Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Reason General Borja is imprisoned

Brothers- Ang Probinsyano Reason General Borja is imprisoned

General Delfin Borja a Character played by Jaime Fabregas has been one of the leading characters in Brothers, FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano.

He drove the plot of the movie when he searched for his grandnephew, Ricardo Dalisay to replace Dominador DeLeon, a police inspector after Joaquin Tuazon sh0t him to deàth.

Delfin gave Cardo a task to investigate to find the real k!llers of his brother which by hook or by crook Cardo accomplished. General Borja worked in so many ways to protect Cardo’s life in various missions for his sister, Flora not to lose another member of her family.

He helped Cardo to find evidence when the latter became fugitive and travelled to Cebu to be part of Romano’s men who sold and ship drugs to many provinces. He did his best as the CIDG boss when some of his trusted officers connived and worked with Joaquin to zero his efforts in finding justice for Ador.

He worked secretly with Cardo to bring Joaquin to book till the young Tuazon became a wanted man and eventually d!ed from his sins.

As part of the twist in the plot, Delfin frowned on the manner his grandnephew meted justice through the creation of Vendetta, a vigilante group. After protecting Romulo Dumaguit from Renato Hipolito and Manolo Catindig, Delfin character is questioned, most especially when the Vendetta are able to save Romulo before he was transferred to prison.

Upon his induction to power as the PNP Chief, Police General Terante relieves General Delfin Borja of power under the order of Lucas Cabrera. He also puts a bounty on both Jerome and Rigor’s head due to their relationship with Cardo.

General Borja was arrested on the grounds of conniving with Cardo Dalisay and the Vendetta. Unable to do anything about it, General Borja goes with them willingly. However, he doesn’t stop scheming inside his prison cell, determined to escape.

He relies on his strength to get out of the cell so he acts sick one time, which causes one of the guards to check on him. Taking the opportunity, he grabs the guπ from his hand and beats him up. Unfortunately, another guard appears in the scene and points a guπ to his head, leaving him trapped.

Due to his earlier attempt to escape, one of the men who holds him captive decides to teach him a lesson. Meanwhile, Sir Jerome and Rigor ask for Vendetta’s permission to contact General Borja to know whether or not they are still safe in this location.

However, the two no longer get the chance to speak with him and discover from Billy that General Borja has been captured and arrested by Police Chief Terante for obstruction of justice.

They immediately report this to Cardo and the rest of Vendetta, the former growing worried and angry for the injustice brought upon his grandfather initiate an action that will eventually set Delfin free from the cell.

Oscar Hidalgo does not believe the injustice, reason being that they can’t detain someone without solid evidence. But upon the mention that it’s under the order of Terante and Lucas, the whole group suspects they are evading the law, desperate to know their location and get rid of them once and for all.

Vendetta then prepares to save General Borja along with Oscar. As they follow Terante on the road, the latter immediately spots their convoy, proceeding to a slight car chase as they changed routes.

Cardo quickly notices this and concludes that they’ve been spotted. Without a moment to lose, he moves to barricade Terante’s car to attack, intent on getting the general. A crossfire ensues between Terante’s men and the Vendetta, with the latter reigning victorious in the end.

Cardo then takes the wounded man and forces him to reveal the detention location of his grandfather. Wounded and begging for his life to be spared, Terante agrees and leads them to the safe house.

Upon arriving at the location, Cardo had Alyana, Bubbles and George guard the wounded general while he and the rest of Vendetta move forth to infiltrate the house and save General Borja.


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