Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 392

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 392 Lucas disposes his secretary for knowing his secret, Cardo and the Vendetta embarks on a mission to rescue General Delfin

The guard kept terrorising Genera Borja and his colleagues stopped him before he k!lled the old man. The guard threatened General Borja that he would worse if he screwed him up again. Hipolito went to the joint of Homer and his lackeys were willing to do anything to get rid of Terante in order to win Lucas heart.

Though, Hipolito saw his lackeys as scümbags but he believed in them for a good revenge against Terante. General Borja had a visitor and he was no other than Terante. He came there to meet General Borja to squeeze the truth out of him but Borja failed to name the location of Vendetta. He was then beaten yet he remained mum.

The Vendetta realised they have a problem. Jerome informed the group what Patrick heard concerning him and Rigor being a wanted man. Diana saw that as bad news.

Due to their current situation, Jerome asked the Vendetta permission to call General Borja to get in touch with him. Romulo gave him the go ahead, he then called General Borja but the line did not go through. It was the first time that such a thing had happened so Rigor suggested he should call Billy. When he called the junior officer, Billy said Terante had him arrested and they did not know how General Borja was doing.

Diana sent Jerome and Rigor to talk to Cardo and they told Cardo that Terante had detained General Borja in an unknown cell. Cardo said they had to save his grandfather. As the surveillance team arrived at the camp, they said they did not see any strange person there. Cardo arrived to inform the rest of the group that Cabrera had gotten his grandfather arrested.

Jerome told them they did not know where Delfin was kept at the moment. Diana believed he was not legally arrested so the group made plans to find him as soon as possible. Flora was inconsolable and she also thought of means to help her brother. Billy went to find out where Delfin was kept and asked the officer in charge so that Delfin’s right was protected.

The officer interjected that Vendetta has also trampled on the right of Oscar and his family so did other victims. Lucas called Terante to find out if Delfin has talked and Terante said the General was still lip tight. An officer went to talk to Terante to inform him that the subordinates of Delfin were at the internal Disciplinary office to find out about him.

The officer saw that Guzman and his colleagues would be a torn in the flesh since they were still siding with General Borja. Guzman told his colleagues that they had to be strong and had to find a way to help Delfin since they were the only hope of the General.

Chikoy said Vendetta was equally there. Teddy also spoke with his editor to inform him about his plans to write more article on General Borja. The editor was getting scared since a strange person called to ask for the real identity behind the articles against the president.

He wanted them to slow down a bit so that they did not end up like Borja in an isolated prison. Terante had a ceremony to appoint a new CIDG Officer, Police Director Fernando Marquez. Cardo proposed to the Vendetta that they should follow Terante since he arrested Grandpa Delfin.

Lucas appointed Albert who he had made his VP to Head the Agency of the Interior and the Local Government . He said he entrusted Albert with that position because that agency had a direct link with the government. Albert was thankful to him for that great position. Lucas charged him to ensure the mayors side with them.

Guzman and his friends went to see Flora to inform her that Delfin was dismissed and has been replaced. Flora said she would find a lawyer for her brother even if that meant she would go against Cabrera and Terante. Guzman promised to protect them and also find where Delfin was kept. Terante told Marquez that the subordinates of Delfin during the ceremony were not cheerful to know he was their boss.

He advised Marquez to know what he would do to the under links of Borja because no matter what they would remain loyal to Borja. As they were in their vehicles going, Cardo said they would go to the headquarters, they had to face the enemies head on. Aubrey wanted to teach the kids of the area along with Aye and Hannah but Efren said Rosa might find her kids so he had other plans.

Lucas hired a new secretary, Damien after he made his lackeys got rid of his secretary. Borja heard the guards torturing someone from a different cell for going against the president. The person was the secretary and Lucas was disposing him since the secretary witnessed the illegal business owners like Mario in the palace feasting with him.

Melba got the neighbours kids for Aubrey to teach them. Aye and Hannah pleaded with the kids not to tell anyone that they were living in the house. Lucas told Damien that he did not want the frequent attacks on his administration and charged Damien to silence the media for them to side with his government.

Teddy told Virgie about the editor’s fears and she agreed that he was compromising the safety of the journalists working at that media institution. Teddy could not understand that Lucas was planning to curtail the freedom of the press.Virgie told him that Lucas was not ready to allow him to talk against his administration. Virgie pleaded with him to think about her and JP but Teddy was not ready to allow Cabrera to have his way.

Flora went to the Public Attorney’s Office and the lady already knew that Delfin was arrested and charged of conspiracy. The lady directed her to the Ombudsman’s office since he was the one in charge of public officials charged of corruption.

As they were in a car going home, a news about the Vendetta was aired and the driver unknowingly passed a comment that Cardo and the Vendetta had to be arrested for the malice, for k!lling Hidalgo and abducting his daughter. He added that Cardo’s whole family should be arrested as well. Yolly yelled at him to focus on the driving.

Flora ordered the driver to send him to Camp Crame. She went there on search of Terante but the officers around did not want her to meet him. Fortunately, Terante showed up and Flora asked him about the location of her brother since she want to see him.

Terante denied her that right, claiming Delfin had no right for protecting a notorious group which was victimising people and denying them of their right.


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