Brothers Episode 6

Brothers Episode 6 Ador returns, Joaquin feels threatened

Kidnapping of kids were still ongoing, Joaquin gave Diego instructions to get more kids and he delivered the message to the rest of the team.

Cardo was trained on how the kidnappers work, a physical transformation was performed on Cardo to make him look like Ador.

He learnt Ador’s steps, his manner of speaking and how he does his things. A surgery was performed on his birth mark and he was transformed totally to Ador.

The trainer told him about his colleagues he would meet at work. He showed him pictures of the policemen including Ador’s personal friend Joaquin.

She told Ador that he was in competition with Joaquin so he should always be ten steps ahead of Joaquin.

She went further to state that aside his wife and kid his grandmother was the next important person in his life and he should also take his mission seriously while abiding by the rules.

Cardo wore his police attire and went to meet Delfin to carry out his mission. Once Delfin saw him, he was impressed, he hugged and called him Ador.

Seeing the excitement on Delfin’s face, Cardo thought Delfin was mistaken him for Ador and reminded him that he was Cardo not Ador. Delfin said he knew but what he did was part of the mission.


Cardo was sent to the office to meet his colleagues. Joaquin was surprised to see him and also wondered why Ador has not revealed to the service that he was the person who shot him.

After officially welcoming him, they asked Ador where he had been all these while and he said because he was shot he was confined in clinic but Joaquin asked why the hospital did not inform them about it.

Delfin then said the hospital called and he decided to keep it as a secret while they treat Ador. He stated that they did that for the safety of Ador since they did not want the rebels to hear anything about Ador. Joaquin was still shocked to hear that Ador survived his countless shots.

He suspected that Delfin and Ador were keeping something which was beyond the story Ador told them.

An officer came to Junior’s school for him, claiming he was sent by his father to come for him. As he heard his father’s name Junior was eager to see him so he followed him. she kept asking where his father was and the man said he was there.

Carmen then met them on the way when she was coming to pick Junior. She shouted at the man and asked where he was sending her son. Junior told her what the man said and Carmen shouted that he was a fake officer immediately the man fled and took Junior.

Carmen ran after him and got Junior. She sent him to Delfin’s office to inform him about what happened and to her surprise as she was being escorted by an officer to Delfin’s office, she saw Ador.

Junior ran off to hug his father, Carmen also ran to embrace him. She asked when he came. Ador said not long and because Delfin wanted him to officially announce his return that was why he came to work place first.

He also asked Carmen her mission there and she said someone wanted to kidnap Junior that was why she came to talk to Delfin about it.

Joaquin still was tensed and his friends asked why Ador acted like he did not know that Joaquin shot him.

Joaquin also wondered and said perhaps it was part of his mission to take him by surprise. He told his colleagues that whatsoever Delfin and Ador said was a bit strange.

Joaquin stated that he shot Ador three times and queried that how could he crawl to the street and asked for help as Ador said in his narration. His friends advised him to be guided because Ador was up to something.

In the house, Joaquin’s mother asked about the story he was saying about Ador missing and he revealed that Ador has returned and she told the family that she was happy that nothing happened to Ador and advised Joaquin to take care of himself.

Joaquin’s sister who gave him a gift also asked why Joaquin became an officer since he had always wanted to be a pilot.

Onyok also made it a mission to protect his family and people of Potoland from rebels after Cardo went.

He is always on the lookout telling his foster parent that he would protect them so that nothing happened to them since it was his promise to Cardo.

Ardo was then sent home to meet his family, Delfin told him he would be able to do that task as he acted convincingly when he met Carmen and Junior.

He was then sent home to meet his family. Carmen rushed to call Flora once Flora came she was so happy and said she thought she would never see him again.

She welcomed him and told him that he should not leave the family like that. He asked why his colour was getting dark and growing lean. She asked whether they were not feeding him well.


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