Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 409

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 409 Adonis confesses to the De Leons that he retracted his statement against Brandon to save Margie’s life, Terante d!es in a scheme to k!ll Hipolito

At the Captain’s office in Santo Niño, Cardo told the Captain that the group would be on their way to patrol the areas of the town. Counselor Marsing led the Vendetta through the town and introduced Cardo to the townspeople as Caloy’s friend. He told the people Cardo and his group were the new barangay patrol police.

Some of the women crushed on the Vendetta. Bubbles, Alyana and Diana were together talking. Bubbles told Alyana that she was lucky to have Cardo as a husband because he only has eyes for her. Bubbles wished she would get a man like Cardo, she was quick to add that she had already found herself one.

Diana said she and Girona were getting along just fine. Bubbles seemed happy and Alyana also asked Diana about her future plans: whether she would wish to have a family. Diana said after her son’s deàth, she felt empty. Bubbles told her that commander has special eyes for her. Alyana said she has noticed that too and believed something good would come out of it.

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As Aubrey told Aye and Ana a story titled the Legend of a Pineapple, Counselor Marsing kept showing Cardo and the Vendetta around. In Manila, Brandon thanked Albert for his help in silencing Adonis. Albert said it was nothing, besides what he did could not be compared to the help which Lucas had been offering him.

He, however, advised Brandon not to repeat the act because the next person might not be coward like Mayor Adonis so he should be guided. Brandon interjected that anyone who would go against him would end up six feet under like the rally leader.

Adonis knocked at the gate of Margie but no one opened. Shirline stopped her niece from going to open the gate. She told her they should not engage themselves in the lõver’s quarrel.

Elsewhere, JP arrived at the funeral of Jordan. He apologised to the mother of the deceased, saying he was sorry that he couldn’t save Jordan. However, the woman made him promise not to give up on the fight for her son’s sacrifice to be in vain. JP assured that he and the surviving team would continue the fight for justice to honour Jordan. Virgie showed up and JP was surprised to see her. He introduced his mother to the bereaved mother.

The deceased mother was glad to see Virgie. She told Virgie that Jordan’s father d!ed when he was still young. It was her father who helped her raise him and her father told Jordan many stories of the sacrifices he made to be a survivor. That, she said was the reason Jordan felt the urge to fight for the weak in the society.

Virgie asked if she was not scared for her son’s safety and she explained that she was torn in between wanting to keep him safe and supporting him to fight for his principals. She said all along she constantly reminded him to do what was right. Her only regret was that she did not spend much time with him. She believed her son’s deàth would not be in vain.

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She was positive that there would be many people who would fight that cause for their nation to be peaceful, devoid of abduction of innocent people and unnecessary k!llings.

At Sto Niño, the rest of the Vendetta who were at home were ready to have dinner and were still in wait for the patrol team to return as they knew by the time they get home they would be exhausted and hungry. Alyana was happy that her husband used to be a cop but now he was a barangay patrol man, still working to protect the people.

Elsewhere, Señor Gustavo questioned Baldo for the slow pace in recruiting the men for the job. He asked him if he was raised by a turtle. Cardo and the rest of the barangay police arrived home and told the rest of the Vendetta how Grandpa Marsing showed them the entire area.

Señor Gustavo did not care or less about all the hustle Baldo had to go through in the recruiting of the men. He warned him that he could be a worse enemy. As he was leaving, he ordered Tyson to ensure that Baldo and his team carry out their job, otherwise he would bury him six feet under.

Adonis went to Flora’s house and apologised to her that what he did to her, Margie, Kanor and his Constituency was gravely wrong. He explained he was well aware that Brandon hurt Mr Kanor but he was coerced and intimidated to lie that Mr Kanor blackmailed Brandon. He said the story he told the press was not true but was concocted for him to say.

He indicated that the incident which Margie’s bag was snatched was not just petty crime.
He said he was held to lie in order to save Margie and apologised once more. Flora understood him and told him not to apologise because what he went through was awfully difficult.

Adonis promised to do the right thing. He would not allow himself to be intimidated anymore. He pleaded with Flora to help him convince Margie to leave with her sister and niece while he solved the mess.

After Terante made a suspicious call, Hipolito also called Homer to hasten them to show up when he was in his car going to meet his rival Terante. The Venom set off to back their boss up but before their departure, Homer told his camp to be smart, they should not be complacent. They should execute their job well in the mission since Terante was cunning.

When Hipolito reached the rendezvous place, he told Terante that the place would be their headquarters, surprising Terante. The police general followed Hipolito to the supposed office for Hipolito to show him around. The two police officers went to ask Coun Gee for money. Counselor Gina said she was running out of money but the officers said she was being stingy.

SPO3 Panting said Gina was making huge sums from her gambling den. Coun Gee gave them money and told them not to return again because the year was about to end. The two officers refused. As they were leaving, Elmo and Wally who were keeping tabs on them hid and hit on something so Panting began searching around. SPO4 Gapuz stop Panting, he believed it could be a cat.

Elmo and Wally were relieved when the officers left. Hipolito sat General Terante down and explained to him that he needed his men for the job because he could not count on Cabrera for the men. He knew when he did that they would report all his moves to him. He told Terante that they should face the truth that Lucas was losing interest in him and he could dispose both of them when he did not need them.

He said before that happened, they had to play along and get themselves rich first and that was the reason he wanted them to form alliance. Terante asked how he would be able to do it and he explained that the money he would report to Lucas would be different from the amount they would share.

Terante told Hipolito that he was clever. Hipolito said Terante was intelligent too because he would not even think of partnering with someone who had no brains.

“I have to go Mr Hipolito, you will know my answer very soon.”

“Should I show you out?” Hipolito quizzed.

“No need! Enjoy the rest of the night!”

“I will!” Hipolito smirked.

Yolly wondered how Adonis would make up to the public after owning up to his mistake. Flora was however scared of the Mayor’s safety. As Elmo and Wally came in, Yolly told them about the Mayor’s confession. Flora also called Margie to inform her why Adonis had to retract his statement. Margie now confirmed her suspicions that Adonis retracted his statement for a reason.

Flora said Adonis was ready to iron out everything. As he was leaving, Terante called his goons to bring down the greedy Hipolito. Hipolito stepped out and saw multitude of masked men trouping in.

“Don’t allow Hipolito to get away, move!” Terante ordered as he ushered his goons in.

“Yes Sir!”

The two rivalry parties starred themselves from the opposite sides of the building with smiles. However, the Venom were quick to start the firing which Terante got shõt

Lucas received a good news from one of the mining operators during a meeting that he would soon be receiving money. Albert asked of Hipolito since he was not at the gathering and Lucas answered that he was visiting a mining site. For Terante, he was expecting him and did not know why he has not shown up. Damien decided to call but Terante never picked up.

Unknown to them, Terante was deeply wounded and the masked goons who were aiding him out were shõt deàd. He was forced to bolt alone to save his life. Javier saw Gustavo as a sly old farce who needed not to be trusted and cautioned Baldo.

He wanted them to find the diamonds themselves but Baldo saw that they could still benefit from the old man and since the man had not gone against his words he was not planning to betray him. Their deal with Gustavo still stood.

“If he is planning to turn against us I will not allow him to make first move,” Baldo said.

Teddy talked to Virgie concerning the funeral of Jordan which she attended with JP. Teddy asked if she would allow JP to carry on the cause but Virgie had a mixed feelings about the entire thing since she was now subscribing to the deceased mother’s beliefs.

Elsewhere, Terante was panting hard as he still ran for his life. As he made it outside the place, he heaved a sigh of relief but was taken down by surprise when he was shõt twice from the back for him to fall. He turned and saw Hipolito and his venom group drawing closer to him.

“It seems you don’t know me Terante,” Hipolito smirked.

“If there’s someone you should be afraid of it’s not Cabrera or anyone else you’re just a devil.”

“I am simply cunning!”

“And you can call me deàth,” Homer gloated as he gave the multiple k!ller shõts to send Terante to his grave.

Hipolito celebrated with his group and since they also lost some few men, Hipolito was ready to give Homer resources to strengthen his forces. The Vendetta also in their hideout thought of means to finish their mission in order to get Oscar to his presidential seat.

Homer asked Hipolito how he would explain to the public about Terante’s deàth. Since Terante had already encountered Vendetta on several occasions, Hipolito believed that it would be easy for the public to believe that Vendetta was behind the police general’s sudden deàth.

He then sent Homer to go to the crime scene to leave clues “V-sign” for the public to think Vendetta was the perpetrator of the crime. The group laughed in merriment.


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