Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 615-619

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Highlights Episode 615-619 Alyana d!es, Teddy, Diana captured by Arturo’s henchmen

As Task Force Agila and the Black Ops unit clash, Lito arrives to rescue Alyana. After their targets’ speedy retreat, Albert plans to make their mission look like a success despite the high number of casualties on their side and their failure to retrieve Clarice.

While battling for his own life, Cardo loses the other half of his heart. Following Alyana’s passing, Lito vows to make Cardo’s life a living hell. Task Force Agila, meanwhile, gets curious on how Alyana found out about the ambush at the firing range.

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Ignoring the red flags Lia raised regarding their mission, Albert remains adamant in rescuing Clarice as he recalls Art’s promise to help him advance further within the police force. Despite the rage lurking behind his kind facade, Lito holds a wake for Alyana at the Task Force Agila’s place.

Elsewhere, Albert vows not to let Cardo get in the way of his promotion. After learning that the Black Ops unit failed to rescue Clarice, Art explains to Lily why they need to have Teddy and Diana captured.

Putting her life on the line, Diana tries to overpower Art’s minions as she and Teddy attempt to escape. Edwin plans to tail Lily and Art in a bid to save his allies. Worry hangs in the air as the members of Task Force Agila grow concerned over Cardo’s possible reaction once he regains consciousness and finds out about Alyana’s passing.

Renato grows impatient and vows to regain his freedom by hook or by crook following his unexpected encounter with the police. As they keep mum on Clarisse’s whereabouts, Diana and Teddy get a taste of Art’s wrath. Cardo, meanwhile, recovers his consciousness amid Delfin’s guilt for causing great misfortunes to him.

Finally waking up, Cardo sees Alyana’s lifeless body for the first time. After tailing Art and Lily, Edwin follows his instincts and attempts to infiltrate the warehouse where Teddy and Diana are being kept. Renato, plans to push Lily into removing his name from the country’s most wanted list.

After confirming his hunch, Edwin informs the presidential staff that Diana and Teddy have been captured. Adamant in becoming the first lady, Ellen digs more valuable information about a potential ally. Protecting her pristine image for the presidential election, Lily refuses to give Renato back his freedom.

Gathering enough information about Renato, Ellen plans a bold move in order to achieve her goal of dethroning Lily. Renato, on the other hand, finds the perfect time to play his trump card after Lily refuses to give in to his demand.

Meanwhile, worry besieges Virgie when Delfin learns about Teddy and Diana’s situation. Concerned for the safety of his allies, Edwin continues to lurk within the warehouse where Teddy and Diana are being held captive. As part of her plan to take down Lily, Ellen finds a way to establish a connection with Renato.

Seething with rage following Alyana’s death, Lito strengthens his forces to make Cardo pay. Wanting to get rid of all the threats that may affect his business venture with Renato, Lito forges an alliance with Lara’s group. Teddy and Diana see a glimmer of hope upon learning that Edwin is sneaking around the warehouse.

In his desire to prove his mettle, Albert plans to launch another mission to save Clarice and neutralize Task Force Agila. As her violent means to extract information from Teddy and Diana prove to be ineffective, Lily pulls a trick up her sleeve in a bid to finally break their silence.

Much to Ramil’s exasperation, Task Force Agila follows Cardo’s decision to stop working for Lito. Soon, Cardo learns about a bitter possibility between the businessman and Alyana. Believing that Lily has corrupted Oscar, Teddy and Diana are left with no choice but to finally seek Task Force Agila’s help.

Art makes a deal with the devil as he seeks Renato’s help in finding a way to locate Clarice . With a growing suspicion following the attack that claimed Alyana’s life and Bubble’s sudden departure, Cardo begins to doubt Lito’s intentions. Renato readily bites Ellen’s enticing offer in a bid to get back at Art for failing to keep his end of the bargain.

Meanwhile, intense sorrow fills Cardo’s empty heart as he lays Alyana to rest. Unknown to the Task Force Agila leader, Lito is already dead set on wiping him out before his cunning ploy gets revealed.


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