m the one who’s being punished.”

Jimboy and another inmate points out to Cardo the extent of Tomas’ influence and power in prison.

“If you get in his path, he’ll trample on you,” Jimboy says. “That’s why I admire you. You’re the only one who’s courageous enough to defy him. But if I were you, I wouldn’t fight him. Just keep quiet…if you want to get out of here alive.”

“But if you really want to fight back,” begins the other inmate. “You need to find a way. To bring those men down.”

Tomas is glad to see his wife visit him. He thanks his jackass son for bringing his mother to see him. Without wasting time, he approaches said mother/wife and tries to hug her. In such dramatic display, Verna stops him with a sweet, sweet a dirty slap.

“I just came here to do that,” Verna spits as Tomas stares silently in glorious disbelief. “You lied to me. You drugged me. You even kept my daughter’s death from me. You destroyed our family, Tomas. I hope you never get out of here. I hope you rot in this place!!”

Don Emilio asks his grandson if he’s talked to his father lately and whether Cardo is now lording over the place. Jackass says his dad would never allow that. “I think I should give Cardo a push,” the old man says in introspection. “To make him angrier at Tomas. Enough to finish him off.”

After securing the CCTV footage of Carmen’s murder, Don Emilio mocks his grandson in such fashion. “You’re a poor sloppy idiot, Tomas. Your brain is on your knees, so take care of it. Because if you trip and fall, you’ll suffer a brain concussion.”

Cardo receives a strange visit in the person of Don Emilio. He asks what he’s doing there and Emilio says he’s come to help him. Declaring that he has the key to unlock Carmen’s death, the old man proceeds to show him the CCTV footage of when Tomas had kidnapped Carmen at the Tuazon mansion. Cardo looks on in disbelief.


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