Brothers- ANG Probinsyano Episode 21 Cardo plans to uncover Diego

Brothers-Ang Probinsyano Episode 21

Brothers- ANG Probinsyano Episode 21 Cardo plans to uncover Diego

Verna asked Tomas for how long would Joaquin prove his potency to him and he said for as long as he lived.

Tomas told Verna that the work was dangerous and required skillful people since failure meant losing one’s life.

He said Diego was more skillful that is why he brought him back to the mission.

Lola readies Onyok to get to school Onyok cooked his sweet potato for the school. Cardo sent him but he did not want to go. He played hide and seek with Cardo and he ended up staining one of the school children’s mother’s dress.

Cardo pleaded with the woman but the woman said the school was exclusive and never knew that kids like Onyok also attend. She snubbed Cardo and left in his car.

Cardo told Onyok not to bother himself about what the woman told him as he did not do that on purpose just that he was stubborn.

As they went inside the school, Cardo said he was sure Onyok would make new friends. Onyok said they should go home because the school was for rich children. He saw one kid telling the other that her father bought her a new watch. Onyok asked Cardo what the kid meant by that.

Cardo said if the kids speak English and he did not understand he should just say hello.
Teacher Ophelia came to introduce herself as Onyok teacher and said the school was one of the best schools in Philippines and the pupils were children of celebrities, renowned business men, politicians among others.

That she said meant that they had serene environment and children’s welfare was paramount to them.

A bell rang and she told Onyok that the bell meant that he had to say goodbye to his father but he said Cardo was not his dad.

Cardo then introduced himself to Ophelia and he said she could call him Cart. He said Onyok was his adopted son. Onyok told him not to leave him. He told the teacher to give him a minute for him to talk to Onyok.

Cardo told Onyok that if he wanted to be the best corp he had to study. He said he should see his Education as his new mission.

Ophelia then sent Onyok to class and introduced him to the rest of his classmates. They asked him where he came from and he said Botolan Zambales. They asked of his favourite colour and he said blue just like the police uniform.

One girl who he stained her mother’s dress kept on with the question and asked him who he wanted to be in future. Onyok did not understand since the girl spoke English. Teacher Ophelia explained to him and he said he wanted to be a policeman.

They asked him of his superhero and he said Cardo was his superhero. The kids were thought shapes in school.

Carmen called Joaquin to ask him if it was true that Diego was alive as she overhead Cardo saying it. They then met and she said Cardo wanted to win her trust that was why he was claiming Diego was alive.

Joaquin told her not to worry he would get the issue solved.

Meanwhile, Delfin gave Cardo leave for him not to meddle in Diego’s case. Joaquin’s men went to see the doctor to tell him. The doctor asked them whether Delisay was part of the team.

They came to inform Joaquin that Cardo believed Diego was alive. Joaquin said they should take care of the test as he takes care of Carmen.

After Cardo went for Onyok, he told him about how the kids stepped on his sweet potato but Cardo said he should be friend them. He said he tried but they didn’t. He also revealed that he had a new friend.

Cardo said if he continue to put up a good character he would make lots of friends.
The guys asked the doctor if the forensic test was ready and he said yes and was going to present it to Doctor Maralis.

They managed to compel her to make fake result by tailing her and shooting a video of her and her daughter to blackmail her.

Cardo was called by Delfin and he was told that the test came out positive. Onyok was thought root crops and tuber crops by Flora.
The next day in school, Teacher Ophelia brought in a certain man to come and talk to the kids about garbage.

Onyok answered that there were two gabages, biodegradable and no biodegradable. He gave examples as bottles, rubbers among others as renewable residues.

Carmen called Cardo to ask about the result and he said it was positive but did not believe. He went to see the doctor at the hospital and the doctor asked him to leave her alone.

Cardo later followed the doctor to her house to pester her to tell him the truth. Diego had pointed gun at her inside so she kept telling him lies about the result.

As Cardo waited in his car, he saw someone in hood coming from the doctor’s house. He was suspicious of the person so he followed with his car.

Tomas was told by his secretary that someone wanted to meet him and he insisted. As they were talking Philip got in.

Cardo also kept following Diego.


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