Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 212

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 212 Onyok bids emotional good bye as he exit from Cardo’s life, Alyana fights with Cardo for saving his passengers from robbers

Grandma Flora asked Rowena where she had been that she failed to attend to her calls when she got Onyok. Rowena explained that at that time she was not ready but she was now ready to take care of Onyok.

She said she owned a shop at Antonios and had saved enough money to cater for Onyok’s expenses in school. Rowena added that she did not find her husband and step daughter Giigii, more reason she wanted to be reunited with her son and hoped the family understood her

She thanked Cardo for taking care of Onyok and promised to make Onyok spend his vacations with him. Cardo could also visit whenever he wanted. Onyok shed tears as he was packing. The kids told him to consider himself as lucky since they said they have lost loved ones. Dang and Ligaya said they were orphans and MarkMark said his mother never searched for him.

They persuaded Onyok to see the brighter picture for accepting his mother as she was left alone and the only family she had was Onyok. Cardo spoke with him to study hard and promised not to abandon him. He would visit him from time to time and during school vacation, he would spend it with him.

“I’m gonna miss you Onyok!”

“I’m gonna miss you too Cardo,” both hugged.

At Mt Arayat Pampanga, Romulo informed the township how successful they were in getting the medicine. They took delight in wounding the soldiers in their pursuit while Lena look so disappointed in them for not having no remorse.

At the CIDG’s office, General Borja told his guys about the memorandum his outfit had received concerning the NBI seeking their assistance in finding information about the actual incident that led to the soldiers in the North who were brutally injured during the encounter with the rebels. Billy proposed that they talk to the local police to find information about the incident.

Romulo told his daughter, Lena not to be afraid since they did a clean job and ensured they were not followed. The great thing was for them to obtain the Medicine, adding that the successful operation meant that the group was a force to reckon with.

Rivera decried the alarming rate those rebels were increasing forces to engage in frivolous acts. The reason, Delfin wanted them to work effectively to protect not only the local officers and the soldiers but the Civilians.

At Mt Arayat Pampanga, Colonel Erico called Romulo to help him reach his demands and made arrangements to have a meeting with him.

Flora prepared Onyok’s favourite meals and when they were eating, Delfin got there. Onyok told Flora that he would miss her Karekare. Delfin talked with Rowena to go the next day but Lorena wanted to travel that night since there would be less traffic. Delfin decided to escort them. The family bid a tearful goodbye to Onyok and Rowena.

That night, Cardo hard trouble sleeping. He told Alyana that he and Onyok had been through a lot and if he had his way he would not have given him to Rowena. Alyana knew Cardo and Onyok were inseparable. Cardo recalled how he met Onyok and the experience he had with him through thick and thin: from spending his jail term in Bilibid with him, their escape, to their Cebu trip which they ended up in the sea.Through it all, he understood Rowena.

At the National Military Intelligence Group (NMIG), Diana felt like she was incompetent for Director Hipolito not approving her zeal to find the local rebel group which was in the Northern Luzon. She was scared that the group would spread its tentacles to the provinces.

In Pampanga, Lena went to check on Madam Estrella to see how her son was doing. The woman was grateful to Romulo for risking his life to ensure her son survive. Romulo promised to help them and pleaded with her to have a little more patience with the group.

At the Defense Agency, Director Renato Hipolito called Diana to ask for intel but Diana had no intelligence. Renato reminded her not to shift attention to the local rebel group but she should find intelligence on the terrorists.

In Bilibid, Jimboy asked Jonathan when the meth would be available since he had lined up buyers who were waiting for it. Jona attacked him and claimed Jimboy wanted to know and inform Ramil about it for them to confiscate the drugs just like they did the previous time.

However, Jimboy said he never revealed Don Emilio’s secret to Ramil. Unknown to him, Gener overheard the conversation and ran to Ramil and Julian to inform them that Jimboy had been double crossing them. Gener asked Ramil to give him the order and he would teach Jimboy a lesson.

At he Defense Agency, one of the officers said Diana could be right to concentrate on the local rebel groups since there were many news about them but Director Hipolito said the local rebel group is a small fish, he wanted a bigger fish to fry.

Delfin visited his sister to caution the family not to be in overcrowded place due to the rebel attacks which has become rampant in many provinces.

Cardo asked Alyana to be cautious about the news she has been covering on the rebel attacks. Romulo and some of his guys went to meet Erico to demand the land titles he had been given out to the rich to them or give them money. Erico said he would do that based on one condition which Romulo did not accept.

Grandma Flora and Elmo went to the local permit office to obtain permit to set up a cafeteria infront of her house. It happened that the chairwoman of the office, Gina knew Flora since Flora used to be the chairwoman of her previous town.

Cardo and Paco arrived home with the jeepney which had his son, Ricky’s name on it. As promised, his family became his first passengers and he took them on a ride.

In Bilibid, Mr Miyong advised Ramil to help Jimboy and save him from being an accomplice of Don Emilio since he could see some goodness in him. Mr Miyong believed Jimboy only did what he did to help his wife and kids.

“So what is the plan for Jimboy?”

“Say it and I will take him down,” Gener asked once Ramil returned.

“Traitors like him should not live any longer,” Julian added.

Ramil said since Jimboy knew the ins and outs of Don Emilio’s operations, they could use him to their advantage.Gener doubted Don Emilio would let Jimboy go.

Don Emilio told Ladronio that he has been a good boy for two years and needed a reward. The director should help him out of prison. Ladronio knew he wanted to go after Cardo and told him to employ someone outside to do the dirty job for him. To Don Emilio, revenge was sweeter when the person incharge do it with his own barehands.

In Mt. Arayat Pampanga, Romulo came to tell his people that the meeting did not go well as Erico was not ready to return their lands. Homer Adlawan told Romulo that they could have accepted the offer but Romulo shut him.

Alyana went to the CIDG for a scoop but the current issue which was about the rebel group was confidential or classic hence he did not want to compromise the job.

That night, Cardo loaded his jeepney and the passengers were mugged. Cardo beat the culprits and sent them to Jerome’s office.

“How unfortunate, you run into Cardo of all people?” Jerome was surprised.

“We really need the money that’s why we did what we did,” one of the thieves said.

“If you need money then get a job!” Jerome shut them.

“The three of you, you better be thankful that the man you stabbed is okay but you would have to answer to the law,” Rigor added.

This one pissed me off,” Paco began hitting one up.

“Cardo too bad that they messed with the wrong guy!

Imagine that Cardo, you left the force but you still serving the people,” Rigor said.

“I try to stay out of trouble but trouble seems to follow me,” Cardo lamented.

Cardo and Paco passed by a eatery and he told Paco not to mention the incident to Flora and Alyana. Unknown to him, JP who was briefed by the incident from Lorraine told Alyana about it.

Director Hipolito rejected the intel the intelligence team has gained against the rebel group which attacked the soldiers. Hipolito stated that he was the one to determine the extremists which had a greater threat and what Diana had brought posed less threat.

Cardo got home to be greeted with Alyana’s resentment for fighting the thief’s who mugged and stabbed his passengers. He tried to explain that he could not sit there to watch the criminals hurt all his passengers but Alyana said he could have handed them to the police and send the passengers to the hospital. She was scared that those criminals would get back at them and hurt him or his family especially she and Ricky boy.


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