Brothers-ANG Probinsyano Episode 15

Brothers-ANG Probinsyano Episode 15 Carmen gives Cardo 3-days ultimatum to find Ador’s killer

Carmen confronted Delfin for keeping the truth. Cardo pleaded with her to work together with then in order for them to arrest the syndicates and the killer of Ador.

Carmen was traumatised she still could not accept the lost of her husband. She insisted that Cardo was Ador.

As she was being calmed down she expressed regret that Delfin could do such a thing to her. She then left the house.

Glen made it a point to investigate about Ador and the mission of Cardo. She realised that Ador was Cardo’s twin.

Tomas confronted Joaquin for his failure and Joaquin asked his father to give him a second chance. Verna was upset that Joaquin had an intention to carry out his mission to kill Ador. She never wanted Joaquin to do that and confronted him for almost killing Ador.

She also confronted Tomas and he said Joaquin did not do anything wrong since Ador was coming inbetween their work.

Billy was upset with Ador for the problem he was having with his sister, Carmen. He said he had always supported Ador but he had failed for cheating on Carmen.

Later, Glen called Cardo that she had something to discuss with him. He asked if it was about Onyok and she said no but it was about his twin brother Ador.

They therefore met and Diego followed Cardo. He took photos of Cardo and Glen and sent them to Joaquin.

Cardo told Glen that since she had known the truth she should Keep it but Glen said Cardo could have told her about it as Onyok knew about the mission and she was the only one left in the dark. She asked Cardo whether he still slept with Carmen on the same bed but Cardo asked her to stop asking unnecessary questions.

Joaquin promised to destroy the marriage of Ador and Carmen. He said he would send the pictures to Carmen since she already having doubts in Ador just to flame up the marriage.

Delfin had a conversation with Cardo and the later revealed to Delfin that Glen knew the truth. Delfin was worried that Glen could reveal the truth but Cardo said Glen was the least of his worries but Carmen was his problem.

At home Cardo saw Flora weeping and he asked about why she was crying and she said Carmen did not allow her to talk to Junior.

Cardo then decided to visit Carmen and talk to her about the incident. He knocked Carmen’s gate and when she appeared Cardo pleaded with her not to keep Junior away from Flora. He said Junior was Flora’s grandson.

Carmen warned Cardo not to talk to her about that since the presence of Ador got her closer to their family but since Ador was no longer alive she has cut ties with Flora.

Cardo said Junior was the son of Ador so Flora was still his grandmother thus Carmen had no right to refrain Junior from seeing Flora.

Carmen gave him three days to catch the culprit who shot her husband in order for her to reveal the truth to Junior.

Cardo told Delfin about it and he said the time Carmen gave him was limited so is either he had to stop posing off as Ador or apprehend the culprit within the three days period.

Later Cardo met with Glen and told her about what Delfin said and she said Delfin was right he had to put an end to the Ador mission and pick his life back.

Glen then received a call from his father informing her that Onyok was missing. Cardo and Glen began to search for Onyok.

Onyok was also following Diego to find out his hideout. As Cardo was blaming Glen for being the reason Onyok had gone missing since she went for him from Benny, Onyok got there and informed Cardo and Glen about it and he said they had a mission.

Upon reaching Diego’s hideout, Cardo asked Glen to send Onyok home. Glen said she wouldn’t leave him but would go with him. Cardo asked her what would happen to Onyok. She then agreed to send Onyok home but said she would call for back up. Cardo insisted that he would carry the mission alone.

Glen was also worried that the people could be multitude which meant that Cardo could not fight them all and insisted that she would call for backup as she left.

Joaquin realised that his account had been frozen. He got upset and blamed Ador for what had happened to him. He promised to destroy him.

Diego was wondering who Glen was and he told his accomplice that Joaquin was also interested in finding out the person Glen was and why she was close to Ador.


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