The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 70

The Blood Moon ‘La Luna Sangre’ Episode 70 Sandrino discovers Jacintha is not human but a werewolf, Erin and the Luna Soldiers are captured by Sandrino after Tristan surrendered to his brother in a new mission

Tristan told Malia about his plan of making Sandrino’s heart beat again so that Malia could k!ll him. Prof T had a call from Malia and asked about their location in order to meet them.

In the campaign Office, Jacintha told Gilbert Imperial to trust her and he opened up to her that Tristan was his younger brother but he thought he was dead until he recently discovered that he was alive all along.

Jacintha told him that he should follow his heart, if his heart wanted him to be opened to Tristan then he should open his heart to him. She received countless number of calls from Prof T but she failed to receive it. Gilbert then hugged her for showing her the right way.

When Gilbert took steps to make a call, Jacintha then took the fang but she suddenly experience pains and Gilbert saw the poison bite that only spread through werewolf’s body.

Jacintha resisted him and left. Gilbert was consumed in fury that all the people surrounding him were his enemies. He promised to find Jacintha. While driving them, Prof T learnt about Tristan’s decision to use himself as bait to make Supremo’s heart to beat again for Malia to k!ll him once and for all.

Prof T was scared with the plan but Tristan said he was a warrior and would be happy if he d!ed for a good course. Prof T then gave him a hidden camera to monitor his progress. Jacintha arrived and threw herself on the couch in pains as she visioned how the cursed ink manifested on Tristan while Sandrino bit Tristan. She also recalled the helmit showing Tristan as a vampire and was biting Malia.

“No I can’t let this thing happen.”

Supremo rushed to the lair to instruct his minions to find Jacintha and bring her to him. He promised to k!ll him if she was Lia. He pondered on what he saw and still wondered since that poison from a bite could only spread in Werewolves and was certain that she was his enemy. He threatened to k!ll her for the second time to make the new chosen one weakened.

Meanwhile, Erin and the Luna Soldiers were sent to the Moonchasers Headquarters and were tied to a chair. After Jacintha learnt of their presence and went to see them, they were later released from the place and managed to access the security code to flee much to the dismay of Prof T.

In the lair, the minions arrived to inform Supremo that they found out that Jacintha Magsaysay was actually dead and showed a picture of her grave to Supremo. They also presented all the information Luningning gathered on her and realised his strategist could be Lia and was bent on k!lling her once found.

Tristan surrendered to the police. He was handcuffed and taken away for vandalising the party office of Gilbert Imperial. This was something Gilbert himself did and accused Tristan just to get close to Tristan.

Later, Jacintha learnt from Prof T that Tristan was in the lair and it was part of their plan to ensure Sandrino’s heart beat once again for Malia to carry out her task. However, Jacintha was extremely upset that they allowed Tristan to meet Sandrino face to face. As Prof T saw the plan as the best option they had, Jacintha felt that it would rather prone Tristan to what they had been keeping him from.

“You have no idea what could possibly happen Theodore,” Jacintha hissed.

She went to see the Luna Soldiers who were watching television news and had found out that Tristan was already in the hands of Gilbert Imperial. Jacintha told them to go and ensure Tristan did not get closer to Sandrino. The Luna Soldiers realised it was the reason Jacintha freed them when they were kidnapped.

Meanwhile, Malia and Prof T monitored the progress of Tristan as the latter told Sandrino that he was right for claiming the world in which he lived in was not safe for him. In fact the people he trusted wanted to have him k!lled. He said he now feared what might possibly happen to his family. Supremo did not believe that he denied all his offer and Tristan willingly surrendered himself and now seeking his help.

He strangled Tristan, this got Prof T and Malia terrified so Prof alerted the Moonchasers who were on standby at the SMV Corp to go inside the lair but was forced to abort the mission when Tristan told Supremo that he advised him to come to him when he felt alone but it seemed he also wanted him k!lled just like the others. That touched Sandrino’s heart to leave Tristan. He then ordered his minions to secure the corp to find out the real intentions of Tristan.

While securing the place, the Luna Soldiers in a disguise as cleaners came in and were cornered by the vampires. Tristan asked Sandrino to tell him more about Rica. Supremo was surprised since Tristan earlier did not want to hear anything about Rica. Tristan explained that he barely knew his mother as he was young when she d!ed. Sandrino then told him about how he and Barang took Rica in and took care of her.

Tristan was happy with the story and was sure Rica would be happy that they were now together. However, he believed Rica would not want him to become evil. As they received a message about the captives, Tristan and Supremo went to check on the captives. Supremo asked Tristan whether Erin and his comrades were the ones who wanted him k!lled. Tristan remained quiet so Sandrino assumed that as a plot to get his kingdom raided.

After seeing the Lunas, Prof T and Malia were scared that it would compromise Tristan’s mission but Malia chose to trust Tristan to do something.

Erin called Tristan a traitor for working hand in hand with his brother. Supremo made the minions take them to a different cell and followed them to fish out Tristan’s plan from the captives. Tristan used that opportunity to talk to Malia and Prof T through the mouth piece that he hoped Erin would not reveal to Sandrino the prophecy.

Sandrino tried squeezing out the truth from the Luna Soldiers as he did not believe that they were planning to k!ll Tristan simply because he was his brother. Since they remained quiet, Sandrino k!lled one of the Lunas and Tristan saw it from the erected screens in the lair.

Jacintha who was also monitoring the Lunas realised they were in deep danger. Supremo went to talk to Tristan to know his real intentions but Tristan insisted that he was not the enemy. Supremo promised to find out since mortals could reveal any information to preserve their own lives at the expense of others and believed Tristan came to seek his help to turn over his mortal beings.

Elsewhere, Apple pleaded with Alvin to help her buy certain things for Betty’s wedding since she was the bride’s maid after serving Alvin and other Moonchasers with food. Alvin agreed to it and in disguise Apple seek permission from Betty to do the shopping. Unknown to them, some of the evil vampires were around to monitor their doings. In the company of the Moonchasers, Apple went to a shop and an incident brought her to a mysterious man she got attracted to.

At the other side of the headquarters, Prof T concluded that what was going on was not a mere coincidence, someone intentionally set the Luna Soldiers free to go after Tristan to k!ll him. He said the security code was only known by him and Malia chipped in that Jacintha. She then went to meet Jacintha to query her on the reason she set the Lunas free. However, Jacintha said that should not be the question to ask.

“Your decision to put Tristan as bait for Sandrino has put his life in danger,” Jacintha added.

“You and I are the same Malia.”

“Sandrino’s heart has to start beating again so that I can k!ll him,” Malia explained.

“We both know Tristan can only make that happen so I need to trust him completely….”

“So that the plan will work out!”

“You can trust Tristan but what about Sandrino?” Jacintha retorted.

“Because of the decision you’ve made the course of things has just spelt out.”

“Tristan will be a Vampire!”

“You brought him closer to his destiny.”


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