Now and Forever Episode 57

Now and Forever Episode 57 Adessa reunites with her missing child while Eva and Inno rekindle their relationship

Eva walked out of her cabana and she found that all the jewellery had been destroyed. She called for Inno and told him to come outside, thinking that he was the one who had done it.

Inno was also shocked when he went outside and asked what happened. Eva blamed him for destroying the jewellery since he still held a grudge against her. Inno told Eva that he would never destroy something that he worked so hard on.

They argued and shouted at each other, with Eva saying that Inno was still upset with her for leaving. Inno asked Eva why she was with Oliver when the reason she left him in the first place was because he was Stella’s son. Eva told him that she was not with Oliver and then asked Inno whether he even l^ved her since he had moved on fast with Roxanne.

Inno told her that she had no reason to question his l^ve for her. He instead said she was the one who did not love him and was only curious about how it felt like to date a Cortes.

Eva was furious and said she left for the sake of her own family but even then, her heart told her that she was still in l^ve with him. Inno was taken back but then hugged Eva and said they would always find their way back to each other.

Oliver had been wondering around after destroying the jewels and went back to find Eva and Inno hugging each other. He asked whether they had been working or Inno had been making his move on Eva.

They were still holding hands so Oliver caught Eva’s other hand and told her to go with him. Eva took her hand back and said she would be going with Inno.

They left Oliver and went to talk about their relationship. Eva asked what they would do about Roxanne and Inno told her that they were not together.

He explained that everything they did was just for show to make Eva jealous and prove to her that he no longer had feelings for her. He added that Roxanne was a good person since she left him so that he could confront his feelings for Eva.

Inno also said he would get a job with the jewel company Saavedra was collaborating with and go to the US with Eva. Eva was worried about how they would tell their families since it would not be easy. They decided to confront their families and Eva promised that she would not let go of Inno this time round.

Abel went to the address that he found on Daniel’s ledger and was surprised to find that Mr Batong and Roxanne lived there. He asked them about a man called Daniel and Roxanne said he was her father.

Abel took them to their apartment to talk to Rosa and they got to find out that Roxanne was Adessa’s daughter. Mr Batong said he helped make the figurine for Daniel since he said it was for the woman he l^ved.

He came home later with a child and promised to take her back to her mother but died before he could. Mr Batong therefore raised her since he did not know who her mother was.

Rosa told them that Adessa came home without her child awhile after giving birth and they were never able to find her so they gave up.

Roxanne went to see Adessa in her room and introduced herself as Adessa’s daughter. She promised to always be with her and asked Rosa that they should not return to the US since she wanted to spend more time with her mother.

Adessa said that they would not return to America. When Inno and Eva went back to the Cabana, the entire place was trashed. The management said they had to pay for damages and Eva said that Saavedra would take care of it.


They knew Oliver did it since he was upset and Inno told Eva not to worry since Oli would understand. They continued to work on their pieces and went back to Manila the next day.
Oliver went back to his condo in Manila and agonised over losing Eva to Inno yet again.

Inno took Eva home in order for them to talk to Rosa. Rosa however told Inno to go and went inside to talk to Eva. Eva told Rosa that she still l^ved Inno even though he was Stella’s son and she did not want to feel like she was doing something wrong by l^ving him.

She was about to kneel and beg Rosa to accept their relationship but Rosa stopped her. She that she did not want what happened to Adessa to happen to Eva as well so she agreed to let her be with Inno if it made her happy.

She however asked Eva to be careful so that she would not get into trouble.
Eva went outside where Inno was waiting and gave him the good news that Rosa had agreed for them to be together. Inno hugged Rosa and thanked her for understanding.


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