Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 449-453

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 449-453 Vendetta is granted presidential pardon after their arrest, Oscar forms Special Task Force for the Vendetta

The moment the police get their hideout surrounded, Cardo is willing to fight back with his comrades but Flora pleads with him to surrender. After the Vendetta surrendered. Oscar is immediately sworn-in as President.

The Government goes after Lucas’ allies and corrupt business partners. Damien and Albert are arrested and they lead the police to the rest of Lucas’ allies. While it is established that Hipolito is still alive, Vendetta faces multiple charges. With the help of Lily, Oscar grants Vendetta presidential pardon.

Oscar assigns Police Major Victor Vasco to lead the capture of Renato. Renato starts to grow suspicious of Lily. Lily later visits Cardo and the Vendetta at Flora’s home. After gaining the trust of Oscar, Renato and the Vendetta, Lily starts to set her plan into motion.

Elsewhere, Bubbles recalls the abuse she suffered from Homer. President Hidalgo prepares a thanksgiving dinner for the Vendetta and the people who helped them. Oscar later reveals his plans for the members of Vendetta.

Gina and her colleagues come up with a plan to get closer to President Hidalgo. Victor and his team receive an anonymous tip regarding Renato’s whereabouts. They then rush to the location and engage in a shootout with the former secretary.

Renato narrowly escaped from Victor and his men. He later seeks refuge from one of his old comrades. Meanwhile, Lily finally arrives at Oscar’s thanksgiving party. The Vendetta and CIDG officers learn about their upcoming training for Oscar’s special task force.

Later, Renato confronts Lily about his encounter with the police. The members of Vendetta barely contain their excitement over their new jobs. Meanwhile, Cardo learns about Bubbles’ pregnancy from Alyana and Diana. At the Palace, the Vendetta’s friends from Sto Niño start their new jobs with eagerness.

Elsewhere, Renato warns Lazaro about Lily’s treachery. Lily later sets off to take all of Renato’s money. The members of Vendetta fail to contain their excitement upon learning that they will start training for their new mission soon.

Wanting to give them a proper send-off, Flora’s family opts to prepare a mouthwatering feast for them. Oscar showers the Vendetta’s friends from Sto Niño with kind gestures. Later, Oscar reminds Gen Dela Cruz to expedite Renato’s arrest.

Unknown to him, Renato has found a haven in Lazaro’s illegal property. While the Vendetta toast for their upcoming training, Bubbles continues to keep her pregnancy from Jerome.

Gina is more determined to kick out the Vendetta after learning about their positions in government. Elsewhere, Renato gets anxious after bumping into one of Lazaro’s clients. Lazaro then reveals to him why he will not be exposed by his old colleague.

Later, Jerome and his colleagues pick up Cardo and the Vendetta for their first day of training. Cardo and the Vendetta begin their training at Camp Crame. At the palace, Diana and Delfin start their new jobs under President Hidalgo.

They later meet with other Generals to plan the capture of Renato. Gina finds a way to kick out Flora and her family from the community. Later, General Dela Cruz assigns Victor and his team to lead the training of President Hidalgo’s Special Task force.

Cardo and the members of President Hidalgo’s Special Task force begin their training at Camp Crame. Flora and her family hold a Pabasa in their home. To continue the Holy Week’s traditions, they visit seven different churches for Visita Inglesia. Together, they pray for Cardo and the Vendetta’s welfare.

Elsewhere, Renato recruits Lazaro and his men for his revenge plans against his enemies.


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