Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 409-413

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 409-413 Lucas gets Virgie abducted, Terante d!es while Romulo and Diana lōve story begins

Marsing shows Cardo and the men of Vendetta around Sto Niño on their first day at work. With the presence of the newly appointed barangay policemen, the townspeople feel safer than ever.

However, they cannot be too complacent as Gustavo and his underlings rush their operations to take advantage of the town’s hidden treasure. Meanwhile, Adonis looks for Margie to apologise, but ends up at Flora’s house.

Elsewhere, Renato and Alejandro prepare their men as they head to their meeting place. Tension fills the air as Renato meets with Alejandro to discuss his proposal to form an alliance against Lucas. However, their supposedly amicable meeting turns into a bloodbath with both forces trying to outmanoeuvre eachother.

Wally and Elmo go out in the middle of the night to catch Gina red-handed. Flora, on the other hand, decides to help Adonis by telling Margie the truth. Elsewhere, Javier begins to doubt whether Gustavo and his men can truly be trusted.

Renato and his men celebrate their success in getting rid of Alejandro for good. However, their plan is far from over as they plot to put the blame of the general’s deàth on the members of the Vendetta. Elsewhere, tension brews between Diego and Javier’s groups while carrying out Gustavo’s orders.

Wally and Elmo, on the other hand, struggle to keep their mouth shut about Gina’s suspicious transactions. Meanwhile, Teddy makes a risky decision that will put his family’s lives in danger. The sudden deàth of Alejandro puts Lucas on edge. Much to Renato’s satisfaction his plans to put all the blame for the general’s múrder on the members of the Vendetta seem to be working perfectly well.

Unaware of the problem that await them in Manila, Cardo and his comrades preoccupy themselves in helping the people of Sto Niño in every way they can. Yolly, Elmo and Wally inform Flora about Gina’s illegal transactions. JP, on the other hand, goes back to Jordan’s wake, leaving Virgie alone and defenceless.

Teddy suffers the grave consequences of his fight against the Cabrera administration when he finds out about Virgie’s abduction. As such, he blames himself for failing to anticipate the apparent repercussion of his noble yet risky cause.

With his wife now in the claws of deàth, the Arevalo patriarch makes a bold resolve. Lucas grows desperate to find out the truth about Alejandro’s demise. Unknown to the president, Renato, the culprit behind the assassination, concocts an immediate counterplan to cover the same.

Soon, a group of men sneaks in someone’s backyard in the middle of the night to steal fruits. Fortunately, Cardo and the rest of the barangay policemen arrive just in time to catch the crooks red-handed. With the thieves finally apprehended, the people of Sto Niño and the members of the Vendetta can finally be at peace.

Elsewhere, Javier and Diego continue to clash as they fulfill Gustavo’s orders. Lucas plans to use Virgie as bait to lure Vendetta out of their hideout. Wanting to hog Gustavo’s money all for themselves, Javier and Baldo start plotting against Diego and Gapon. However, they realise that they must focus on carrying out their task before they get rid of the two.

Back in Manila, Adonis holds a press conference to retract the previous statements. The authorities, on the other hand, begin to speculate Lucas and Renato’s involvement in Alejandro’s deàth. Unaware of the recent events in the city, two members of Vendetta grow even closer to eachother the more they spend time together.

Adonis bravely reveals to the media how Albert coerced him into making false statements in favour of the Cabreras. He then urges other victims to stand alongside him to uncover the crimes of Lucas’ administration. In order to take control of the situation, Brandon cooks up another plan to silence the mayor for good.

Javier and Baldo violently gather men from the neighbouring towns of Sto Niño. Elsewhere, Teddy remains determined to keep JP away from trouble as he continues his fight for justice. Renato gives his political allies some updates on the investigation regarding Alejandro’s deàth.

Satisfied seeing that Lucas is completely deceived by his setup, the general shifts his focus to the mining syndicate. Meanwhile, Brandon pledges to do everything in his power to make up for his previous blunder. Margie, on the other hand, prays for Adonis’ safety as he makes efforts to uncover the Cabreras’ anomalies.

Elsewhere, Diego follows Gapon’s advice to act friendly toward Baldo and Javier until they accomplish their mission.Teddy doubles the risk in his pursuit for the greater truth by ditching his pen name. However, following Virgie’s abduction, Teddy now stresses utmost importance to JP’s well-being.

Unfortunately for him, the young Arevalo is hell-bent to hold a battle of his own. Meanwhile, in Sto Niño, Diana dishes out the real score between her and Romulo. Unbeknownst to her, the former Bloody Sun leader has something romantic up in his sleeve.

Elsewhere, Delfin’s unit gets transferred to a new yet still heavily guarded detention facility.
With the help of his fellow barangay police officers, Romulo musters the courage to serenade Diana. Watching the new act all sweet toward eachother, Bubbles becomes envious, causing the rest of the Vendetta to tease Jerome into making a move.

Despite the looming danger, Margie feels safer than ever under Adonis’ protection and decides to head out without hesitation. Elsewhere, Wally and Elmo stumble upon a horrifying piece of information about SPO4 Gapuz and SPO3 Panting. They quickly inform Adonis about the piece of the dreadful information they heard.

Soon, the officers carry out their plans against Margie to abduct her.


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