Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 201

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 201 The Court acquits Cardo, Don Emilio, Verna scared for the life of Joaquin

In Joaquin’s safe house, he told Verna that he already informed her not to come as she might be followed. Verna indicated that the police were keeping tabs on her but she managed to escape them.

At the precinct, Mark sadly voiced how unsuccessful his mission to keep an eye on Verna failed. He apologised to Delfin while saying Verna escaped. As Delfin was ranting how unskillful his guys were, Verna got there surprisingly. She appeared in the company of her lawyer to answer the needed questions the CIDG called her for. However, she denied that Joaquin was alive.

Due to the vicious cycle of failure on Joaquin’s side to k!ll Cardo, Don Emilio took the mandate to do it by himself even when Joaquin told him that Cardo was dangerous.

Carreon came to sit face to face with Verna to ask her to cooperate to save innocent people whose lives were in danger due to Joaquin. Verna was upset with the fast one Delfin pulled on her and decried that she would nevet testify for Ricardo Dalisay to be set free as he murdered Joaquin. The police played a recent voice note of Joaquin yet Verna refuted claims and walked out.

The kids made lots of welcome posters to wait for Cardo’s return. At court, Verna came to testify against Cardo, calling him a murderer and a drug protector. She was also cross examined by Cardo’s lawyer, Andrew who discredited Verna’s testimony.

In Bilibid, Don Emilio gifted Ladronio to enable him and his guys end the life of Cardo at the penitentiary. After the hearing, Verna granted the media interview, saying she considered Flora as her mother and was very good to the De Leon’s but they stabbed her at the back.

Flora interjected that she has gone far with her lies and promised that after her son is sentenced she would also be charged with perjury for protecting her son’s drug syndicate.

In Bilibid, Ramil was hopeful that Cardo would soon be set free, adding that the PNP had to recruit more people like Cardo. After watching the biased news of Monica, the kids lost hope in Cardo being set free. They lamented that Cardo would not be able to see the posters they made to welcome him.

Delfin encouraged them to be positive as Cardo would return, he urged them to smile. That evening, Verna was hunted by her conscience but still held on to the belief that once Cardo was out he would k!ll Joaquin, thus had to lie to protect her son.

Cardo was working when Don Emilio and his gangs got there to cause trouble.

“Cardo, you look so happy because tomorrow is your final trial but that is not going to happen because I will be the one to judge you.”

“Don Emilio no matter what you will do to me, I will never fight you,” Cardo replied.

“Huh! Alright boys beat him up!”

His guys in a mob attack beat Cardo mercilessly and the hero fell on the ground. Seeing Cardo weak, Don Emilio began delivering his pre-sentence in his mini trial of the accused.

“For possession and sales of illegal drugs that are very harmful to the youth….

I declare you guilty.”

“For the murder of Tomas Tuazon…

I declare you guilty.”

“And for the murder of my grandson Joaquin…

I declare you guilty.”

His guys continued beating Cardo when they saw him crawling. They stepped on his stomach. Meanwhile, Jimboy spotted what Don Emilio and his gangs were doing against Cardo. He ran to the cell to inform Ramil. Ramil and the rest rushed to Cardo’s rescue.

“Cardo why don’t we end your suffering tonight,” Don Emilio taunted.

“Let me deliver your sentence!”

“I sentence you to death,” Don Emilio drew a knife which he kept in the bandage of his injured arm, ready to stab Cardo.

“This will render your neck trimming with blood.”

In his attempt to stab Cardo, a hand caught his hand and was surprised. Ramil gave Cardo to the rest of his group to send him inside and the rest fought Don Emilio’s guys.

Don Emilio called out the guards to inform them that Cardo’s gangs were causing trouble. The guards whisked Cardo’s men away. Don Emilio was upset that he could not deliver what he started. His guys believed Cardo might not be acquitted the next day.

Don Emilio indicated that even if Cardo was acquitted it would be easy for Joaquin to k!ll him. He just said that to prove the potency of his grandson, ironically, he feared Cardo might k!ll Joaquin.

“It’s still a big risk to let Cardo out of the cage to be a threat to my grandson,” he said in soliloquy.

The court heard Cardo’s case on his crime of
Violation of the public Act 9161 or the comprehensive Dangerous Drug Act and was acquitted on the grounds of the failure of the prosecution to provide evidence.

The media asked Cardo questions and he was happy that he was a free man and could now be reunited with his family. He said it was hard to explain how he was feeling. Director Ladronio signed his documents for him to officially get released. Ladronio called Cardo a lucky person but Cardo said he was not lucky. It was the truth that some corrupt official voiced out to flee his conscience.

He told Ladronio that now that he was free he hoped the prison would be peaceful for the rest of the prisoners. Ladronio assured Cardo of his word and Cardo asked to ensure he becomes a man of his word. Don Emilio expressed his sentiment about the acquittal of Cardo. Joaquin said perhaps it was meant to be that Cardo has to be a free man and now that he was out, there were hundreds of ways to k!ll him.

Don Emilio reminded him that Cardo almost k!lled him and he was the person who saved him. Joaquin indicated that there was a reason he was also alive, that was to k!ll Cardo. “Then do it now,” Don Emilio hissed.

On their way out, as he was being hailed by some prisoners, Cardo came across Don Emilio.

“I’m a free man now but you….

You’re going to rot here in prison. Until the devil comes for your soul.”

“This isn’t over for us!”

“Things will be worse for you on the outside,” Don Emilio threatened.

“Don’t worry, Don Emilio. The moment I step out of this penitentiary, I will start searching for Joaquin. And I will arrest him.

And I’ll make sure both of you spend the rest of your days in here.”

Don Emilio was not shaking he had full hope that he would pay his way out of prison to continue vile deeds.

“When I get out of this place, I will search for you. And I will take out your family one by one!

I will present their heads to you on a silver platter and then, I’ll k!ll you myself!” Don Emilio retaliated the threat.

“I will be waiting for you,” Cardo ready for the war.

Cardo bids goodbye to Ramil, Julian, Gener, Jimboy and the other inmates, thanking them for all their help. Ramil saw Cardo as inspiration and promised to continue fighting for what was honourable and what was right for the penitentiary to be peaceful.

Meanwhile, Joaquin planned to make his move with Cardo’s release. However, Verna believed that Joaquin wouldn’t be able to succeed in his fight against Cardo. Joaquin threw a tantrum for his mother to think that he was no match for Cardo.

Cardo arrived home to meet a welcoming party. He had an emotional reunion with Onyok and the other kids, Alyana his soon-to-be wife and in-laws, as well as his former colleagues in the law enforcement. Flora welcomed him back home. Meanwhile, Don Emilio threw a childish tantrum in prison over Cardo’s acquittal.

JP and Lorraine also recounted how difficult it was for one to be away from their loved ones. Lorraine pointed out that he was also part of the celebration since he had helped out Cardo during troubling times. JP then promised to be there for her no matter what. While Cardo seeks permission from his grandma and Alyana to go out for a good time with his friends, Don Emilio worried about how Cardo was now free to go after Joaquin.

“And that’s what I don’t want to happen. I’m no longer free to protect him.”

Cardo and his friends had fun, while sharing a drink, Paco showed up with some ladies, who he branded as “sweet deserts.” He took it to the next level by labelling them as strawberry, apple, orange and cherry. The ladies joined them and one singled out Cardo. However, Cardo made it clear to her that he already has a girlfriend. Later, the guys discussed about Joaquin and Jacob and their illegal business.

“Now that sir Cardo is back and the group is complete, I am positive we can bring those guys down,” Soriano expressed.

“That’s right,” they all agreed.

“And you also have me,” Paco added sarcastically. “So they better watch out.”

He finally said bye to his friends and they were happy that he was finally a free man.


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