The Law Of Revenge Highlights Episode 9-13

The Law Of Revenge Highlights Episode 9-13  Marissa sabotages Meredith for her to resign, Agatha returns to fight Marissa and Ellice for Gabriel

The tension between the two best friends intensifies when the Ceñidoza heiress crown jewel plunges into an unexpected financial difficulty. Ellice rummages through her husband’s stuff as she grows suspicious of Gabriel’s relationship with Marissa. She then decides to contact Agatha to inquire about her past with Gabriel.

Meanwhile, Gabriel attempts to dissuade Marissa from pushing through with her decision of buying shares from Ellice’s company. Their heated argument drives Marissa to reveal the identity of Jacob’s father. An emergency involving Hope pushes Ellice to re-evaluate her priorities and convinces herself to bring her focus back to being a mother.

Regretting the accusations she made against her best friend, the Ceñidoza CEO also grabs the opportunity to make amends with Marissa. To keep the COO from resigning from her post, Ellice gives Marissa a tempting offer, unaware of her devious plan. Gabriel finds himself in quandary when he reads the result of Jacob’s DNA test.

Ellice is relieved after finally resolving her recent marital problems and the misunderstanding she had with her best friend. Marissa and Gabriel work together to create a business presentation aiming to impress a potential client of Ceñidoza Pearls. As their much awaited meeting draws near, an unfortunate accident forces Marissa and Gabriel to pull all nighter at the office

Marissa and Gabriel’s diligent efforts pay off when they land a business deal with Ms Liew’s company. Much to Marissa’s delight, the entire ordeal helps to deepen her relationship with Gabriel. However, her good mood immediately turns sour when she receives an urgent call from an acquaintance.

Ellice’s protectiveness over Hope leads to another disagreement between her and Ramon. Taking advantage of Ellice’s tensed relations with the Villarosas, Marissa attends Helena’s birthday party and enjoys the day with their family. As Jacob and Hope’s first month birthday are celebrated by their l0ved ones, the Ceñidoza Pearls CEO takes notice of Gabriel’s special treatment of Marissa’s baby boy.

After successfully salvaging a deal with a client alongside Gabriel, Marissa’s joy turns into shock when she spots an unexpected face arrive in Ceñidoza Pearls.

Disappointed with Marissa’s efforts for their organisation, Caeser decides to take matters into his own hands. Ellice finds herself struggling to fight off feelings of jealousy when she continues to see the closeness between Marissa and Gabriel.

Meanwhile, Heidi and Gelo’s budding friendship immediately faces problems when her concern over her self-image gets in the way. Before heading off to her wedding anniversary date, Ellice turns off Gabriel’s phone when she sees Marissa calling. The reason for the urgent call, however is Jacob’s emergency at the hospital.

After failing to reach Gabriel, Marissa receives help from an unlikely ally who arrives just in time to save her son. Ramon sudden visit leaves Lucing suspicious of Marissa’s relationship with the Villarosa’s patriarch. Gabriel turns defensive when his father reveals the truth that he knows Jacob’s parentage.

Their confrontation quickly escalates and takes a huge toll on Ramon’s health. Later a knew Ceñidoza Pearls employee poses a threat to Marissa’s plans of stealing Gabriel from Ellice. Ellice fumes when Gabriel informs her that Andres has been allegedly stealing large sums of money from the company.

Furious and feeling utterly betrayed, the Ceñidoza Pearl CEO firmly refuses to let the man leaves scot free. Marissa manipulates her best friend into believing that Gabriel is having an affair with Meredith.

Despite Gabriel’s assurances, Ellice remains paranoid over his relationship with Meredith. As Blue and Marissa gets into disagreement over her underhanded method, he soon learns to understand her side.

Spurred on by Marissa’s call to her, Ellice decides to confront Meredith once and for all. Meanwhile, Gabriel picks up an old friend from the airport. Much to Marissa’s delight, Meredith resigns from her post and plans to confront Gabriel about his wife’s behaviour. Before the two cunning women officially meet, tension brew between Marissa and Agatha as Ellice plans a night out with her best friends.

Agatha becomes competitive upon hearing Ellice’s long-time bond with Marissa, while Marissa learns about the Ceñidoza Pearls CEO’s unlikely friendship with Gabriel’s ex-girlfriend. Dismayed after Gabriel rejected her advances, Agatha looks back on her intimate relationship with the man before he met and married Ellice.

Growing suspicious of Marissa upon recalling their last conversation, Agatha hires an investigator to look into the cunning woman’s background. Unbeknownst to her, the Ceñidoza Pearls COO is already one step ahead of her. Meanwhile, Caesar slowly climbs up the company ladder at the Ceñidoza Pearls and Company.


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