Brothers-Ang Probinsyano Episode 16

Brothers-Ang Probinsyano Episode 16 Junior gets shot

As Glen and Onyok were going Onyok said Cardo needed help although the guys were only two. Glen asked him why did he think they had to help Cardo. Onyok said they were partners and that was how partners do.

Glen saw a familiar person and she gave Onyok to him to send him to her father.

Cardo off the light at the premise, and the bad guys wondered why the lights were off. Cardo got them. He attacked them and asked them of their leader.

Diego Said he should have ensured that he was dead when he had the chance. Cardo said so he was the one who attempted to kill him and promised to kill him for trying to kill him. Glen asked them to leave since the bad guys were multiplying in number.

Cardo said he would not since the suspect of his brother’s killer was among them. They traded shots and Cardo killed some of them but Diego managed to escape.

Glen’s father said sorry to Cardo for not keeping close eyes on Onyok. Glen asked her father to excuse them.

Joaquin queried his father for freezing his account. Tomas said he was not acting to his expectations that was why he acted that way.

He said for Joaquin to be able to access his account he had to win Ador to their group since he liked his smartness, intelligence, the speed he works with and his tenacity.

Tomas indicated that it would be to their own benefit if they won the heart of Ador otherwise he might ruin the empire he has used all his life to built.

He asked Joaquin not to down play the ability of Ador. Joaquin then promised to do whatever it takes to subdue Ador.

After realising Diego was behind Ador’s death, Cardo decided to talk to Delfin about the real killer of Ador. Delfin then said there was no need for him to pose off as Ador since they have gotten the syndicate.

Cardo said there was something wrong and he did not feel that his mission has to come to an end. He requested that Delfin should give him the opportunity for him to end the mission.

Delfin said he knew if he did not give him chance, Cardo would act on his will to end it.

He later called Glen and spoke to Onyok that he would soon come for him so he should gather his things. Onyok asked him whether his mission has come to an end. Onyok then told Glen that he would have to leave them and stay with Cardo.

Glen told him that he would now have a new grandma and he asked who was that grandma since he did not have one all those while. Glen explained to him that everyone had a grandmother and Onyok said except him since he only had his foster parent and his brother who were in Potoland.

Diego could not believe why Ador thought he was the one who tried to kill him while Joaquin was the actual culprit.

He called Tomas to inform him that Ador raided his camp and Tomas asked how did Ador know about their camp. He said he believed someone gave him a hint and he was sure that Ador knew everything about their movements.

He asked him to get rid of Ador and should not fail like how Joaquin did.

Meanwhile, Joaquin employed new strategy to bring Ador down. He got close to Carmen to fish out information. They went to a restaurant and had chitchat. She told Joaquin that she should have made Ador quit as a policeman.

Joaquin said how, he said he to would have stopped the job since it took their time. Carmen said the work was risky and dangerous and she should have stopped Ador. She said she did not understand why Joaquin would become an officer while his family were wealthy. Joaquin said he became an officer due to the passion he had for the job.

Carmen said upon all that was going on, Junior was the person she cared about as he would be affected by the situation. Joaquin asked about what situation but she did not reply. He alighted her home.

In their camp, Tomas told Joaquin that he was missing target and asked him what he gained from following Carmen while Ador was attacking their team. He confronted Joaquin for his action which he termed as “irrelevant.”

Ali called Philip but his personal assistant received the call and he said he wanted to speak with Philip right away. Although the lady was given excuses that he was busy but he eventually talked to Philip who is also known as Tan.

He told Philip that Tomas might have captured Mr Yu and Philip wondered why Tomas would do that. He assured him that he would delve deep into the issue.

Later Ali went to warn Tomas at the camp asked him not to turn his back against otherwise he would blow his cover. After his threat and was leaving Tomas ordered his guys and they shot him.

Onyok went to stand outside to wait for Cardo but Glen came for him. Carmen told Lola Flora that she wanted to be the one to tell Junior the truth.

Cardo then got home and decided to reveal his identity to Junior. Junior felt sad and left. He ran outside and Diego who was aiming his gun at Ador shot Junior by mistake. After Cardo secured Junior and was sent to the hospital he decided to seek for revenge.

Cardo knew it was the works of Diego so he ran after him. Diego fled and when Cardo got him he said Ador should continue to shoot him.

He then revealed to Cardo that he was surrounded so he could go ahead and show him what he was made of.

Cardo said he was not scared of anything and he would ensure that one person would stay alive.


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