The Stepdaughters Highlights Episode 31-35

The Stepdaughters Highlights Episode 31-35 Mayumi becomes rich, Isabelle runs her father over to save herself from landing in prison

Mayumi discovers from an expert that the pills Isabelle has been forcing her mother to swallow is antidepressants and it makes one go crazy. Mayumi confronts Isabelle and gets her mother from the grip of the Salvadors.

To hasten the treatment of Luisa, Hernan returns Mario’s winning to Mayumi and she buys a new house while she gets her mother admitted in a mental institution. She fails to tell Hernan where her mother is admitted since Hernan doubts her when she confronts Isabelle for her mother’s insanity. Elsewhere, Francis goes to Froilan’s aid, since then the family stay united to accomplish grandma’s wish before her death.

However, Isabelle and Daphne scheme up again to ensure Luisa remains miles away from Hernan so Froilan is hired again to find where Luisa is admitted for Isabelle to pay someone to continue giving Luisa antidepressants. Soon, Francis and other workers resign from Coco Line to work for Mayumi in her own beauty company. Francis decides to employ Froilan but his senior brother refuses, saying he has a job of his own.

Froilan manages to get a nurse from the mental institution to get Isabelle to pay the nurse to counter Luisa’s medication to make her state get worse. The sale of Coco Bella declines while Mayumi’s beauty products becomes the new norma on the market.

Discovering that Mayumi is behind the famous talked about products on the market, Isabelle sabotages the beauty product and soon the products name in the market is tagged with negative comments. Francis and Bryce begin to closely monitor Froilan in one of his rendezvous point with an unusual person. Froilan warns Francis for spying on him but Francis sees his brother as secretive.

The bad name of Mayumi’s product compels her to have a press conference to make all customers file complaint, promising to get into the bottom of the issue. Slowly, Isabelle’s deeds come to light as through Mayumi’s investigation, she finds out that the complaints come from customers who patronised the products from one particular store. Through a CCTV footage of that store, she finds Marigold, the secretary of Isabelle as the person who sabotaged the products.

Elsewhere, Hernan also finds the reason behind Luisa’s insanity after he gets the name of the hospital from Baby. Hernan catches Luisa’s nurse red handed talking to Isabelle about the antidepressants she has been given to Luisa. Hernan threatens to get the nurse license revoked. The nurse pleads with him and she confesses that Isabelle is the brain behind Luisa’s miscarriage.

Hernan realises Mayumi has been right all along for accusing Isabelle for all the evil she has been doing. Later, Isabelle is suspended from a beauty programme which Mayumi is also part. Isabelle feels embarrassed and begins to wallow in her own misery. Hernan decides to disown Isabelle and gets her behind bars but he withdraws from his decision of jailing his daughter after Joel talks him against it.

Elsewhere, Mayumi drops the lawsuit she filed against Isabelle for sabotaging her product when Isabelle is withdrawn from the distributors lists due to bad publicity of her act against Mayumi. Hernan takes drastic measures against his daughter for k!lling her half brother just to keep the Salvador’s wealth all by herself.

Since their problem is greediness, Hernan rewrites his will to give all his money and asserts to Luisa and the rest to charity. After Isabelle wakes up to the reality, she apologises for her sins but Hernan says the magnitude of her sins is irreparable since she k!lls her half brother and gets Luisa to go insane to inherit all the wealth it will be a mistake to leave his wealth in her hands.

When her acts of seduction fails, Daphne is forced to make a move with Froilan to keep herself from not getting arrested. Daphne goes to the mental institution which Luisa is and poses off as a doctor to inject Luisa. Luisa fights back and flee. Hernan makes arrangements to meet Mayumi to make her send Luisa to a different health facility.

However, Isabelle overhears her father and thinks he will expose her deeds to Mayumi for her to imprison her. Isabelle does the unthinkable by running her father over to keep her secret hidden. Amidst Luisa’s escape, Hernan is also fighting for his life at the hospital while Mayumi and Froilan respectively are desperately searching for Luisa in a market which Luisa is currently seen by some passerby. Who will get to Luisa first? Subscribe to the site for your daily update !


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