Now and Forever Episode 32

Now and Forever Episode 32 Oliver wonders about Inno and Eva’s closeness

Inno arrived at Gintong Pagasa but there was no one around. He was about to call Eva but the neighbours started appearing one after the other carrying balloons and thanking Inno for everything that he had done for them.

Last came Eva who told Inno that he would always have a family there. They had fun and danced together.

After the party, Eva told Inno not to keep things from her, stating that he did not tell her that he was kicked out of his house. Inno said it was all good since he was doing fine.

Oliver called Stella to express his displeasure about spoiling his business relationship with Rebecca. He confronted her and did not allow her to explain her side of the story.

He warned her not to meddle with his life again, stressing that she was just like Hernan. He then hang up on her.

The following morning, the guys at Mr B’s place tried to show Inno how to do chores like ironing and preparing breakfast. As they were eating, Inno texted Eva to ask how she was doing.

She was also having breakfast and Inno asked her if they could go out on a date later. Eva accepted to go out with him.

They met up in the evening and had street food since they did not have much to spend. Inno apologised to Eva and she told him that she preferred doing such things.

Inno told Eva about designers contest that he wanted her to join. He told her that there would be a huge cash prize and she would be well known in the designing industry.

Eva chocked on her food so Inno rushed to get her some water. When he returned, Eva was talking to Rosemary, the fortuneteller and she introduced Inno as her friend. Rosemary was disturbed when she saw him and walked away.

Oliver was having fun at a club when he got into a fight for hitting on someone’s girlfriend. He was upset so he called Inno and asked him to hang out with him.

Eva and Inno were already thinking of heading home since they had nothing else to do but they went to the club when Oliver called.

Oliver said he just wanted to hang out with Inno so Eva said she would go ahead. Oliver stopped her and asked that she stay instead.

They talked for a while but things got a little too serious when Oliver mentioned how Stella used to punish Inno.

He suggested that they go and dance instead but both Eva and Inno refused. Oli went to dance by himself and Inno told Eva about how he used to be sickly before but he now had a lot of fun.

Eva suggested that they danced too and dragged Inno to the dance floor. Inno said he did not know how to dance so Eva told him to follow her lead until he eventually got his groove.

Oliver stopped dancing after watching Inno and Eva and went back to the bar. He was brooding by himself when a girl called Cathy arrived and he began chatting with her.

After dancing, Eva told Inno about how she wished she could remember her memories before the time that Rosa found her.

Inno said they must have been happy memories and assured Eva that she would eventually remember them.

Inno took Eva home and gave her the application forms for the designing contest. He also gave her a sketching pad to help inspire her to create her designs.

He could not walk her to the door because Dom was there and he told him to go home.
That evening, Eva suddenly had a dream about her past when she was sleeping.

The following day, Inno was eager to see the progress Eva had made with the designs for the competition but she was having a hard time creating new designs. When Inno called, Eva told him to come the next day.

Oliver spent the night with Cathy, the girl he met at the club. She was however busy in the morning and he could barely talk to her since her phone kept ringing.


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