Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 269

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 269 De Silva, Hipolito Face off in Senatorial debate, Hipolito rolls an attack on the Bloody Sun to redeem his image

In Bilibid, Don Emilio in the company of Director Ladronio watched De Silva’s interview with the media on his mandate to get behind bars all corrupts government officials who were accruing wealth into their personal coffers at the expense of the public.

Don Emilio boasted of De Silva being his man and the one who would ensure his freedom. In Mt Karagao, Fernan told his buddies about needing their help in order to convince Romulo to make him leave the camp to go after Homer and his lackeys in Manila to put an end to their atrocities otherwise their lives would forever be in danger.

Earthworm and Tadpole had no doubt that everyone would miss Fernan since they had developed l0ve for him, especially Lena and Emman. Soon, the senatorial debate at Islas University commenced and Director Hipolito made Terrorism his number one priority to bring peace in the Philippines while his rival, De Silva made Corruption his priority to ensure there was no corrupt official putting the public in disadvantage to ensure the country was run smoothly while every individual get equal access to opportunities and resources.

De Silva spelt out that Corruption was bringing the country to its knees but Hipolito pointed out to him that Terrorism was destroying the peace and even De Silva had that terrible terrorism encounter during one of his campaigns. Senator De Silva admitted but he said that did not deter him, he rather ran after the terrorists since he was a man of action, he walked his talk he did not merely talk. He said he faced situation to confront it, not to talk about it.

De Silva was hailed for his impressive speech and the crowd jeered him. Hipolito’s face was turned down feeling so embarrassed and defeated. Diana Olegario in the crowd seemed to have felt embarrassed by her boyfriend’s non performance. The disgrace on Hipolito’s face led the NMIG staff who were watching the debate on television shared his plight.

James believed Hipolito was smarter but De Silva was used to public speaking. Catindig agreed but seemed to enjoy the embarrassment his boss was facing.

“Yeah you might get high hopes Renato but you get a reality check waiting for you,” Manolo thought as he smiled.

In Mt Karagao, Romulo lamented that Homer had stained the name of the Bloody Sun making it difficult for the group to achieve its goals.

“Why do you say that?” Fernan asks.

“Because of what he did, the government will always think that we are villains. They only see us as terrorists.”

“Don’t worry, commander. Once we take care of Scorpion, we’ll be able to work to change the bad perception the government has of Bloody Sun.”

As Hipolito was descending down, De Silva called him back for them to sort out their differences. Hipolito said there was no hard feelings, they were matured and the point De Silva made were valid. The press called to take them pictures after they shook hands. The fame De Silva was enjoying got on the nerves of Hipolito.

As they were in a car going home, Hipolito seemed down and lamented that he would have lost the elections if the debate was what would make the public vote them into power. He said for the first time he felt defeated and realised he did not prepared well for the debate so next time, he would prepare himself well to face De Silva.

General Olegario went to a flower shop to make some purchase. As she discussed her son with Gaspar, Alyana showed up and had a conversation with her concerning their lost children. In Mt Karagao, Fernan handed Emman a toy airplane he had made for him. Excited to play with him, the little boy urged him to be his dad since he did not have one anymore.

Fernan glanced at Lena.

“Sure, buddy. You’re basically like a son to me.”

Lena apologised for her son’s behaviour and Fernan told her that it was perfectly fine with him. He reflected on a series of memories with Ricky Boy and seemed kind of downcast. Later that night in Manila, Grandma Flora and her entire family visited Ricky Boy’s grave. Cardo brooded by himself and vowed to stop at nothing until he caught the Homer and make him pay.

Director Hipolito met up with Homer’s group and told them how De Silva had embarrassed him in front of the whole country during the debate. Homer jeeref him and urged him to have Bloody Sun exterminated. Hipolito agreed this time all with the sole agenda of redeeming himself in the eyes of the public. Homer mentioned that he was eager to get back at the traitor he has a grudge against.

“Who is that man anyway?” Hipolito asked.

“The thorn in my side, Fernan! We trusted him completely, Letting him in was a mistake.”

Hipolito seemed to find humour in Homer’s misery.

“He was able to drive you out of Mt Karagao all by himself? His skills are better than yours.”

“He won because he tricked us,” Homer grumbled.

Fernan painstakingly informed Lena and Emman of his decision to leave the r£bel camp. Taken by surprise, Lena asked if anything was the matter.

“What did you do to him anyway?” Hipolito asked back at the hideout.

“His son was k!lled in that old mall explosion. Sought us out to get back at us.”

“Bombing at the mall?”

“That’s right. His only son was k!lled at the mall we targeted. And now, he’s out to punish us.”

Hipolito recalled the mall bombing. Back at the rebel camp, Fernan told Lena that he needed to finish his mission, one that he couldn’t tell her about. As he went on to bid farewell to the mother and son, Hipolito questioned Homer about Fernan. Homer’s group recounted how Romulo had found him wounded and helped him out. Homer mentioned that the leaders of Bloody Sun trust him, though there were times when they had been suspicious of him.

“What do you mean?” Hipolito asked.

“We thought he’s a spy. A soldier who was part of the troops we captured.”

“Why did you think he was a soldier?”

‘Because one of our members found a SAF uniform in his house after we had a run-in with their group.”

“What was the name on the military uniform?”

“Dalisay,” Homer stated.

Fernan informed Father and the commander of his decision to leave the camp and return home for a more peaceful and simpler life. The leaders woefully decided to grant him his wish. Meanwhile, Hipolito showed Homer a photo of Cardo in his SAF uniform and Homer and his allies identified him as Fernan. Director Hipolito director questioned them about what they had told him.

“Did you tell this Fernan that there was a government official who was supporting Bloody Sun?!”

“I might have mentioned it once,” Homer said. “I’m sure I didn’t give him any names.”

“Then why is he still with Bloody Sun? It’s because he wants to know for sure who the hell you were talking about! You said he was able to gain Leon and Hawk’s trust. So what’s stopping those two from telling him that I am the person supporting Bloody Sun?!”

“That’s the reason why I’ve been telling you to k!ll them all.”

“And what do we do if he manages to escape?”

“You’ve got to k!ll him, along with Leon and the Hawk. And every member of Bloody Sun who knows about you!”

Suspecting that director Hipolito has something up his sleeves, Senator De Silva intended on using Don Emilio’s money and machinery to his advantage. At the NDA, Hipolito informed Catindig of his decision to have Bloody Sun wiped out, saying that it was the right opportunity to eliminate them to ensure his victory in the election.

While Fernan packed up his stuff and returned the weapons that had been entrusted to him to the leaders of Bloody Sun, Hipolito proceeded to inform some four officers about the exact location of the Bloody Sun which he had supposedly learned from a soldier.

Fernan expressed his appreciation to Father, Romulo and the rest of the Bloody Sun for all they had done for him. Meanwhile, director Hipolito manipulated the four officers into keeping the operation against Bloody Sun confidential. Back at the rebel camp, Romulo assured Fernan that he would always be a part of their family wherever they meet.

“This is the last day of your life, Dalisay,”

“Enjoy it while it lasts,” Hipolito smirked.

Director Hipolito discussed the covert operation with Catindig, telling him that he was keeping it top secret so General Borja or Diana did not interfere. In no time, Catindig sent an anonymous text message to Delfin, telling him that the SAF know Bloody Sun’s location and would strike that night.

General Borja tried calling the number but it did not go through. Meanwhile, Catindig pondered over Hipolito’s sudden decision to put an end to Bloody Sun.

While Homer’s group were goofing off and having a good time at their hideout, Hipolito proceeded to SAF headquarters where he riles up the soldiers to make sure a single member of Bloody Sun did not survive. A moment later as Commander Dela Rosa assembled and deployed the battalion, General Borja arrived to witness the scene outside where the soldiers were prepping for battle. Back inside, Hipolito urged the SAF to show the rebels no mercy.

Commander Dela Rosa was talking over the plans with a number of his men when General Borja came over to question him about the troops he had sent to Mt Karagao. Dela Rosa apologised and mentioned that he had only been following orders.

As Hipolito celebrated with Catindig, confident that he would be making the headlines the next day, Delfin called Billy to receive confirmation about the SAF’s convoy en route to Mt Karagao. He then called Diana to inform her of the covert operation against Bloody Sun.

“Did director Hipolito mention anything to you?” Delfin asks.

“He didn’t.”

“It makes me wonder why when there’s an operation against Bloody Sun, they always fail to inform both of us beforehand.”

“We’ve always been a team,” Diana wondered.

“Maybe director Hipolito doesn’t know about tonight’s operation.”

“As the director of the National Defense Agency, it’s impossible for director Hipolito to be unaware of what’s happening, General.”

“No one can get in the way of my plans!”

“And after this, the whole country will celebrate, all thanks to me,” Hipolito praised himself as  he made a toast with Catindig.

Elsewhere, the SAF troopers descend from their convoy and purposely headed for the rebel’s camp where Cardo sat brooding by himself.


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