Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 204

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 204 Cardo and his team arrest Joaquin’s biggest client, Jonathan Wu

Joaquin ordered workers of his meth lab to finish up the packaging. He could not afford to disappoint Mr Wu, this time.

Monica came out from the Tuazon’s mansion to find Soriano and Girona spying on her movement. They were looking for evidence so once Monica saw them, they came out of the car to query her.

“Goodness! these boys won’t quit will you?”

“You just follow me up to here?”

“I came here for an exclusive interview with Mrs Verna Tuazon regarding the current issue on Joaquin.”

Girona hoped she was not falsifying things to conceal things for Joaquin. He explained that they were doing that for her own safety.

Monica handed a sheet over to Jerome: “That is going to be my schedule for today.

Just refer to the time and venues for my appointments so you can easily locate me. See you!” she sped off her car.

Cardo and his team gathered at where Mr Wu was staying, they tailed h as he stepped out. The Taiwanese national had no idea that the police were keeping tabs on him, he went to a place in Manila to meet Jacob for his merchandise.

As the police followed him to the destination and did not know how to barged in without being noticed, Cardo took it upon himself to initiate a plan for them to catch their target.

Cardo acted like a drug smuggler who needed a lighter to light out his cigarette and the security at the gate lighted it for him. He then pulled a fast one on the security to make his way and that of the police inside where the merchandise was taken place. Alyana and Pinggoy arrived at the location for the entrapment mission. She did a live report and planned to go inside the merchandise area. Pinggoy warned her against dangerous mission. Jacob got out to find the police raiding the location, quickly he ran away in the car.

As they were loading the merchandise, Cardo and the team reached there. The target’s security would not cooperate, they engaged the police in shoot outs till the police got hold of Mr Wu. Meanwhile, Jacob had arrived at the safe house to inform Joaquin about Mr Wu being caught by the police. He was able to get the rest of the money before the incident happened so he handed the bag with the money to Joaquin.

Joaquin was concerned since he had lost a big client. Jacob was optimistic that they would get a client who is bigger than Mr Wu. Joaquin believed no one would trust them again.

“There’s only one solution I can think of Jacob

Isn’t quite clear that Cardo is slowly bringing us down?

The time has come to get rid of that pesty bast*rd Roy once and for all.”

After watching Alyana’s report, the desperate mother called her son. Joaquin assured Verna that he was fine but would not leave the country, throwing a challenge that Cardo had to leave instead. At the national police Headquarters, Delfin tried hard to make Mr Wu reveal the person he did the merchandise with but he kept silence and said he needed his lawyer.

Paquito was going out to throw away some waste and saw a street kid who was eating from the trash can. Paquito tried stopping him, the kid saw Paquito as nuisance and began to fight him. The commotion made the family came out to separate the fight. Paquito explained the situation to them.

Learning that the kid was a street child with no parents, Flora sent him inside for Yolly to serve him a good meal for him to eat. Makmak considered himself as privileged to get a roof over their head and good food to eat.

The street kid left the water which Flora gave him behind and Paco ran after him. Paquito took a card box on the floor and the street kid pleaded with him to hand it over since that was what he slept on. Paquito got affected by the boy’s situation. As they were happy looking at the number of views and comments to their social media post, Alyana discovered something.

Cardo and his friends were commended by Borja for the successful mission. Since all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, Delfin contributed to make them go out for a drink. Cardo called Alyana to be at where they were going, he said she should bring Pinggoy along. Alyana told him that she had something to show him and rest about the entrapment operation they embarked on.

Joaquin gave orders to some gangs to get rid of Cardo. After discovering her son’s intentions, Verna rode to the police station to turn her son in but on a second thought she could not be the person to betray her own son and left.

The guys went to the bar waiting for Girona and Soriano, both also arrived and Alyana and Pinggoy arrived as well. She showed them the person who Pinggoy captured with the camera while unaware. Cardo confirmed that it was Jacob. Billy wondered why they could not see him but Cardo said the main thing was they had confirmed that Mr Wu was dealing directly with Jacob.

Alyana left to the washroom and when she was coming, she overheard a man who was talking on phone with Joaquin, informing him that they had surrounded Cardo and his friends. Joaquin advised him to ensure he and his group k!ll Cardo. Quickly, Alyana left there without being seen and told Cardo and his friends about it. Cardo told Alyana and Pinggoy to leave and Pinggoy faked a headache so the two left.

The cop friends now thought of a strategy to break lose from the ambush since the gang outnumbered them. Cardo made them laugh and acted like they were drunk. As each alerted the other with the use of animals, and shapes to describe the number of goons infront and at the back of each, Cardo made a toast, while they kept laughing. They made ready to strike their foes by moving in Cardo’s order.

Cardo threw his glass, just to distract the goons for them to pull their guns to skillfully fire them. Meanwhile, Joaquin had tried the line of the leader of his goons to ask of what had happened but he was not picking up. Jacob believed they were still on their mission and could not wait till the next day for the headlines.

Alyana filed her report on the vile men who attempted to k!ll six police officers in a bar. After seeing the casualties, Monica informed Joaquin about the incident. Alyana went to confront her but she denied talking to Joaquin.

Billy and Cardo compelled the two goons they captured alive to confess. They declared Joaquin as the master brain and told the police about the current location of Joaquin and Jacob. Delfin sent the team to Roy to ask him whether the location was right. Roy said it could be possible that Joaquin changed his location to Panabo After he turned against them.

Verna went to Joaquin’s place to find him drunk. She tried taking away the bottle but Joaquin pushed her away for her to hit the couch, demanding her to leave him alone.

Verna was so worried, she stepped out and returned to find him sleeping she put his head on her chest and cried how much she l*ved him and pleaded with him not to push her away. Jacob got there and Verna lamented that her son’s state was horrible, asking Jacob whether he would be happy if he found his son in that condition.

Verna cried that Tomas thought Joaquin the drug smuggling business and it has affected his life. She told Jacob whether he would teach his son to become like Joaquin. She then advised him to leave and imbibe good morals in his children.


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