Elections 2020: Yahoo has projected Mahama's top political crimes to the world as he seeks for a return

Elections 2020: Yahoo has projected Mahama’s top political crimes to the world as he seeks for a return

Elections 2020: Yahoo has projected Mahama’s top political crimes to the world as he seeks for a return

Elections 2020: Yahoo has projected Mahama’s top political crimes to the world as he seeks for a return

Former President John Dramani Mahama is currently trending in various countries including Nigeria, United Kingdom (UK), United States of America (USA) among others for his political crimes he committed once he was sworn in as the president from 2012 to 2016.

This follows a news which yahoo wrote about him tagging him as “Mr Power Cut,” a term coined from the consistent power outages that Ghana suffered during his tenure of office.

The largest most consumed news site stated that John Mahama: Ghana’s ‘Mr. Power Cut’ is making an attempt to return to office after his governance was hit by series of corruption allegations.

It further stated that former president Mahama who is contesting under the ticket of National Democratic Congress (NDC) strong sense of humour has rounded off his reputation as a skilled communicator and was trying to impress Ghanaians with fresh and ambitious promises despite his bad track record as president.

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“During Mahama’s time in office from 2012 to 2016, the global commodity rout hurt Ghana, known as an exporter of oil, gold, and cocoa, and the government went on a spending spree that ballooned debt.

Electricity shortages were an unfortunate hallmark of Mahama’s administration and led the former president to be nicknamed “Mr Dumsor”, after a term in Ghana used to describe power cuts,” the report said.

The report further indicated that the late Jerry John Rawlings, ex-president and founder of the NDC, described Mahama’s regime as “greedy.”

“More recently, Airbus, Europe’s largest aerospace multinational, was fined for paying bribes to officials in order to secure contracts in Ghana during Mahama’s administration, but he has always denied being involved.”

“JM”, as he is referred to affectionately by his supporters, has managed to remain above the fray, campaigning hard, before and during the coronavirus pandemic.

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His party’s red, white, green and black flag — all captured in its umbrella symbol — is a popular sight around the country.
Among his flagship promises, the most ambitious is his plan to spend $10 billion (8 billion euros) –- in what he has called “The Big Push” — on expanding infrastructure across the country, but analysts have questioned how he would fund those projects,” yahoo added.

According to Jonah, yahoo analyst who probed into ex-President Mahama’s campaign promises said the manifesto promise could be one of his witty means of luring voters into voting for him.

“I cannot foresee how he can borrow more money,” said Jonah. “Even though he has been in power before, he must think that the more promises made, the more attractive you are to the voters,” the report said.

– Pro-women wave –

The introduction of Professor Jane Naana Opoku-Agyemang was reported to be “a smart move” Mahama could use to attract voters.

“That selection has swept a pro-feminine wave into Mahama’s camp, but it could also prove decisive on other fronts.”

“His choice of a female professor who wasn’t very well known or liked in the party was excellent,” said Jonah, “because she is not deemed corrupt.”

But the way to victory is uncertain for Mahama, the only incumbent ever voted out of office in Ghana’s political history.

With an election taking place days after his 62nd birthday, Mahama is seeking to inflict the same fate on Nana Akufo-Addo, in what will be the third successive showdown between both men.”

“Win or lose,” Mr Mahama who is also termed as “Mr Power Cut “will likely continue being seen riding his motorcycles around the capital Accra.”

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