Irreplaceable Highlights Episode 32-36

Irreplaceable Highlights Episode 32-36 Leo gets Araceli k!lled, Celine sides with the Hernandezes after witnessing Emman and Sam’s intimacy, Nestor meets his untimely death 

Realising the need to end Celine’s suspicion, Amelia concedes to Anton’s request. Chiding Celine for still seeing Anton, Emman gets on the wrong side of his ex-wife as she continues to cling to the possibility that Robbie is still alive.

Elsewhere, Bernie’s anger toward Arnold intensifies when Analyn chooses to ta take his rival’s side amid his family’s controversy. Leo makes a last-minute change to his and Amelia’s daring plan as Araceli’s transfer to the NIA looms. Colonel Manzano, on the other hand, cautions Emman and concurs with the latter’s speculation regarding a mole within their ranks.

Staying true to his promise, Anton finds a way to give Celine a chance to speak with his mother. Struggling to accept her mother figure’s betrayal, Linda confronts Araceli before she leaves for the NIA headquarters. Emman urges Sam to remain on her toes in order to prevent any escape attempts during the transfer.

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Soon after, the Hernandez matriarch’s turnover through Leo’s intervention strikes a nerve on the victims of the organ trafficking syndicate.

After getting interrogated by Leo, Araceli agrees to break her silence under one condition. With the papers supposedly proving that Lester’s heart did not come from her son, Celine gets renewed hope that Robbie is still alive.

Amelia, attends Clarissa’s birthday celebration despite the controversies her family is facing. Leo flies off the handle during Clarissa’s birthday celebration when an angry victim accuses him of being involved in the organ trafficking syndicate, completely oblivious to Nick’s prying eyes.

Despite her lawyer’s dissuasion, Araceli digs in her heels about taking the fall to protect Amelia and Anton. As Sam desperately begs for Emman’s lõve, Celine catches the two in a compromising situation.

Feeling betrayed by Emman and Sam following her heartbreaking discovery, Celine begins to lose hope in her ex-husband. Doubts on Lester’s heart donor soon linger, prompting her to make a bold demand to Amelia. Elsewhere, Nestor sets his sights on getting even with the Hernandezes, while Leo and Amelia remain puzzled with Araceli’s next move.

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Determined to deal with her controversy head-on, Araceli asks Anton and Amelia to keep their heads up regardless of the turn of events in her press conference. Celine, meanwhile, comes up with a plan in hopes of unravelling the truth about Robbie, much to Linda’s opposition. With his growing doubts on Leo following the DNS general’s latest outburst, Nick hatches a way to give justice to his grandson.

Tragedy strikes in an unexpected way just as Araceli is about to expose the secrets of the organ trafficking syndicate. Running after the perpetrator of the sudden attack, Emman soon places his own life in danger. Seething with rage, Leo vows to catch the person responsible for the attack.

As soon as the dust settles, Amelia and Linda find themselves in the same position as they mourn the deàth of a lõved one. Following the incident that claimed Araceli’s life, Sam and her colleagues at the NIA begin to track down the assassin. While mourning the deàth of their matriarch, the Hernandezes face the media to deny any involvement with the syndicate.

Later, Gen Ronquillo pressures Leo to speed up the investigation on the organ trafficking ring. Amid her worries, about Celine and Linda’s endless suspicions, Amelia stands firm with her decision against subjecting Lester to a heart biopsy. Grieving for her loss, she then sets her sights on exacting revenge on the people behind Araceli’s deàth.

Emman puts his mind to proving Anton’s hand in Robbie’s demise as Celine reconnects and sympathises with the Hernandezes. Amelia vows to carry Araceli’s legacy before sending her departed mother to her final resting place. Upon reuniting with his ex-wife, Nestor unleashes his pent-up frustrations toward her and threatens to break his silence.

With Bernie’s help, Emman comes across a lead that could put his suspicion against Anton to rest. Emman begins tailing his rival in hopes of unmasking Araceli’s günmen as Celine continues to wrap Anton around her finger. While the suspect’s identity remains a mystery for the NIA, Leo chides his underling for leaving behind a trace.

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Meanwhile, at the Hernandez residence, Amelia finds herself at a loss for words when Nestor meets Lester. Amid Nestor’s attempt to extort money from her in exchange for his silence, Amelia decides against introducing him to Lester. Sam seizes the opportunity to spend the night with Emman when he comes to her house seemingly affected by Anton’s visit to Celine.

Elsewhere, the NIA’s investigation on Araceli’s case hits a stall with the result of the gunman’s fingerprint test. Emman learns from Sam that leo plans to transfer all syndicate-related cases to other agencies following NIA’s failure to secure a lead in Araceli’s assassination. Amelia decides to stand on her ground and refuses to be manipulated by Nestor.

Before meeting Franco, Leo recalls Araceli’s final request. Araceli’s video prior to her deàth stirs Emman’s curiosity as Sam shifts the NIA’s investigation toward a person close to the Hernandez matriarch. Anton’s supposed joyful moment takes a turn for the worse when he runs into Emman. Refusing to leave Amelia alone, Nestor meets his match who shõt him in his car.


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