Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 40

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 40 Potpot, Vida to be the face of TeriVida fashion line 
After the successful press launch, Caloy engaged Teri in a chat to confirm if she had gotten back with Jaime. Teri said she had to do that, assuring him that she knew what she was doing. She was smarter now and would not allow Jaime to abuse her anymore.

Marga who was eavesdropping, intruded to go away with Caloy. Teri descended down and came across Rafa in the company of Vida. She asked Vida to work overtime for them to design the dresses for the Ampollo event.

As they were working, Teri saw some sketch designs and asked Vida why she had not seen her making such designs before. Vida said, that was what she wanted to do, to design casual wears, something simple and classy but it did not fit House of Teri’s designs. This gave Teri idea.

Potpot and Charlie came across a house on fire with the owner crying that their child was trapped in. Potpot poured water on himself to break the building to save the boy who was trapped inside.

Charlie tried her best to refrain Potpot from going inside the building. She cried as she tried to ran after him but was held back. Melchor got there to find Charlie crying. She told Melchor about it. Potpot managed to save the kid and the crowd cheered him while Melchor claimed he was his son.

Didith and Gabriela were so worried about what Potpot did. Potpot assured that there were lots of things he had to do for his family and would ot die soon without fulfilling them.

Marga’s plans for HOT seemed to work and Rafa came to inform him that Mr Abalia was ready to put up their designs. Marga followed Rafa to see the man for the partnership meeting.

Ampallo was happy with the designs and applauded Teri. On their way to see the client, Marga told Rafa that she knew he was interested in her daughter and said Vida was to small for a relationship. She then asked of Rafa’s age and he said 24 years. Marga thought Rafa was the son of Jaime from his previous marriage but got to learn that Rafa was adopted

She infuriated Rafa by implying that Rafa would inherit all the fortune of the Laurels even though he was adopted.

In school, the video of the country boy’s heroic deed went viral. He received lots of good comments on social media. Charlie and Potpot were happy about the comments.

At the meeting, Mr Abalia made a 25per cent demands but Rafa who visibly was upset said it was high. He declined the offer and left with Marga. At the office, Jaime was upset that the opportunity to increase their sales was cancelled.

He scolded Rafa for not have negotiated the price. Teri advised him with affection that next time if he was not in the mood he should tell them for them to do the negotiation.

It seemed all the efforts which Marga put in place to boost the sales were not working so Teri proposed that they do something casual to increase sales.

Marga made weired gestures and Teri asked if she was against the every day casual wear proposal. Marga raised objection since that meant that they would sell cheap clothes which to her, would make it difficult for her to regain the 20million she invested into the business.

Teri reminded her that if they were talking about poverty Marga and her knew how it was. Jaime accepted to revamp HOT Couture. Teri proposed that they use a new brand label for the HOT Couture and the label name would be TeriVida since the designs were made by Vida.

Marga did not like it but had to accept. Teri returned to inform Vida about the good news. Vida was thrilled when Teri told her that she would be the head designer. Marga came to see Teri hugging Vida.

She was really upset with the scene. Her new spies also increased her plight by saying that Vida and Teri looked like mother and daughter.

Later, Caloy introduced Marga to Pablo, his friend who he worked in the ship with. Pablo told Marga about Caloy’s dream of becoming an inventor. Marga looked shock and Caloy said it was nothing serious but Pablo affirmed that it was serious.

Caloy invented a machine that could weave textiles as he drew his inspiration from a textile weaver he came across in town. When Pablo excused them, Marga asked if he invented the machine for Tessa and was impressed.

Ampallo passed by the office to invite Teri to her event. She told Tessa to consider it since it would be a first public appearance after her issue with Jaime. Before leaving she complemented Vida’s looks while urging Teri to take advantage of the second chance to inspire others.

Later, Vida did the presentation for the every day wear collection but Marga seemed not impressed. Teri reminded her that she was not the target market since she did not wear hoodie. Marga was not ready to approve it so  Teri told her that she was still the head of designs and she had the mandate to approve designs not Marga.

Marga left, Vida was depressed so Teri assured her of her help to improve the designs. She encouraged her that criticisms were to make them better not for her to give up. Vida knew her mother was doing that on purpose.

Teri got home to find Jaime set up a table for them to celebrate their anniversary. He gave her a promise ring assuring her of his promise to change things for the better for them.

Soon, Vida did an excellent presentation with the help of Teri. Teri told Vida that she would be the face for the project and would model the clothes to inspire youth of her age. Teri made Rafa the project head of TeriVida and his role was to help Vida to model the clothes.

Marga told Asya about her frustrations with Vida modeling but Asya said Marga being a psycho was even given a chance by Caloy and advised her to give Vida a chance.

Marga saw the viral video and went to talk to the country boy to be a model for the project. She assured him that there was money involved. Pablo and Caloy went to see Marga for a business proposal. Marga seemed to like it but the problem was for Caloy to meet with Jaime to accept the proposal.

Pablo needed for the proposal to be approved to help his wife who was suffering from cancer. Marga decided to help Caloy out by talking to Jaime to see the need to give Caloy a chance for the business meeting but Jaime was not ready to work with Caloy.

Marga told Caloy that with little efforts Jaime would lay down his ego to talk to him. Marga queried whether Caloy was doing that to help Teri or her. Caloy was offended. He said he had that idea but he brushed it off until his friend came to see him for the help. Since Marga was working with HOT and the company was facing crises he decided to help Marga.

As Vida was putting Marga’s allies to their place Rafa arrived with Potpot who she had already told him to embrace the opportunity to be a model alongside with her for the project. Rafa who was proposed by Teri to be on run away with Vida had approved Potpot to do it after watching the heroic viral video.


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