Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 160

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 160 Cardo, Ramil, Julian and Jimboy successfully escape prison while Joaquin k!lls Acosta

Joaquin and his goons met with the rotten inspector Col Roy Carreon to ask of his permission to invade a new Meth lab of a drug syndicate.

The officer or better still his ally gave him the go ahead. The friends of Cardo were present and Billy was bursting in fury listening to the conversation. Joaquin successfully raided the Meth lab and shot the syndicate boss.

Soon, a news broke about Joaquin’s “heroic” deed and many idolised him. The constant appearance of Joaquin on television made him win the hearts of many.

The former brother in-law of our new “hero”, Billy was not happy that the public and the police force were hailing a criminal like Joaquin. General Borja admitted that Joaquin was doing a great job by bringing culprits of drug syndicates to book.

Billy was sure that the syndicates were Tuazon’s rival. Rowena returned to Lola Kap to inform her about her husband escaping with their daughter from San Antonio. Flora welcomed her to her house and provided a shelter for her. Yolly, Elmo and Makmak were glad to have Rowena there since that would deter her from going with Onyok.

In Bilibid, Cardo informed Miyong about their plans to escape from the penitentiary and Miyong promised to help them. As they were training, the foreplan fell from Jimboy’s pocket. The guards found it and gave it to Acosta.

Meanwhile, in the cell, Cardo told his guys that everything was going as how they planned it. He asked Jimboy to land into his hand the foreplan. Jimboy realised he has lost the foreplan.

A certain boy met with Joaquin and since he had seen him on television, he told him that he wanted to be an officer like him when he grows up. The father of the child demanded for a picture and they snapped Joaquin together with the boy.

“You’re surely a famous now!”

“The boy even wants to follow your footsteps.”

“If that boy becomes a cop, we can recruit him
he might be able to help your business,” Joaquin’s allies smiled.

Friends of Cardo got hold of a newspaper which the article spelt out the heroic deed of Joaquin with a captivating headline.

“How is Joaquin a new hero when his father is a drug lord,” Billy hissed.

“That headline should read….. like father like son!”

“I will not be like my father,” Joaquin retorted.

“I am not going to get myself killed by a criminal.”

“Delisay is not a criminal!” Billy got upset by Joaquin’s show.

In Bilibid, Acosta opened the paper and realised it was the plan of the penitentiary and realised the inmates were planning an escape. He made an order to camp all the inmates to whip them for their escape plan. He asked the person who was planning the escape, no one talked and he whipped them. Cardo had enough and stood to his colleagues defence.

“We have had enough of your cruelty!” Cardo held the psycho’s hand.

“Are you defiling me?” the psycho general queried. Cardo retaliated. A fight broke in prison and the inmates took the opportunity to escape.

Mr Ernesto headed straight to Acosta’s office to unlock the cage to set Onyok free. He ushered Onyok out. Unfortunately, a guard caught Ernesto and was about to shoot the poor man when Cardo got there to attack the guard and save Ernesto.

Ernesto urged Cardo to escape with the boy as he remained in prison due to his age and the fact that he could not run. No the trouble was not over, in the wake of the commotion more guards raided the penitentiary and a guard ordered Cardo to stay otherwise he shoot.

Not willing to gamble with the life of Onyok, Cardo stood, fortunately, Mr Ernesto got hold of a gun and shot the guard, urging Cardo to flee with Onyok. Seeing Ernesto’s life in danger , Cardo found it hard to leave. Another guard appeared and shot Ernesto but before he died Ernesto ensured he shot the guard to facilitate Cardo and Onyok’s escape.

When the inmates reached the main gate, Miyong successfully played his role by opening the gate for them.

Acosta recruited more guards and gave orders to shoot the inmates especially Delisay when they see them. The police guards ran after the inmates with a dog, a bomb and bullets.

Elsewhere, friends of Cardo held a meeting on means to bring Don Emilio and the new hero down. Billy lamented that after Joaquin’s promotion¬†all the negative information about his father had died out.

The name Papa Tom too has been rebranded. With the help of her father’s connection at Makau, Alyana believed Don Emilio’s secret would be exposed soon to save Cardo.

In Lola Kap’s mansion, Delfin received a call about a commotion at the penitentiary and promised to inform Flora once he get to the office.

The police shot and bombed some of the inmates, leading to many casualties with some losing their life. They got hold of many escapees. Ramil, Julian, Jimboy and Cardo together with Onyok made it to a cliff and had no choice than to jump off to save their lives.

The war was over, those four men made it and they split out with each one telling the other where he would go and promised eachother to ran to any if they needed help. As desperate as she was, Flora called Delfin and the latter informed her that Cardo was among those who escaped from prison.

Flora asked why her grandson would do such a thing but the information Delfin has gathered from some inmates was that Cardo’s life was in danger.

Meanwhile, Joaquin called Acosta to¬†arrange for him to k!ll Cardo. Later the two notorious officers met and Acosta informed Joaquin about the prison breakout. Joaquin got upset that all the money he gave to Acosta was wasted. He shot Acosta in return and one of Acosta’s lackeys who witnessed the incident had no choice than to cover up for Joaquin.

Cardo decided to send Onyok to Flora. He stole some dresses in a line to change himself and Onyok. He board a car to Flora’s place.

Joaquin was furious and vowed not to rest till he haunt Cardo down. He puts Lola Kap’s house under surveillance. Carreon sent pictures of inmates who had escaped to Delfin.

“It is ironic! Isn’t it?”

“The man who runs after wanted criminals is now wanted,” Delfin hummed.

The news about Cardo’s escape went hay wire with lots of neighbours rushing to Lola Kap’s mansion to find out the truth.

Meanwhile, Teddy got in between Alyana’s work with Danilo. He made them believe he was helping Alyana to bring down Emilio, least did Alyano knows that her father was doing it just to cover up the evil deeds of Emilio.

Cardo and Onyok got to Lola Cap’s mansion to find her standing Infront of the house with Joaquin’s goon updating him that Cardo has still not arrived.

Teddy believed Cardo was in serious danger after fleeing from prison and wondered why Cardo would do that. Cardo urged Onyok to go to Flora since it was dangerous for him to go with him.

After a tearful goodbye, Onyok who did not want to be separated from Cardo sets eyes on Rowena and quickly, he ran back to Cardo, informing him that Rowena was in Flora’s house and was not ready to go with her. Cardo looked disturbed as he did not know what to do anymore.


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