Brothers Episode 7

Brothers Episode 7 Carmen makes s3xual advances on Cardo 

Lola was so happy to meet Ador, she hugged him and told him that she never thought she would ever meet him again.

She went to prepare so many delicacies with the help of Carmen. Carmen was so glad to meet her husband again.

As Cardo went inside, he saw some family pictures and felt so sad that Flora forgot about him but Delfin told him not to feel so. He thought of always being alone in life without family’s love and wished he could finish off his mission and leave Manila without attaching himself with any family.

Lola made arrangements for the in-laws of Ador to join them at dinner. Edgar asked Ador where he travelled to have that mission but Lola said there was no need for him to ask that question because Ador and Delfin would not answer as they would say it was classified.

Junior told him that his school would soon have an activity concerning who they want to be in future and his teacher told them that they should wear the uniform of that profession.

He further stated that he would wear a police uniform as he wanted to be a police. Ador asked him does he want to be a policeman, Junior answered that but he already knew that.

Ador said he thought he changed his mind that’s why he still asked him. Junior assured him that he would never change his mind and his father was his hero that is why he would also be a policeman.

In that evening, Carmen ki$$ed him and said she would help him take of his police uniform but Ador insisted that he would take his own uniform off once he gets to the shower.

Carmen still seduced him but Ador fled and went to the bathroom to call Delfin to inform him that Carmen wanted him to have s3x with her.

Delfin told him that he should take it as part of his mission but Cardo said he is not Ador and can’t do that as it would ruin his purpose so Delfin should help him with ideas.

Delfin said he should accept but Cardo said he was not trained in that so he could not accept l^ve making and s3x as part of it. Delfin then hang up the line while Cardo was still counting on him to suggest something to help him solve the problem.

Carmen then called him, saying he had kept long in the bathroom he told her that he would soon step out.

Carmen rushed there and saw him brushing his teeth but has messed his lips up with paste. Carmen wanted to help him but he refused.

In bed, Carmen was still seducing him but he kept saying he was not fit for that so she should wait. Carmen turned into deaf ears and kept making advances on him.

Suddenly, Junior came in and Cardo heaved a sigh of relief. Junior said he would sleep there and Cardo was happy to hear that he told him to come and sleep with them.

Carmen was not happy with that, Flora later came in to inform Junior that he should go with her and sleep in her room.

Junior did not want to so Cardo took opportunity in that and pleaded with Flora to allow Junior over with him since he has missed him.

Cardo couldn’t sleep, he thought of everything and took Ador’s picture and said he was lucky to get the love of a family but was sad that he could not live for the people around him. Cardo further said he felt sad for Junior to lose his hero at the early stage of his life.

Carmen saw Cardo and told him to come and sleep, saying it was late. He then joined her in bed.

The next day in Potoland the police were asking Glen about Cardo and it seemed everyone was not aware where he went but Glen said he could be in Manila.

Onyok who was eavesdropping overheard it and decided to go to Manila in search of Cardo.

During breakfast Lola told him to go to their usual seamstress to get Junior’s police dress sewed and also told him that he would be the one to send Junior to school during the event as she would need Carmen for something important in the house.

Benny rushed in with a newspaper which Ador was on front-page for a great work he did which earned him a new position. Lola was worried that Ador could put the family in danger after being on the front-page but he said there was nothing to be worried about.

Cardo and Junior were on their way to the seamstress but Cardo did not know the person. Junior saw ice-cream and asked Ador to buy some for him and he bought it.

As the seller was given the ice-cream to Junior he told Junior to wait for him. He saw some ladies doing exercise and he went to ask about the seamstress.

To his dismay the woman she asked was the same seamstress he was searching for. The woman was surprised that Ador could not notice her. He then said she was growing fat but looking fresh. He then called Junior over.

Cardo went to see Delfin to inform him that things were getting worse and he is tired. Delfin said he just spent two days with his family and was given up on his mission but Cardo said he was not given up on the mission but the more he stayed in the house the more he is scared he would do something which would make them realised that he was not Ador.

He got a call from Flora that they would prepare his favourite food karikari so he should go and buy the food stuffs for that.

Onyok joined a car which carried load to Manila because the bus for Manila refused to send him. The driver believed he was a kid and has run from him.

He arrived at Manila and asked of Cardo but no one knew him, he saw some policeman and he asked of him, saying Cardo was a policeman like him.

Cardo asked Delfin and he gave him the lists of what to buy. He went to buy the items at the market at the time Onyok was in the company of some street children who approached him for food in that same market.

The children promised to help him search for Cardo. They began selling shopping bags in the market to fend for themselves while they search for Cardo they never saw eachother even though they were closer to eachother.

After buying the items Cardo rushed home, Flora asked him about a groundnut but he did not buy and stated that he might have left it so Benny said he would go and buy it.

Flora said she would go so Ador should prepare the food. Cardo asked of Carmen’s help but she refused saying she had to help Junior with his homework.

Cardo was in difficult waters since Carmen was upset that he had not touched her once he returned and also he did not know how to prepare the food.


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