Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 78

Lost Hearts (Pusong Ligaw) Episode 78 Jaime k!lls Rafa and frames Ira for Rafa’s death 

At ACB Corporation, Jaime took the envelope from Rafael and hand it over to Ivan. Rafa now was certain that Jaime, Leon and Marga were working together. Jaime indicated that Rafa was given Marga and Leon so much credit while the two were only executing his plans.

Rafa asked Jaime if his aim was to get back at Tessa and k!ll everyone. He said he should have gotten rid of Jaime for him not to hurt Tessa, adding that Jaime was despicable. He bemoaned that all his life he tried to please him, but Jaime never showed him l*ve. He asked Jaime why he failed to l*ve him as his own.

Jaime called Rafa ingrate for spewing all those words against him while he gave him life and catered for his education and everything. He hugged Rafa, saying sorry for making him feel that he did not l*ve him and shot Rafa.

“I did not l’ve you because I am a monster.”

Rafa fell, later Ira got there and screamed out for help, someone hit his head with a rod from behind. He fainted and when Ira was waking up he saw a gun in his hand the police got there and arrested him while Ira was saying he was innocent and asked them to help Rafa since he was breathing when he got there.

Meanwhile, Tessa was worried that Rafa had not been picking her calls. The act, she told Caloy was so unlikely of Rafa and she sensed trouble. She soon received a call and she went to the accident scene. She went to identify the body and she cried. Leon who was standing aloof in the dark also wept while watching Tessa mourning her son, he was holding an object.

A flashback showed that as Ira was screaming for help, Leon passed behind him and hit his head with the object.

Flashforward: He threw away the object. Elsewhere, Vida who had been pacing around, calling Rafa and Ira and were not picking, she decided to search for them as she was having a bad feeling. In a car to the location, She received a call from Caloy demanding her to go to the funeral home.

Tessa was still holding Rafa at the morgue, with her dress soaked in blood. Gabriela and Melai rushed to the police station and Ira told them that he was framed for the death of Rafa. Gabriela believed in his innocence since she knew Ira was not a murderer. Ira sustained some injury in his head and he was bleeding while the wounded area had been dressed up.

Amanda arrived in Jaime’s safe house to ask him whether he knew what had happened to Rafa. She said she received a call from Gabriela that Ira had been arrested and was asking for her help to set Ira free. Being affected by his own deeds and finding it so hard to sip, Jaime yelled that she should help Ira out.

Amanda was surprised that he was not bothered by his son’s death. He shouted once again on her to go and help Ira, just to stop her from asking him questions. Vida got at the morgue and Tessa told her that Rafa was gone. Vida uncovered him and cried, she later explained to the police that Rafa called and it seemed he was in some form of trouble and needed help so Ira went there just to make an amendment.

She was shocked to hear that Ira was the prime suspect and the police found a gun believing to be the weapon they had used to commit the atrocious act. Vida insisted that there might be a mistake as Ira couldn’t k!ll Rafa. She asked Tessa to do something. Tessa said she also did not want to believe that Ira did that but they had to wait for the investigation results.

While Marga was brooding over losing Caloy to Tessa, a news broke about the death of Rafael being k!lled by business man, Miraculo Policarpio. Vida was waiting for Tessa and Caloy as they were making an arrangement for Rafa’s funeral. The mortuary man brought Vida the things they retrieved from the pocket of Rafa and she opened it.

It was his phone which has his and Vida’s picture as screen saver. Vida remembered when the picture was taken and she wept. She also opened his wallet and saw an A4 sheet with the name Vida written on it. Vida unfolded it and saw a key in it.

After watching the news, Marga went to the funeral of Rafa in a guise to sympathise with the family but she ended up mocking Tessa as she said karma was paying Tessa for everything that she has done.

She gave a picture of Tessa which was in a frame to her and said Tessa might be the next person to die so she had made a frame for her to be used for her funeral. Tessa got upset and threw her out.

Caloy followed Marga to stop her act. Marga said she was doing that since she was in l*ve with Caloy. Caloy interjected that she was doing that for herself since Marga was jealous of Tessa. As he was leaving, he realised Marga has received a call from Jaime.

Vida visited Ira to ask him to tell her the truth, after she suspiciously watched Leon telling Tessa that Ira was capable of killing Rafa. Vida had suspected Leon as the k!ller but wanted Ira to confirm his innocence just to make her own judgement. Ira said he was framed.

Marga arrived at Jaime’s safe house to ask him why he was not attending his son’s funeral. Jaime wanted Tessa to feel how it hurts to lose a l’ved one. Marga then confirmed that Jaime was the culprit.

Ivan arrived to inform Jaime that Rafa pulled a fast one on them as the envelope they took from him was full of A4 Sheet. Marga now understood that Rafa discovered her connection with Jaime, hence Rafa’s death.
Jaime told Marga to talk to Vida if Rafa told her something before his death.

Later, Jaime got to Rafa’s funeral in pretence to mourn for his son. Elsewhere, Ira was beating up in his cell for proving that he was better than the other detainees. Jaime went close to Rafa’s corpse and thought of how he k!lled him and began sobbing. Tessa went to remind him that his time was up.

Vida went to the hostel to find Marga in the room. She tried to make her daughter believe that she was there to console her for the death of Rafa but she was there to find out if Rafa told her about how she came about with her properties. Vida told her that Rafa did not tell her anything, they were supposed to meet but couldn’t.

Jaime told Tessa that he would support her in finding the culprit who ended the life of his son and get him behind bars as a payment for Rafa’s death. Tessa promised to ensure that once the culprit was found the person would not only rot in jail but in hell.


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