Brothers Episode 3 Written Update

Brothers Episode 3 Ador dies, Cardo protects Onyok

As part of his new operation Ador joined Diego’s team with an intention to apprehend the men behind the kidnapping incidents to make them face the law.

He sent Junior out to play at the mall and some robbers raided the mall to steal things as the commotion was ongoing Ador told Carmen to take care of Junior for him to help the rest of the people.

Although Carmen did what she could to stop him but he said it was part of his job to take care of people so he would not sit to make the robbers destroy and kill people at his presence.

He jumped on the robber, so the gun of the robber fell. They fought really hard and as Ador was beating the man Junior left his mother and ran to his father but another robber got hold of Junior.

Carmen tried running after Junior but some people held her saying it was dangerous for her to go. She could not free herself from them.

As he saw his son he went to his rescue but Junior who got rescued by some officers ran and fell.

Ador who was running to his rescue saw Junior lying on the floor and realised he hit his head on the floor so he was bleeding.

He recalled when he hit his head on the floor and his twin brother was crying that nothing should happen to him.

Junior was then rushed to the hospital and Ador told the doctor to do everything to save his son.

He was later given the medical bill of his son, the money was expensive so Billy advised him to take a loan and add it to his savings but he said even if does that the and would still not reach the needed amount.

Ador then said he would have his way. He met Diego and the team and asked him questions about the other people who were protecting him. Diego told Joaquin that he believed in Ador and there was the need for Joaquin to trust him and also reveal himself as the one protecting them.

Joaquin still could not believe but Diego said due to the medical bills of his son he was looking for other means to pay the money so he believed in him.

Ador went to the hospital to find out that Junior’s medical bill was taken cared of, he wondered the person who paid and realised it was Diego.

Later, Ador embarked on the operation to the kids from Diego and his team. Knowing he had been betrayed, Diego confronted Ador in the fight which Ador was already shot on the arm.

Joaquin then shot Ador, Diego said Joaquin had killed Ador. Joaquin was so happy and shot him over and over.

Delfin later came to the crime scene and came to meet the corpse of Ador. He cried and thought of means to apprehend the culprit.

As Joaquin came he saw Delfin’s hand stained with blood and asked him whether he had been injured.

He ordered him to go and save the kids, Joaquin then asked of Ador but Delfin shouted on him to go and save the kids and look around for Ador.

Joaquin went to where he left Ador’s corpse but he could not find him. Delfin sent Ador to the trunk of his car and used duster to wipe out the blood on his car.

The family of Ador were worried, Junior asked Carmen to wake him up when Ador returns. Flora was worried she then saw butterfly flying in the room and wondered.

Carmen wondered what had happened, they later saw Delfin and asked of Ador. Delfin said he was on a mission and would not be able to talk to them. He also said for their safety and that of Ador he would not mention where he was but assured them that he shall soon return.

At the office, Delfin thought of means to make the mission of Ador continues he remembered what a certain man told him about Ador, saying he saw him at Pampanga during one of the missions and commended his skillful means of working.

For Delfin he knew it was not Ador so he started enquiring about Cardo on the internet.

Elsewhere PO3 Ricardo (Cardo) Dalisay, who is in the army went on a mission. He was a man who did not obey orders always work in his own plans to carry out his mission.

He had an injured arm and was sent to clinic together with his colleagues who were injured. Cardo aske the nurse when he would be discharged but the nurse said he has not fully recovered so he had to stay for few more days.

Cardo said he was leaving but the nurse refused to accept and one of Cardo’s Colleagues told the nurse that Cardo was a man who did not follow anyone’s orders so he should allow him. The nurse was amazed when Cardo said bye to his friends and left.

Onyok met him and said he had missed him. He passed the night at Cardo’s place even when Cardo said no to him.

When Onyok was sleeping Cardo recalled how he got Onyok.

Flashback: He saw Onyok when he was being bullied by other kids and he encouraged him to be brave and strong and never shed tears.

A nun explained to Cardo that Onyok was left at the church in a box when he was six months old.

After mission he came to meet that the house which Onyok was stay in was raided by fire. He asked of Onyok and he was told he was still inside the room.

He then rushed there for Onyok. He brought Onyok out and he was crying. Cardo reminded him that he had always told him to be brave and fight for himself without crying.

Later, Cardo took Onyok from the nun and gave him a different family who would take care of him as if they were his parent but Onyok said he wanted Cardo to be his father.

Flashforward: Cardo caressed Onyok as he was sleeping and was happy to have Onyok by his side.


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