Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 169

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 169 Joaquin, Monica twist the story surrounding Dino’s death

At the party in Cebu, Romano assured Joaquin that everything was secured and the people there were his rich clients, thus their plans of expansion was in progress and no one could stop them now.

Cardo was consumed with fury by the mere sight of Joaquin. Romano introduced Joaquin to his China client.

However, in Manila Delfin was speaking with Billy and the later told him that no one could reach Jerome and Alyana. The family heard the noise and Elmo believed that Alyana might know the whereabouts of Cardo and had gone to him. They also believed Alyana might have kept it a secret in order for no one to worry about her safety.

Friends of Cardo said Jerome had not told even Rigor about anything, yet no one could reach him or Alyana. Billy became suspicious since Joaquin and Dino who were supposed to report to work failed to do so.

Dino’s corpse was sent to the morgue. They had still not been able to identified him since he had no ID on him. The boss instructed them to do postmortem and ran his finger prints.

A dance performance went on at the party. Romano got interested in one of the dancers, Isabela.

“She is your type right? Daniel walked towards  Arwin and whispered into his ears.

“Too bad your brother got there first…

That’s what you get for being so demn slow.”

Cardo was so upset and Ramil told him to take it easy, he knew what was going through his mind. Joaquin sensed that he has seen somebody so he stood to watch again but there was no one there.

Romano was also searching for Cardo but Cardo has suddenly, disappeared. Romano wanted to introduce Cardo to some of his guests. Daniel retorted that he already had two fugitives among them and he has added another. Romano indicated that Cardo was a huge asset to the group so if Daniel kept questioning him it was as if he did not know what he was up to.

In Manila, Teddy called Pinggoy to ask him where Alyana was but Pinggoy had no idea. Delfin later spoke with Teddy to ask him about Alyana. Teddy told Delfin lies. He said Alyana was reporting in a province and believed the network of the area was the problem.

Delfin asked if she was with Jerome and Teddy said he did not know whether she was there with a companion. Delfin then talked about his suspicion of Alyana keeping something vital from him, adding that Teddy was also keeping something but Teddy refuted the claim.

Meanwhile, Alyana and Jerome were on the street of Cebu still searching for Cardo. Alyana believed Onyok would get bored inside and Cardo would bring him out. Jerome asked her whether she knew how Cardo would react after seeing Don Emilio k!lling his father.

The finger prints of the corpse showed that he was from the CIDG office. The body was identified as Dino Robles. Delfin wondered what Dino was doing at Cebu and believed Tuazon had something to do with it. Carreon who was talking to Delfin about Dino acted so innocently.

Cardo took a knife and with how he was upset he wanted to take Joaquin by surprise. Joaquin was talking to some of the the drug syndicate clients and they agreed that they would talk to Romano about the proposal they were bringing on board. Once Cardo reached Joaquin’s place a waiter came to serve Joaquin so Cardo used the knife and caused the drink to spill.

Quickly he walked away. Joaquin got upset with the waiter and shoved him aside. He received a call from an unseen face but his profile showed as a superior in the security force. Joaquin did not want anyone to know that he was in Cebu. He assured that he has cleansed his mess so Dino’s death would not be associated with him. He said he would take a flight to Manila right away.

Daniel sent Isabel, the dancer to a room and locked her for Romano.

“Forgive me Isabel!”

*I have never wanted a woman this much before.”

“And which man, wouldn’t do everything that they could just to have you?”

Caressing her face, “I will give you everything you want.”

“Just name it dear!”

“I will treat you like a queen in my palace.” Isabel was acting so tensed but had her own plan and Romano began the romance as they layed on the bed with Isabel down and Romano on top of her.

The next day, Romano woke up in his morning coat and called Donato to buy 15 dozens of roses, red ones and buy other expensive jewelleries, also he had to prepare a fancy breakfast for Isabel in order to treat her as a queen.

Cardo arrived at Romano’s house and saw Isabel sleeping on Romano’s bed. He stayed to watch for a while. Romano got there and asked Cardo what he was doing there. Cardo told him he was sent by Ramil to verify if their plans for the day would push through but Romano said he would communicate their plans to them later so Cardo should leave.

As promised, Jerome was able to use his post as an officer to find some reports in Cebu about Cardo. The were various reports but the one Alyana got interested in was the one which Cardo was arrested in a ship together with a boy and escaped by jumping off the ship into the sea. She checked the area with Jerome and decided to go there.

Cardo got to Amado’s place with so much eateries and gave some to the neighbours. He was told by Cora that Amado was preparing his net for fishing. Cora was really grateful to Cardo for everything he was doing and Cardo said it was the least he could do to help them. Onyok was really happy to see Cardo.

Joaquin had arrived in Manila and was being questioned by the PNP where he was and why Dino was in Cebu. Delfin said he has not assigned Dino in Cebu and Joaquin also denied that Dino was working under his orders.

Guzman believed Joaquin was keeping the truth as Dino would not go anywhere without informing his best friend. He asked if Dino was in Cebu to cover up for Tuazon’s drug syndicate job but General Borja cut him.

Cardo met Amado and gave him money to start a new business by selling dry fish in the market. Alyana and Jerome headed to the Island but was told a typhoon occured and the people there have gone to nearby Islands and towns. They decided to figure out the closets towns and Islands.

Jacob asked Joaquin why he ended the life of his friend and he said Dino wanted to betray them after his parents death so he did that for liability.

Cardo asked Gerner what happened to Isabel and he said Chairman wanted her and Cardo asked him if they would do what was wrong simply because chairman wanted it. Gerner said he joined the group when he was 15years so he did not know what was right.

He indicated that Romano took care of him when Ramil was jailed so he had to obey his wish even when he was against. they went to the room and Romano introduced Isabel to him as the woman who stole the night. He asked them to accord Isabel the necessary respects they accord him with and asked Cardo to do same.

After Makmak did the homework of Onyok to help him catch up in school once he is found, Flora sent the family out to Rachel burger and Verna was shocked to see the Dalisay family.

Delfin wanted to talk to Tuazon but Roy could not reach him and tried to make Delfin understand that Joaquin was on leave but Delfin insisted on talking to him. Guzman and the rest came in and Delfin asked if they had seen Tuazon and they said no. Isabel was crushing on Cardo and had a plan.

Meawhile, Alyana was worried that something had happened to Cardo and Onyok after they could not find them. Unbeknownst to her, Onyok and the rest of the kids were close to her playing till Cora came for them.

Jacob realising investigations into Dino Robles death might lead to Joaquin called him to do something immediately before they were exposed.

Joaquin arranged with Monica and they compiled false story for the prime time news to shift the crime to a drug syndicate member. Isabel told Romano that she wanted some dresses so Donato accompanied her to do the shopping. Some two guys who were working for Romano stared at Isabel and the drug lord shot them and k!lled them for staring at their boss’ woman. Their bodies were thrown away. Cardo was not happy with what was going on.

Later, Donato and Isabel returned from the shopping with Isabel looking unhappy. Romano learnt that some guys watched Isabel and she felt uncomfortable. He got mad at Donato. He ordered him to be in the kitchen while he told Cardo to be Isabel’s bodyguard henceforth. Isabel was happy with the decision.

Teddy and his wife watched the prime time news and were scared that their daughter would be next. Teddy decided to keep the footage of Don Emilio’s crime to protect his family from the Tuazons.

Verna was scared for Joaquin after watching the news about Dino’s death. She was scared that Joaquin would be next. She said the work Joaquin was doing has his one leg in a grave. Joaquin assured that he has protection.

Elmo told Flora about the news and they believed some unscrupulous beings were behind the scenes committing the crimes and shifting the blame on Cardo.

Cardo and Ramil watched the news. Cardo told Ramil that he believed Joaquin had a hand in what happened to his friend. Joaquin, however met with Roy to talk about how he had made Monica associated Dino’s death to Alan Chua, the drug lord in Cebu who was murdered.

The plan was to make it be like Dino went undercover to catch the drug syndicate in Cebu but died during the discharge of his duty.


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