Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 393

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 393 Guzman and colleagues find out massive lists of people missing under Lucas’ administration, Terante discovers he is being followed by some unknown men

At Camp Crame, General Terante schemed up against Flora since the old woman has filed a case at the ombudsman’s office against him. He planned to detain her along with her brother. He and his ally believed she might have more information on the whereabouts of the Vendetta than Borja.

Cardo and the Vendetta were told by Jerome who spoke with an ally in the police force to find out that Terante was at the palace not in Camp Crame so they re-routed. Teddy’s article on General Borja was published and he was wishing for the necessary authorities to read in order to ensure Grandpa Delfin’s right is protected.

Damien, the new secretary of the President came to inform him about the works he had put in place to ensure the media publish about the supposed shoddy dealings of the former president Hidalgo. On his way to the house, the ombudsman was ambushed and shot to deàth by Terante’s goons.

After the evil deeds, he called Lucas to inform him about it. He said he would erase the tracks for it not to be traced back to him. Hipolito contacted the mining business owner, Mr De La Verga to strike a deal with him in an exchange for the president’s protection.

Lucas was impatient that Terante was not making progress with his investigation to make Delfin talk while Hipolito and Hernandez had made progress.Terante ask whether he wanted Borja deàd. Later, the two met and they went to the isolated cell of General Borja.

As they arrived, the goons tied the neck of Borja with a rope while Lucas was telling him his grandson would be proud of him for having a selfless grandfather like him. Marie saw that Patrick was exhibiting strange attitude and asked Noel if he had noticed that.

Since Noel hadn’t noticed it, Marie said she would find it out. Patrick and his friends went to Rosa’s house for some of the drugs for delivery. However, Rosa asked Patrick about her children which Patrick denied being with them. Teddy spoke to Guzman to inform him about the series of articles he has released to facilitate the path for his right to be respected.

Guzman also said he and his two colleagues were on top carrying out their own investigation to find where General Borja was kept. They believed Terante has influence over all high ranking officers that was why none were willing to help them. He congratulated Teddy for his work. Elsewhere, Terante stumbled on Hipolito and he asked him how the meeting with their partners were.

Hipolito emphasised on the plural Terante used I’m making the statement and he said it went well.

“The very moment I get the opportunity Terante, I will screw you under the bus,” Hipolito hissed as Terante left.

Aubrey was sorry for Hannah and Aye that they almost gave up on their dreams. Marie could relate since she grew up in the neighborhood. She said she also gave up but she later tried to live a deceptive life that she was successful and always on social media so that she could find a successful man to marry.

As Lucas was celebrating with his allies for his successful illegal partnerships, Cardo and his group were also patiently waiting outside the palace. Guzman and his colleagues found a tall list of names who mysteriously got missing during Cabreras administration. They wondered why Terante had not assigned anyone to investigate the case.

They decided to be on the lookout for General Borja and the missing people who Lucas’ secretary was included. At the coven of the president, he suggested they should get rid of all those opposing them to ensure the smooth flow of his administration and work. Terante brought Flora’s name to inform them on how the woman was being a thorn in his flesh.

Lucas said the woman was vulnerable and there was no justice system since he was the law. Bingo, the Vendetta finally found Terante’s car on the move and tailed him. Diana told Cardo that Terante was vigilant so he shouldn’t be to close on them.

“My body is very weak but my will is getting stronger.”

“I will get through this endeavour!”

“Please help me overcome this!” General Borja prayed in his cell.

Hipolito raised concern about the method of Terante but Lucas believed Terante would do it with care. He reminded Hipolito that he had the power so he could do anything he wanted. As General Borja was being tortured, Brandon who was in the palace was also telling his father they should torture those who were dear to General Borja. That he said would compel him to talk.

The ombudsman’s deàth, Brandon believed would not deter Flora from going after them. Mark found another story that journalists were no longer  reporting about the missing people. The ally of Marquez rushed to rat out the three subordinates of Delfin and Marquez said he would know what to do.

Since, Lucas could not reach General Terante to give him the new order, Brandon called some of Terante’s goons to carry out the task. As the chase was on going on the street, Terante’s men spotted someone following them so the driver of Terante’s vehicle rerouted. Delfin was shocked when the goons brought a well endowed man, Alberto De Guzman, a seasoned reporter who had been reporting against the president.

The goons claimed he was like Borja opposing the president so Borja should talk otherwise they would k!ll the man. Borja told them that he did not know the hideout of the Vendetta besides the man they have captured was an innocent man so they should leave.


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