Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 300

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 300 Captain Gina informs the police about the presence of Cardo, Bruno and Axel are k!lled

In the house of the De Leons, Grandma Flora was happy that Alyana has been employed at MC Digital and believed her new work would ease the problems the family was encountering. Yolly’s happiness stemmed from the fact that Alyana’s employer, Marco was no ordinary person but a vice President’s son.

Elsewhere, De Silva received a call from one of his men who told him that they were ambushed while delivering the products. His ally claimed that their attackers were unprofessional in their line of duty as they failed to wear a mask. Senator was upset that they had allowed Dalisay and his group to jeopardise their drug business but least did he know that Homer and his group have intercepted the shipment and were even planning to sell them.

The venom group decided to test the drugs themselves before selling them. Senator De Silva was hell-bent on fishing out Dalisay and his comrades to exterminate them. At the De Leons house, Alyana was refrained from cleaning the table since the next day was her first day at work and had to sleep early. Marikit told her to pass by her shop for her hair do and makeup.

In his hideout, Cardo told Ramil how his situation had made it impossible to meet his family. Ramil said he knew what Cardo was going through and there was few of Cardo’s type on earth.

He told Cardo to take consolation in the fact that his family was secured without him close to them. As Cardo was longing for his family especially his wife, Alyana was also feeling no different in the house.

“Thank you for this new opportunity you have given me,” Alyana prayed.

“I know this is going to start a new beginning for me.”

“However, I do wish my husband could share this moment with me.”

*I just hope other people will get to start their life as new, most especially Cardo.”

“I hope he endures all the challenges he is going through right now…”

“So that together we can face our new life that awaits us once he returns.”

The next day, Cardo told Leon and Ramil that he was off to see his family. Meanwhile, Captain Gina still was on the neck of Grandma Flora and she did not heed to the advice of her allies but sent them to monitor Flora if they could fish out Cardo’s location. At the eating joint, Gedo and Nick told Paco that the greediness of Captain Gina would never stop till she gained more profit and money.

Cardo arrived at his neighbourhood and realised Senator De Silva’s men were spying the place so he had to stand aloof to watch his family. Regine was worried about Bruno so she called her brother and he told her that he and Axel were at the precinct keeping tabs on the corrupt cops to find the mission of Senator De Silva. Regine advised him to be careful. Cardo was glad to see the kids being wheeled to school by Paco.

Alyana came to say goodbye to Flora and took a cab. Cardo followed her and bumped into Captain Gina who did not see him. She turned again and saw Cardo driving his jeep. She made an attempt to call the police but her phone fell multiple times giving Cardo ample time to flee.

Gina saw Nick and asked if he also saw Cardo and he said it might be a look alike. Gina called the police but the police deemed it as a lie. She said she was the captain and would never lie as she had seen Cardo within her neighbourhood.

She wept that the bounty had gone down to drain. Alyana arrived at work and Cardo who followed her in his jeep to know her new work place made a wish that soon he would be done with his mission to get reunited with his family.


To be continued…

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