Legally Blind Episode 1

Legally Blind Episode 1 Grace loses her vision after passing her bar exams

Grace cried at the hospital after a surgery was conducted on her eyes. The doctor pleaded with her family that they have done everything they could to make her see but her eyes was deeply damaged which has resulted in permanent blindness. Grace shed endless tears, demanding the doctor to explore other means to make her see again but the doctor has no option.

Two years earlier after graduating from a law school, Grace delivered a heart warming speech taking her vision as the key to her dreams and had become an accomplished woman due to her dreams.

She went to visit Manuel, her father who was imprisoned. Her father was a reason she embraced the legal profession to help in setting him free. His father was happy that his daughter has fully graduated and was waiting for her results.

Soon, she went to school to check her results and she graduated with flying colours. She was calling her mother when she bumped into a certain guy. Later, she went home to search for Charie, unknown to her, Charie was making l*ve with Joel in the room but availed herself and pretended that she was alone in the room and was busy.

The family made a surprise party for Grace Evangelista-Villareal for passing her bar exams. They were extremely excited that Grace’s dreams of becoming an attorney has come to pass. She was happy for the surprise. The family later escorted her to the precinct for her to see Manuel.

Manuel was so proud of her and introduced her to his colleague inmates that the attorney in his family has arrived.

That night she was meeting Joel in a club to celebrate with him. However, she waited for several hours but he did not show up. Unknown to her, her sister Cherie was with Joel. A certain guy spotted Grace and when he saw that she has ordered a drink, he drugged it at the blind sight of the waiter.

The waiter served Grace with the drink and she drunk it. She left the club feeling so dizzy and the guy kidnapped her and raped her. Meanwhile, the candle lights of her mother’s alter went off while she was praying for her. After series of rounds, Grace managed to kick the rapist and freed herself.

Suddenly, she began to have blur images and hurt her face after she hit herself on a glass door. In turn the glasses cut her face. She ran out and and bumped into a car which she cried for help.

Unbeknownst to her, the driver was her rapist. He kicked her and she fell unconscious. The guy carried her and threw her into a certain bush. Manuel felt that something bad had happened to his daughter.

At the club, Charie began searching for Grace but could not find her. She ran back home to inquire from their mother if she was there. Her mother was upset since she was having a bad feeling about that and desperately asked what had happened to Grace.

They rushed to the police station to report the missing Grace. It was raining and Grace began moving her hand. Soon, she was found by the authorities and was rushed to the hospital. After operation, the doctor said she had some head injuries and they had to monitor her first to find best solution for her eyes as the internal head bleeding has affected her sight.

The mother blamed Cherie for everything that had happened to Grace since she and Joel was the reason she went to the club. Charie cried and called Joel to inform him about what had happened to Grace.


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