The Law Of Revenge Episode 45

The Law Of Revenge Episode 45 Court dismisses the Pinedas petition, Hope is diagnosed of Leukemia

At the Villarosa Construction, Helena asked Gab why he did not go to the hearing to support his wife. Gabriel said he had wanted to be there but Ellice was with her mother, even his presence would freak her out as she always thought he was on the side of Marissa.

“Of course I really want to support my wife.”

“But if Marissa and Aunt Lucing have a share in Ceñidoza then their shares have to be given back to them especially now.”

The court denied the Pinedas petition to invalidate and terminate Ellice as the owner of Ceñidoza Pearls and associate farms. Lucing wept bitterly that they lost the case. However, Caesar who smilingly exchanged glance with Belen recalled how he secretly met Judge Dominador Aguirre who turned out to be a member of their organisation to dismiss the case. Aguirre had been known as a corrupt judge and the organisation for years had been shielding him.

Lucing leaned on Marissa to cry and the latter promised that they just began and she would not stop till they got what was rightfully theirs. Lucing did not stop crying even at home she cried. At the college, Hope was really bothered by everything that was going on in her family and wondered why she and Jake had to be dragged into it. The feud between the Pinedas and the Ceñidozas took a negative toll on her.

After school, Jake saw Gabriel and the latter apologised for what his wife did. He promised to find a way to ensure he and Hope meet again. However, Jake said he was okay and he would figure out means to get closer to Hope without breaking the laws. Soon, Ellice’s suffered bad publicity and her daughter was even trolled in school.

She later had a press conference to narrate her side of the story. She described Marissa as a liar who the court dismissed her petition against Ceñidoza, claiming she presented a handwritten evidence which court did not see the evidence as authentic, hence dismissed her case. Belen added her voice to the interview and said they were the victims. At school, Hope and Jake had a phone conversation while in class with RJ spying on them.

Gabriel paid Lucing visit at the Zulyani’s mansion and the woman served him with coffee. She told him that everything she said in court was true and they actually had shares in Ceñidoza. Elsewhere, Belen met Caesar and said she could not believe that Marissa would go to such an extent to talk with the press. Caesar said Marissa was like a weed no matter how hard you pulled to throw away she would keep coming back. He asked whether Belen wanted her k!lled and she said he wanted him to scare her.

At the Ceñidoza mansion, Gabriel told Ellice that the Pinedas had shares in Ceñidoza Pearls and it was right for them to gain their shares. However, Ellice was upset thinking he was siding with Marissa and she used her dress to hit him. She asked whether Marissa came crying to him and he said he went to see Lucing in the house to talk to her.

“It’s so pathetic of you to trusts that hypocrite over your own wife,” Ellice fumed.

“You know Ellice you asked for my opinion..”

“If you hate people opposing you stop asking questions!”

Marissa went to work and as Avel opened her the door and were walking to the La Sierra building, Red who had been given orders by Caesar tried to run Marissa but Avel was quick to save her. Red tried to shoot Marissa but Avel shot Red for his gun to fell and he had no choice than to flee for his life.

Later, RJ visited the Ceñidozas but met Ellice’s absence so he spoke to Belen and told her that he had witnessed Jake getting closer to Hope. Belen encouraged RJ to get pictorial evidence and the two agreed on a plan. Belen then called Ellice to inform her. Ellice spoke with Hope and tried to scare her on the possible thing that could happen to Jake should she continue disregarding the restrains on Jake.

She said Jake could be suspended from school and her daughter told her she was acting unreasonably since she was in l0ve with Jake and advised Ellice to stop making decisions for her even though she knew she was doing all that for her own good. Soon, the Business School began examination and Jake was the first to have finished his work.

He was later suspended for one week over what the school termed as malpractice. Unknown to Jake, his failure was as a result of RJ and Belen as RJ sabotaged his work, leading to his suspension. Once, Hope heard the misfortune of her brother, she left Charie and Alfred at the school library. At the Zulyani’s mansion, Jake told Ebu what led to his suspension and told his mother that he never cheated and Marissa said she trusted him, hence should not worry.

Hope barged in to say her mother was responsible for Jake’s suspension but she collapsed suddenly. Avel took her from the hands of Jake and they rushed her to hospital. When Ellice arrived at the ward, she attacked Jake and Marissa got in between that she would not allow her to attack her son and told her that she should rather advise her daughter as she was the one who came into her house.

Lucing tried to talk to Ellice and Marissa. Marissa referred to Ellice as ingrate and asked Lucing to follow her home. Jake did not want to leave Hope behind but Marissa and Avel dragged him out. Later the doctor came to inform the Villarosas that Hope was suffering from acute leukemia.


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