GMlive Comedy Awards nomination officially opens for comedians and bloggers
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GMlive Comedy Awards nomination officially opens for comedians and bloggers

GMlive Comedy Awards nomination officially opens for comedians and bloggers 

GMlive Comedy Awards (GMCA) 2021, a maiden award scheme has officially been opened for comedians in the country to file for their nominations to make a case for themselves and win laurels for their exploit.

The nomination which is opened on August 20 will be closed on September 30, 2021.

Organised by Anansesem Media, it draws its support from SpotOnNews, Ala Nkyene with its media partners including Gh Pizzaro, Urs Truly Praiz, Gh Kasa, Pressure Slay, Beauty Garden and Young PRS.

The award has 20 categories namely GMlive Comic Writer, GMLIVE Comedy Film, GMlive Comic Actor, GMlive Comic Actress,  GMlive Comic Animation GMlive Comic Music, GMlive Comic Radio Personality, GMlive Comic Tv Personality, GMlive Comedy Event Of The Year, GMlive New Comedian.

The rest are GMlive International Comedian, GMlive Female Standup Comedian, GMlive Male Standup Comedian, Gmlive Comedy Skit, GMlive Comedy Icon, GMlive Comedy Star Comedian, GMlive Hall Of Fame, GMlive Comedy TV Program Of the Year, GMlive Comedy Radio Program the Year and GMlive Comedy Blog/Blogger Of The Year.\

GMlive Comedy Awards

Speaking in an interview with SpotOnNews , the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GMCA, Greg Miller explained that the awards seek to honour and celebrate talented comedians and industrial stakeholders who promote comedy in the country.

“The award is first of a kind and it seeks to honour comedians and stakeholders who are projecting Ghana comedy on the map,” he added.

Greg Miller said the award which has 20 categories was initiated to strengthen and propel comedians to become creative while encouraging Ghanaians to patronise comic events.

He noted that patronisation of comedy events were low in the country, hence the awards to draw the minds of investors to invest in the sector.

In filing for the nomination, Greg Miller said interested person should send his or her name, prove of work and a picture to the category which he or she was interested in to the official WhatsApp number 0202444474.

GMlive Comedy Awards

“After the nominations the board will go through the entries and select the eligible participants. An official nominees announcement will be made public when we close the nominations,” he added.

Greg Miller urged all comedians, comic bloggers and other stakeholders to file for their nominations for a mouth watery prizes during the main event.

GMlive Comedy Awards

GMlive Comedy Awards

He also appealed to corporate entities and individuals to sponsor the event to promote comedians in the country for them to compete evenly with international comedians.


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