Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 615

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Episode 615 Cardo, Alyana down with bullets from a bloody encounter with the Black ops, Lito and his goons backed Task Force Agila up

Arturo called the leader of the Mercenary Police Group Black ops, PMaj. Albert De Vela who told Arturo that he was on his way to Dalisay’s location. Arturo reminded her to shøøt and k!ll Cardo successfully.

Arturo went to the warehouse to tell Jorge that they would have to capture Teddy and Diana first before they made them aware that his reporter friend was deàd.

He ordered Ramirez and the latter made it clear that he only took orders from Renato. He promised to do his part to capture Diana and Teddy. Arturo murmured that Ramirez was arrogant like his boss, Hipolito.

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In the palace, Ellen after her affair with Mariano asked if she left her bracelet in the room the first time they slept together. Mariano said he had not seen such a bracelet. They searched for it in the room and when they could not find it, Mariano decided to give her money to buy some but Ellen said it was a limited edition.

She was leaving when Mariano said he had a gift for her and he began to spray the Lalola spray on her. She did not like the scent but she also did not want Mariano’s effort to be in vain so she took it and dumped it inside the trash outside. Ambo was mopping the floor when he heard the scent and was surprised to know that the spray was in the possession of Ellen. He bumped into her and Ellen acted up.

Lily came to find the perfume in the trashcan after coming across Ellen. She found it amusing that irrespective of how Arturo spent on Ellen, she still looked cheap. She told Augustus to throw the perfume which he took into the trashcan.

The Black ops got the Fire range surrounded and when Cardo arrived at the place with the Taskforce, they looked around till they felt they were safe before coming out of their cars. Ramon told them that they were safe on the property of Lito. Unbeknownst, danger lurked in the dark. They took out their tools for the work and walked to commence their work only for Cardo to hear he was called.

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While in the house, Bubbles crushed a glass and she told Clarice that she felt that something bad was about to happen and the two shivered. Arturo also felt that finally he would be reunited with his daughter since the police were after the tail of Cardo and his group. He informed Lily about it and we’re in a rush to get glued to their television set for an update.

Major Albert De Vela introduced himself and told the Taskforce that they were surrounded so they should turn themselves in. The Taskforce whispered among themselves on what to do. Ramil indicated that he was not ready to go to prison again and as their murmuring distracted the black ops, he shõt and k!lled one.

The rest of the Taskforce backed him up. They shõt at the Black cops and chaos broke. The Black ops also defended themselves. Lito after raping Alyana dressed up and locked Alyana up since she was burnt on finding Cardo to tip him off of what Lito had done. Lito left Alyana in the room to carry out his work.

He thought he had kept Alyana safe from being involved in the crossfire. The bloody encounter led many of the black ops deàd. As the Taskforce continued to shōõt their way out of the trap, Alyana tried all that she could to break from Lito’s crutches. She used an object to hit the sliding door getting to the corridor to unlock it and she jumped from the building.

She broke her leg but she did not mind as she was bent on saving Cardo. She used the back door and drove off one of Lito’s cars. The one washing the cars ran to inform Lito and Lito ran to stop Alyana. Alyana almost ran him over and left while crying and praying for God to save Cardo. She çürsed Lito beneath her breath and described him as a bastard.

Captain Natalia ‘Lia’ Mante came face to face with Cardo. Cardo managed to shōõt the backup of Natalia and was left with Major De Vela. Cardo hid himself and with the signal of Major De Vela, Lia jumped from a building to where Cardo was. Meanwhile, Roxanne called out Cardo that they should run.

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Lito led his goons to follow Alyana and save her from the black ops encounter with the Taskforce. He told Turo that if they managed to save Alyana, they should k!ll Cardo and all his men. They got into a car to race after Alyana. Cardo shõt his way out but Lia shõt him and was about to shōõt him again when De Vela stopped her.

Alyana got there and was stopped by the black ops officers who were at the gate since she could get hurt. Cardo woke up and still shot his way out when Lia shõt him again. Alyana could not contain her emotions and he broke the barrier that the black ops officers had set to save Cardo.

Some of the officers instructed the rest to cease fire since Alyana was intervening but the officers were bent on getting Cardo by hook or crook and were still shøøting him when the stray bullets went into Alyana and she fell. Still she dragged her way closer to Cardo and told him how much she løved him. Cardo encouraged her to hold on.

Both of them bled and dragged themselves closer to hold each other. Lito could not believe that even on the verge of deàth Alyana still chose Cardo over him. The comrades of Cardo could not contain their sadness as they screamed out the names of Alyana and Cardo. Mr Ramon was also shõt but the Taskforce quickly held him to keep him from the stray bullets aiming at them.

Lito and his goons arrived there to back Taskforce Agila up. They shõt the black ops to enable Lito to carry Alyana. The backup helped the task force to also carry Cardo to follow Lito and fled from the incident in their cars. Major De Vela was also down with bullets. He was hellbent on accomplishing the mission but Lia told him that his life was more important than the mission so he needed to be treated.

The Taskforce together with Lito and his goons rushed Alyana and Cardo home. They were screaming out grandpa Delfin’s name. They said Alyana and Cardo were shõt. They were ambushed and Delfin wondered how the black ops knew about their location. Lito went to lay Alyana down so was Cardo laid down in the same room. Clarice cried and prayed Cardo would survive the bullets.

Delfin told the rest to press harder on those who were wounded to put pressure to stop the bleeding as Lito sought out things to get a doctor.


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