Viral Scandal Episode 16

Viral Scandal Episode 16 Kakay’s social media account suspended for fraudulent activity, Axel shows interest in Rica and tries to get Kyle from his back

Axel broke his leg and Chino laughed at him for having to deal with Cinderella. Chino told them that Rica was weird, he invited her out together with the team but she yelled at him.

Axel asked Kyle whether he was interested in that Amazon girl but Kyle said he only chased after her to accept the job offer. He bet that Axel would like her designs.

Kyle sent Axel home to stay with him and the former asked of Aunty. Kyle knew she only gave her blessings for him to reopen Balai Arkitektura for him to screw up and returned to Manila. However, Axel had a contrary opinion, though he knew he was the favourite of Aunty.

Jigs went to the club to keep Raven company since she told him to do so. Raven was at the club hoping to see Kyle Constantino again. Raven believed if Kyle had not gone away they would have been couple by now, he even owed a dinner date.

Jigs found it amusing how Raven l0ved Kyle and had always acted like Kyle was a perfect guy. He also ordered for juice, Raven had call from Troy but she ignored them. Troy and Audrey had a date. As they were eating at a public restaurant, some gossips got to them to praise them for acting all young again.

She said she had always known that all those rumours about their break up was not true and was glad that the other woman was put shame, stressing that the other woman deserved what happened to her. Troy wondered who that woman was but Audrey had least idea.

Kyle did not show up so Jigs drove Raven home and told Raven that he was a nice guy so she should tell his friends, they were so full of themselves. Raven wanted someone to drive Jigs home, he was drunk but Jigs protested. He said he was able to drive her home so he could equally go back home.

“And i’m warning you about Kyle Constantino, you better stay away from him.”

As the two were talking, Troy got there to query Jigs why he got wasted at the presence of his daughter. He then asked Raven if Jigs forced her to drink and she said she rather invited Jigs out for a drink. Troy threw Jigs out when he started claiming Troy was like any other politician.

The next day, Rica was looking for her lucky blue dress but found Bea wearing it to school. They fought over the dress and Kakay said it has been long since she witnessed the two fighting over a dress. That, she said happen when they were kids. Rica allowed Bea to wear it.

At school, Pogs realised Bea was searching for Brags and he said Brags was no there. Rica arrived at work and she bumped into Axel. She apologised for bumping into him but Axel was scared that she would use her stand guπ against him.

He wanted Rica to help him up if she was sorry but Rica rather took steps back, making Chino to laugh. Kyle got there and called Rica in for a private talk. Axel also went in so Kyle introduced Rica to Axel as a senior architect and Axel met Rica as the junior architect.

Rica once again apologised to Axel for using her stunt guπ on him. She said she mistook him for a stalker and meant know harm. Axel asked why she saw him as such whether it was because of his face.

May supported Rica for doing that to Axel, she believed Axel would be a player and was trying to make a move on Rica which Chino disagreed. Kyle asked Axel to leave and had a private chat with Rica.

Rica assured Kyle that she only did a mistake and Axel did her nothing. Kyle told her she would work with Axel and Chino and asked her whether she would be able to work with them and she answered the affirmative.

Kakay’s social media account was still suspended so she kept selling in front of the house. Attorney Dizon came to tell her and Dan that Archie Soliman’s attorney has filed his petition and he said Archie’s phone was spoilt so it was with a repairer when the video got leaked.

Kakay knew they were crafting hawk and bull story since the boy intentionally leaked the video without the consent of her daughter which still made it a crime. First it was Jigs who shared it to Archie and second Archie also posted. Laura explained that Jigs had already claimed his phone was stolen so h as ot the one who leaked it.

Attorney Dizon made it a point to conduct an interview at the repair store to fin loop holes in the petition of Archie. She also bought a bag from Kakay since she felt pity for her due to her account which got suspended over fraudulent claim. Kakay did not want to create a new account since she has disputed that claim.

Elsewhere, Raven told Audrey that she was done shooting videos and posting pictures of the seeming perfect family they have. Audrey wondered if she had started drinking, she said no.

Audrey then mentioned that Troy said she and Jigs got drunk and she saw that her parent had settled their dispute and now they were ganging up on her. She made it clear that Jigs was the only one who got drunk, not her.

At work, Axel, Chino and Rica worked on a project on a building which had historical features so Rica suggested they preserved the history features and build on it.

Kyle who was eavesdropping liked Rica’s idea and tasked them to find more about the building to know where they would improve to suit what the client wanted.

Laura got to the office to find Troy in there. She showed him the bag she bought simply because Kakay was not gaining buyers for her products since her account has been reported for engaging in fraudulent activities.

Mayor Troy believed that was the issue the woman he and his wife earlier encountered talked about. He believed Audrey was the one who reported Kakay for her account to be blocked.

Axel kept making moves on Rica and for the last asked Kyle if he was interested in Rica and Kyle denied, he insisted on being interested in her work not in her. Axel then revealed to Kyle that he was interested in Rica.


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