Love Thy Woman Episode 29

Love Thy Woman Episode 29 RJ&E goes bankrupt, Dana resorts to dubious schemes to wipe off evidence against her

Jia thought about the judge and what she said in the court room. She called the authority to request if she could trace a number of a family member who was urgently needed to turn up at a court hearing.

Kai on the other hand was also trying desperately to get in touch with her brother yet to no avail. She slept on the couch while exploring possible means to get in touch with her brother before the next hearing.

She dreamt about what she told Harry concerning the fact that once Adam got to know that he was behind John Yu’s kidnapping he would be jailed. She then woke up. Later, Harry arrived there and Kai decided to hand him over to the police. However, Harry snatched Kai’s wallet and fled with it. The noise Kai made woke Jia up and she also ran after her in search of Harry.

Adam was still finding answers to know who among his family members was telling the truth. He called the CCTV footage company to talk to their boss if he could get eight years footage of his area. Adam wanted to check the person who came to drop Michael at their gate when he was a baby.

Lucy found some anomalies in the purchase of some items she bought from RJ&E. She rushed to the conference room when Jia was about to hold a meeting with a client. The scene Lucy created made Jia signed a cheque of 765,000 for her.

Lucy went to her office to discover it was Dana who was behind the act. Dana celebrated along with Lucy for the near bankruptcy of RJ&E. Meanwhile, Simon visited Kai to take details of Harry and his friends to get a possible lead on where Harry could be hiding.

Jia called Richie to complain about what Lucy showed to her and Richie said there was a bigger problem so she was needed urgently at Singapore. Jia went to pack her things to go since the court hearing was the next day.

Elsewhere, Dana received the petition of David’s annulment from Attorney Samenago. She asked of Dana’s decision since the petitioner presented CCTV footage to back his claims.

Before she would leave, Jia received a call from David, informing her that Michael wanted to speak with her. She spoke to Michael and was happy to hear from him. She told him that she was traveling to Singapore and would meet him once she returned.

Her car arrived and she left. Meanwhile, Dana was surprised to know that David’s office CCTV captured her when she destroyed his blue prints. Jia arrived in Singapore to discover that all their clients had issues, as their credit cards were used to do purchases in the name of RJ&E yet the money could not be traced from their account. There was no money in their bank account. Their account was hacked.

Jia did not take it likely when Richie kept her in the dark while all those things were happening. She was ready to use her personal money to pay the debts which the trouble has caused but Richie had given up and wanted to sell the company and declare it bankrupt. Jia did not want their hard work to go down to drain so she was determined to save the interior company.

They stayed overnight to work to figure out the problem. In Manila, Adam chatted Kai and was told Jia had gone to Singapore to attend to an urgent matter. However, Lucy arrived with a news on her phone about the mess created by RJ&E. Now, Adam knew why Jia had to urgently travel to Singapore.

He called Jia to offer his help to put RJ&E on its toes but under a condition that she drops the charges against Dana. Jia refused so Adam withdrew his help and gave Jia the benefit to settle her own business issue. Jia told Kai about Adam’s preposition and Kai was upset that Adam would do that against Jia.

Jia received a video message from Michael, which he confessed his l*ve for his aunt pretty. That made Jia’s day and gained the courage to continue in life. Adam bumped into Dana and he asked her about the annulment petition which David has processed and whether she has a lawyer.

She told him that the attorney she had was Samenago. Her dad wanted her to annul her marriage but Dana wanted her complete family, to be together with David and Michael. Adam tried to make her see the need to annul her marriage but Dana in soliloquy said that would be over her dead body.

Jia after meeting with some of the executives at RJ&E she had no option than to give in for them to sell the company otherwise she might suffer a jail term. Jia was no in any position to go to prison especially now that she has found her son.

At Dragon Empire Builders, Lucy waited for Jia for an important meeting. Since Jia was late she called off the meeting. At Adam’s office, Kai vent her anger on Adam for demanding something in return for helping his own daughter. Kai found Adam’s action as not fair but Adam saw Jia as arrogant. Kai wanted Adam to help Jia with no strings attached.

As Kai was leaving Adam’s office, Amanda saw her and called Lucy to inform her. Jia arrived in Manila to discover that Lucy had given her projects to Amanda and also warned her not to ran to Adam for help.

Dana sent someone to break into David’s home-based office to retrieve the hard drive. When the goon was leaving, David who was sleeping on the couch at the office woke up to realise someone had raided there. He quickly watched the CCTV footage to confirm his suspicion.

Dana eavesdropped to listen to Adam and Lucy’s argument. Adam wanted to support Jia by not cancelling Dragon Empire Builders’ contract with RJ&E. The next day, Dana met with some stakeholders of Dragon Empire and presented them with gifts to influence them to compel Adam to cancel his deal with RJ&E for their negligence in allowing someone to hack into their system to render them bankrupt.

Dana was of the view that she did not want Dragon Empire to suffer bad publicity and asked the investors help in making her dreams a reality. At Dana’s office, David stormed there to demand for his hard drive. Dana denied having it. Unfortunately, her envelopes she received from the goon fell and David’s harddrive fell. David took it and addressed Dana as cheap.


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