La Vida Lena Episode 3

La Vida Lena Episode 3 Dado is arrested for assault and attempted murder, The Narcisos roll out vicious schemes against Magda for the formula


Vanessa tried convincing Magda to accept her offer and she had no intentions of stealing the formula of her cheap soap. She raised the money to five million pesos but Magda refused.

Vanessa wanted to have her way but the Mendozas did not allow her. She slipped and fell on the beehive. The bees beat her and her face got swollen. She was hospitalised and the doctor said she had to wait sometime for the swollen to subside.

Vanessa could not bear seeing her face becomes ugly. Adrian tried to calm her, saying she would be well taken cared of. She told Lukas to do something to the Mendozas.

“They will get what they deserve,” Lukas assured.

“And we will gonna get exactly what we need from them!”

Elsewhere, Betchay had a video chat with Cassandra to sell off the Marga Magic Soap. Magda later explained to the family friends that she absolutely layed no finger at Vanessa, she tried attacking her and of course she also tried to defend herself from her which the unfortunate happened for her to fall on the bees haive.

A deliverer came to deliver a letter for Magda. When she read it was a court summons that read that she had been sued for 5million over her act that resulted in the facial damage of Vanessa Narciso. The family wondered where they could get such amount.

Since they would not be able to raise the money, Dado visited the Narcisos to talk with Lukas in order for him to drop the charge against his granddaughter but Lukas refused.

He claimed that there was physical and emotional damage caused when Dado said there was no damage caused. Lukas did not care where the poor man would gain the money from, all that he wanted was for him to raise such amount to pay for the damages caused.

When Dado returned, he relayed the information to Magda and her friends and decided to sell off his properties to raise the money for the Narcisos but Magda objected. She would not allow him to sell everything he inherited from his ancestors while all the herbs they used for medicines and the soaps were grown on the land.

Magda advised Dado that they should not give in to intimidation and should fight since they were on the right side. Betchay suggested Magda give out her formula for the five million but Magda refused to make the Narcisos make millions from her sweat.

Kiko suggested they gained legal assistant to help them fight the Narciso family and offered to help them gain a lawyer.

Vanessa got healed but Lukas kept on with the intimidation strategy in order to gain the formula for the soap. As Magda was lamenting on how the crops were not ready for harvest and had to rely on the sales she would make from the selling of the soaps to sustain the family, Kiko and his colleague from the Law Enforcement Agency arrived to arrest Dado for assault and attempted murder.

Magda did not understand since she was the one who did that. Kiko explained that the Narcisos claimed the property which the assault went on was for Dado, therefore he was the one to be arrested instead.

Seethed with fury, Magda stormed the Narcisos place to confront them for arresting an innocent old man just because of a formula. She told them that they had no right whatsoever to do that.

“Royal Wellness wouldn’t be a huge success if I weren’t a man of my word,” Lukas smirked.

“I told you I am going to make you pay!”

“I was just keeping my word.”

“You have nothing against me,” Magda hissed.

“Because what happened to your wife is not my fault!”

“Why did you say it’s not?” Vanessa objected.

“You destroyed my face Magda.”

Magda objected, saying she got beaten when she failed to listen to their warnings. She told Lukas that all their plans would not work on her and she would not sit idle to watch Lukas make her grandfather rot in jail all due to a formula.

“I am willing to sell my formula to anyone except you!”

“I know how to play your little game.’

She then went to the precinct to check on Dado. She informed Dado that she went to see the public lawyer and he said the Narcisos wanted to intimidate them.

They knew they could not raise 120,000 to post bail for him. Dado told Magda not to worry Kiko was taking care of him. The visiting hour was over.

As they were going home, Magda told Betchay and Jordan that she could not see her grandpa get hurt since he was already old so she would take back her words and sell her formula to the Narcisos.

Betchay got in touch with the Blue Velvet and they were interested in Magda’s magic soap but they had not set a date for that

Later, Jordan and Betchay escorted Magda to Royal Wellness for her to negotiate with the Narcisos. She accepted to sell her formula to them for the five million but Vanessa demanded she beg and ask for her forgiveness. Magda refused since she did no wrong to her. Vanessa kept on to threaten her.

Lukas then stepped in to demand for the formula before. Before Magda would give her the paper which had the formula on it, Jordan interfered and gave her a phone to watch something. She realised that Betchay’s camera was able to capture everything that went on between her and Vanessa when she was shooting herself to thank Cassandra for advertising Magda’s Magic Soap.

In joy Magda kept her formula and threatened to ruin the reputation of Vanessa on Television if they failed to release her grandfather. Soon, Dado was released and the family had a feast to celebrate his return. Dado was impressed by the kind of courage Magda exhibited.

Magda and Betchay went to sell, she felt that someone was watching her. Betchay believed she was imagining things, she then gave Betchay soaps to be delivered to someone. As Magda was going home, some drunkards harassed her but a guy from no where came to her rescue and even drove her to the house.

When he left, Jordan asked Magda who he was and Magda said she did not know. Jordan did not understand why Magda could be careless to bring a stranger to the house and Magda said he saved her from some perverts. She said the guy was nice to her even with her face.

Jordan advised her to stop looking down on herself and shouldn’t trust stranger even when the person was nice to her. The guy had an accident so Magda and Jordan went to his rescue. He passed the night at Magda’s place and Dado treated him. Elsewhere, some men instructed by Brian sprayed chemicals to all the crops for the town people.

The next day, the guy woke up to see the shadows of Magda wearing her dress and was moved by her body. Magda came out talking to Dado and the guy woke up. He then asked of what happened to him and Magda explained. He thanked Magda and Dado and left, promising that he would pay them back for their kindness.

Kiko sent the commissioner to check the town’s people whose livelihood had been destroyed by an unknown person who destroyed their farm with chemicals. Conrad promised to investigate. He called Lukas to ask whether he should do the investigation and Lukas told him to forget about it.

It turned out that Adrian was the one who told Brian to do that. He did that to destroy Dado’s crops in order for the Mendozas to be financially constraint for Magda to sell her formula to his family. The Narcisos celebrated for the çrime they have committed.

The guy who helped Magda came by to find Magda and Betchay washing. He introduced himself to Betchay as Miguel and bought a book for Magda for helping him out. He asked of a eatery and Magda told him of Digna’s eatery. Miguel invited her and Betchay but Magda told Betchay to go with him while she did the laundry.

Miguel decided to help them in the washing and Betchay was moved by Miguel’s body. After the washing they went with him and he told them that he was born in Manila but came to Salvacion and left the place when he was three. He then went to the United States to school there.

Adrian went to the casino and lost to someone but he used violent to gain everything back and even beat someone else which the issue ended up in a news.

Miguel later went to the bazaar, where Magda was selling to send her favourite food, boodine. He said he came by to also cheer her up due to what happened to their crops. Magda said the situation was alarming and mass people were affected. She made plans to employ them to help in the manufacturing of her soap and sell them to make money to make up for their debts.

Adrian was told by his mother to find out the sales Magda makes and Miguel who saw Adrian approaching told Magda that the one approaching was the son of the Narcisos. He believed he came to cause trouble and went to stop him. He told Adrian to leave, his presence would not help him. Adrian left and Magda was impressed by what Miguel did.


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