Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 205-209

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 205-209 Jacob, Roy and Verna die, Joaquin raids Cardo and Alyana’s wedding

Alyana has an exclusive feature interview with Carreon who also reiterates Monica’s connection with Joaquin. The visit of Verna to Monica at her office raises eyebrows. The editor of NSC media queries Monica on her involvement with the Tuazons.

Due to the bounty on his head, a security of a hotel presents to Rigor a CCTV footage which captures Joaquin with Monica Montenegro. Alyana immediately makes a report spelling out Monica’s obstruction to justice as she is paid to cover a drug syndicate. A warrant of arrest is issued to arrest Monica.

In Bilibid, Gener tells his friends the success missions of Cardo in arresting Joaquin’s men to cripple his drug business. Tired of waiting with her son overseas, Jacob’s wife questions her husband and warns him to abandon the syndicate job to join them as soon as possible.

Monica is in hot waters when Joaquin threatens her life and cut off his support after the unprofessional reporter becomes part of the police wanted lists. Although she tries to elude justice but Cardo and his team arrest her.

The cops have a lead of a drug transaction of Joaquin and Jacob with some buyers. Cardo storms there in a guise of waiter to put the drug syndicate members under pressure. While slipping from Cardo’s hand and under run with Joaquin, Jacob gets shot on his shoulder.

Relying on Joaquin for a help, he kicks him off the car to abandon Jacob in making the former police General’s arrest easy. The mission leads to the death of many officers, Billy, Jerome and Chikoy fight for their lives at the hospital after Joaquin and his goons shoot them.

Joaquin is forced to put on hold the drug smuggling business but quickly switches to his late father’s former job of human trafficking. Shaken by Jacob’s omen, Ladronio tries to turn into a new leaf but Don Emilio uses threats to control the prison director in order to have his way to continue selling drugs in the penitentiary.

Jacob makes a decision to reunite with his wife and to redeem his image by escaping the health facility at the expense of the life of the doctor and the police who are guiding him at the hospital. Unfortunately, his dreams shuttered when he bumps into Cardo at the entrance.

Much to Verna’s dismay, Joaquin has been trafficking children and is stuck between saving the innocent kids and protecting her son. Jacob continues to deny his connection with Joaquin Tuazon.

The PNP holds a press conference to officially announce the arrest of Jacob and express commitment in finding the hideout of Jacob’s accomplice, urging the public to report Joaquin to the police as the bounty of 2million is still in place.

Flora finds where Atom, the street kid takes his shelter and promises to send him to the social welfare for them to take care of him. In court, Jacob pleads not guilty to his crime charges, however, Monica exposes him. JP also tells court how Jacob kidnaps him to compel his father, Teddy to withdraw his statement against Don Emilio in court.

Failing to convince her son to put a stop to his frivolous acts, Verna pleads with Don Emilio to convince Joaquin to stop the illegal businesses but Don Emilio rather warns Joaquin against Verna, believing Verna will betray them of these days. To make it difficult for Verna to betray him, Joaquin forces to forge an alliance with Verna to do the negotiations for the transactions with his clients.

The family of Jacob returns to the Philippines to visit the once officer who is now a detainee to cut ties with him. Having no family to depend on again, Jacob develops psychological trauma and makes a decision that crashed the hopes of Cardo and the PNP in finding Joaquin’s hideout. The death of Jacob affects the mission of the CIDG.

Cardo now proposes to the PNP to rather concentrate in squeezing the location of Joaquin from Verna as she is their only hope in arresting Joaquin. However, the desperate mother fails to cooperate so Delfin threatens to file a case against her. Elsewhere, Atom becomes a victim of Joaquin’s syndicate.

Seeing his life at risk in Bilibid, Carreon makes Mr Miyong fetches for Cardo. The visit of Cardo and General Borja to Bilibid makes them discover the drug syndicate business Don Emilio is building among the inmates. Delfin advises Ramil and his friends to get them evidence for the CIDG to take action against Ladronio.

Carreon finally reveals to Cardo and his former superior that Joaquin is the actual killer of Ador De Leon and not Diego. The revelation makes Cardo shed tears while Delfin reminisce Ador’s mission and how he finds his lifeless body. Anguish and resentment eat up the hearts of the two. Unbeknownst, Don Emilio’s lapdogs listened to the confession of Carreon and inform Don Emilio about it.

Delfin is hard on himself for not thinking that Joaquin was Ador’s killer. Cardo visits the grave of Ador to promise him to avenge his death. Elsewhere, Paquito leads a search for Atom. They almost fall prey to the syndicate but Paco arrives there with cops to save Onyok, Paquito, Dhang and Ligaya. Cardo and Delfin reveals the actual k!ller of Ador to Lola Flora.

Ready to sell the children, Verna’s conscience keeps haunting her and she rashes to the police headquarters to reveal the location of her son and his new child trafficking business. She admits knowing that Joaquin k!lls Ador and knowing about his other crimes. In Bilibid, Jimboy reveals to Don Emilio about Roy and Ramil forging alliance to mobilise more inmates to fight off Don Emilio’s smuggling business.

Although Ladronio wants to play safe but Don Emilio promises to pay him to cover the crime he will commit against Roy. There is a mob attack on Roy and Don Emilio stabs the former officer leading to his death. The police raid Joaquin’s hideout to save the kids and to return to the CIDG Joaquin either dead or alive.

Verna goes against the police order to go to Joaquin’s hideout to protect him from being k!lled. As the action got messy, Joaquin uses Atom as bait to escape. However, his determination to k!ll Cardo makes him do the unthinkable. Joaquin plants a bomb and ties Atom next to it. Cardo fights to save the life of Atom before the bomb explosion. When he thinks all is over, Joaquin appears in the dark to shoot him.

Verna sees Joaquin is unsatisfied and poised to finish Cardo off, she suddenly runs to Cardo’s aid to stop Joaquin but at that time Joaquin has already pulled the trigger and Verna dies while saving Cardo. Joaquin manages to escape to Malaysia.

The death of Verna sends shocks to Don Emilio and rekindles Joaquin’s quest to take vengeance on Cardo and his family. After recovering from the gun wounds, Cardo makes an unpredictable decision to resign from service to build a family with Alyana. His friends saw it as a hasty decision but support his new dreams.

The CIDG now receives report about Roy’s death linking the cause to a riot among the inmates. However, Delfin and his team doubt the crime report and plan to start their own investigation. Ramil and his friends face off with Don Emilio and his gang to confront him for k!lling Roy.

After hearing about Cardo’s marriage, Joaquin leaves Malaysia to Philippines to ruin the wedding. Alyana and Cardo successfully exchange their vows. Joaquin who has long been there monitoring the process to look for the right time to strike follows the newly couple in disguise. Meanwhile, Don Emilio on his television set to watch the tragic wedding.


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