The Way To Your Heart Episode 74

The Way To Your Heart Episode 74 Helena’s belongings get stolen, Dante’s ghost haunts Helena

After Kiana informed Maila about the incident and Natalie who was sleeping heard it, she came to inform Onay that she wanted to go and see Helena. Nelia called Dante’s friends to ask if they were behind the fire at Helena’s house but they said they were innocent. Lucas and Maila went with Natalie.

In the car, she called Louise to ask if Agatha was with Helena but Louise said, the two friends had a misunderstanding and did not talk to eachother.

Louise revealed to Natalie that Agatha did not even receive Helena’s calls. She advised Natalie not to allow her emotions to get the best of her since Helena would want her to stay with her in her trying times. Natalie heeded to her advice after all Helena raised her and needed her now.

The fire service personnel asked Helena about the event that led to the fire outbreak but Helena said she was now processing everything that had happened as she almost lost her life in there. As the personnel was insisting on knowing what had happened, Soleng pleaded with him to leave as Helena was going through a lot at the moment.

As the personnel left, Natalie arrived and ran to hug her mom. Helena was happy that Natalie was there. Natalie asked if she was okay and she said she was. Natalie turned to Soleng to ask how she was also doing. Soleng said she was fine, actually she was not there when the incident happened. She said Helena was alone in the house when the incident happened.

Meanwhile, Onay felt sorry for Helena but was worried that Natalie might switch sides and return to Helena. Nelia told her not to think of that. Natalie embraced Helena again and she said she needed Natalie. Maila realised that Helena wanted to play the victim and believed she could have caused the fire just to lure Natalie to her.

Helena was insisting on Natalie to stay with her as she was alone. She said she would take good care of her. Natalie said she was well taken cared off but Helena needed help. Helena felt like Natalie did not care about her, on the contrary Natalie said she owed her life to her.

Helena embraced her tight and was inconsolable, Natalie broke from her and Soleng held Helena trying to comfort her. Helena cried for Natalie to stay, as Natalie was going Helena was calling out her name.
Natalie returned to Onay and hugged her, she also hugged Nelia. Maila also hugged Onay and Nelia. Onay was happy that Natalie has returned to her.

Helena and Soleng walked on the streets in the middle of the night in search of a taxi. They came across some two men who were hanging around. Paying less attention to them, Helena went to sit at the road side and opened the bag she was holding to take the case which had a chain Natalie gifted her with. She read: “To the best mom in the world.”

She felt sad that Natalie abandoned her and chose Onay over her. While Soleng was standing aloof to find a taxi for them to board to Helena’s new mansion, one of the men who were robbers snatched Helena’s bag which contained the rest of her money and clothes.

Helena struggled with him to keep the bag but the thief made away with the bag and joined his fellow who had already prepared the motorbike for them to flee with it while Helena and Soleng ran after them.

Elsewhere, Agatha was unfazed with what had happened to Helena. She admitted Helena was passing through a lot but she called it upon herself and deserved everything that had happened to her. Although Helena was her friend but she wanted Helena to learn a lesson from what she was going through.

Helena and Soleng reached her new mansion. The place was beautiful so Soleng complemented the place. Helena blamed her misfortune to Onay but Soleng thought otherwise. Helena insisted that she lost everything all due to Onay, she later told Soleng to prepare the masters bedroom for her.

As Soleng went upstairs, Helena said her nemesis had thought she had been defeated but she was still on top and no biddy could ruin her. She began to drink and Soleng advised her against drinking but she insisted that she has lost everything. Soleng believed the problem would be resolved but Helena said the problem was beyond repairs and left the house in her car.

As she was driving she came across a man standing in the middle of the road. She blew her car horn several times but the person who was standing his back towards Helena did not move. His dress was stained with blood, Helena got upset and came out of the car to confront the person, yet the person did not turn. Helena held the person, telling him she was talking to him. Once she turned the man’s face it was Dante.

Helena was startled and mentioned his name, Dante warned her to confess her deeds. Helena in fear ran to her car but the door of the car got locked and could not open. Dante ran after her and attacked her demanding her to confess otherwise he would also k!ll her. Suddenly, Helena woke up from her nightmare.


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