Brothers Episode 2

Brothers Episode 2 Ador and Carmen finally tie the knot 

Carmen discovered that she was pregnant and had hard time to reveal it to her family.
She met with Ador and she informed him about it but Ador assured him of his commitment to cater for her and the unborn baby.

He told Carmen that the time has come for them to finally tie the knot. Ador went to inform Flora about it and he scolded him for getting Carmen pregnant at their young age.

She threw plates and other items at Ador for being irresponsible. Ador begged her and she finally accepted his decision.

Ms Flora spoke to Carmen to know how ready she was with the marriage. She advised her not to if she was not ready for it since marriage was a long-term relationship commitment but Carmen insisted that she was ready for the marriage.

Flora stated that what would happen to her dreams and personal inspirations.

She said she was in l^ve with Adore and was willing to do anything to get him closer to her. Ador then joined them in the discussion and assured his grandmother that he would do everything possible to secure their lives irrespective of their age.

They then met with Edgar, Carmen’s father and family and he also sounded so disappointed.

He was thinking they were rushing but later accepted. Ador carried out his work as an officer who defended vulnerable and provided protection for all.

He was a just and humble man who is always ready to be a servant to the law and serve his people in humility. The two finally got married, and Ador within a month as a policeman was promoted.

Delphin was glad and also said he would make him work at the CID session and promote him to be the CID Section Chief.

During an operation Ador received a call from his wife that she was in labour but he carried on with his operation to save some children who were kidnapped.

Carmen gave birth to a boy and Ador told Delphine how bad he felt for killing a family man but Delphine asked him not to worry since he did it to save the children and entire police team.

Ador l^ved his son so much, he sent him to school play with him and trained him to become a brave boy.

Junior celebrated his birthday and it was all joy for the family. It has been the fervent prayer of Ador that God would not separate him from his family especially his son for him not to grow up without a father like him.
He also asked God to protect and secure him during his job and always should join him together with his family.

However, Joaquin, a police officer teamed up with some people to kidnap children while using his position as policeman to shield the people.

Delphine saw the news of kidnapping incidents and gave Ador an assignment to get to the bottom of the issue but he should not inform his colleagues with the belief that some of the police could be part of it.

He said just like the politicians engaged in corruption same as the police so they should not trust anyone when carrying out that operation.


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