The Way To Your Heart Episode 72

The Way To Your Heart Episode 72 Maila fights Natalie over Dante’s death, Helena comes face to face with death

At the hospital, Maila opened her eyes and Lucas called the doctor who confirmed that Maila was getting better. Maila then explained to her family the exact thing that led to her disappearance.

A flashback showed that as Helena was thrown out of the hospital, Maila followed to confront her for what she did to Onay. Helena slapped her and pushed her, Maila tripped and hit her head on the ground. She collapsed and when she opened her eyes she was inside the dam. She took off all the ropes she was tied with and swam up. She was drowning and screamed for help, Fortunately, some men who were sailing heard her voice and went to her rescue.

Flashforward: Maila told Lucas to get Helena arrested and Lucas assured that he would get her arrested for the crime she has committed. Natalie also said Helena would pay for everything she has done to her family. She promised to always be by Maila’s side.

Maila was discharged and was sent home. She was welcomed by the family and friends including Sally and Kiana. She then asked of Dante, the room suddenly became quiet as no one was ready to break the sad news to her. Lucas prompted Onay, and she said when Maila got lost, Dante stormed Helena’s house.

Maila was happy as her grand uncle would go in Rambo style to kick the truth out of Helena. Onay said, that did not happen as Dante was hurt in return. Maila held Onay’s hand, asking her to send her to the hospital where Dante was being treated but Nelia gave the bad news that Helena k!lled Dante.

She wept and later went to the grave yard, Memorial court to play guitar and sing to mourn him. As she remembered the time she spent with Dante she was inconsolable and wept bitterly.

Natalie tried to console her, saying Dante loved Maila so much that he was willing to lay his life for her. Maila got upset by what Natalie said, she blamed Natalie for the death of Dante and pushed her. Onay quickly went to Natalie’s aid and asked her if she was okay.

Maila wondered why Dante died due to Natalie yet Onay was asking if Natalie was okay. Natalie made it clear to Maila that she had no hand in the death of Dante and she was equally hurt that Dante died since he was also her grand uncle. She said on that faithful day which Dante was murdered she was with Lucas when she received a call indicating that Dante had passed away.

Lucas controlled Maila, Onay also sent Natalie away and they went to sit under a certain nim tree at the cemetery. In the house, Dante’s friends came to visit and Nelia told them about the culprit behind Dante’s death.
Onay told Natalie to have patience with Maila. Natalie knew Maila was hurt and wanted someone to blame for the demise of Dante.

Elsewhere, Agatha disapproved Helena’s decision to have fired Lollit. To her, Lollit was efficient and was good in the discharge of her duty. She told Helena that they had to avail themselves for the foundation accounts to be audited since they were part of the board. Agatha wanted to be at the safer side since she was not ready for any scandal.

Infront of the Montenegro’s mansion, Dante’s friend who were stricken by the sudden demise of Dante waited in a car outside. Once they saw Helena’s car approaching, they followed.

Still at the memorial court, Maila kept brooding about Dante’s death. Lucas consoled her, Onay appeared with Natalie to inform her that everything would be fine. Maila indicated that everything would be alright when Helena is arrested and if witnesses give account on how Dante was shot by Helena.

She believed Rosemarie could help since she had been with Helena all those while and knew how Helena make her moves but Natalie couldn’t comply since she was not there when Dante was shot.

The two guys in the truck tailed Helena’s car and cross the car. Helena told Lee to get down to tell the driver of the truck that they would pay for the damages caused. Unknown to her, it was a ploy to get even with her for k!lling Dante.

One spoke with Lee and the other sneaked into Helena’s car and intimidated her. Helena kicked him while shouting. The guy who has covered his face with a mask drew a pocket knife and scratched Helena’s face. The other one also slapped Lee, the one who attacked Helena left without Lee seeing him.

Helena rolled down her car window screen and called Lee that they should leave. She went to hospital and Agatha believed Onay was behind the attack. Helena regretted that she could not eliminate Onay when she had the chance.

She called Natalie but Natalie left her phone in the house. As the phone was ringing, Kiana told Nelia about it and Nelia said it was the phone of Rosemarie. Nelia received the call, thinking it was Natalie, Helena asked Natalie if she knew what had happened to her. As she was about to talk, Nelia cut in and told her that whatever happened to her was her own issue.


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