Heart and Soul plots and story summary

Heart and Soul plots and story summary

The story of Heart and Soul (Kambal Karibal) is centered on a fraternal twins: Crisanta (Crisan) and Criselda (Crisel) who were separated from their biological parent by their mother’s psycho suitor Raymond de Villa (played by Marvin Agustin).

He led their parents to believe that twins died in infancy when in the actual fact they were given to Raymond’s cousin, Teresa and her husband Noli, who raised the twins.

The twins grew up to be fond of each other and become practically and later literally inseparable.

Crisanta was strong and healthy child but her sister, Criselda has a rare and fatal genetic disorder which made her vulnerable to diseases.

Crisanta was cared for by her loving and adoptive father, Noli. He puts Criselda in a glass room, away from physical human contact.

Though they grew up with a pane of glass between them, the twins developed a deep and strong bond, so strong that even death could not tear them apart.

Criselda eventually dies due to her rare disease condition. Crisanta became inconsolable after losing her twin sister, but she kept a positive and hopeful attitude in life.

Despite her energetic and friendly personality, she was thought to be weird and crazy since she often talked to herself.

Unknown to them, she was talking to someone only she could see, the ghost of her twin sister Criselda who lingered and kept her company, roaming freely and feeling like she was alive.

Things changed when Crisanta met Diego, a handsome boy at school. The two spent time together and got to know each other better, with Diego not knowing that the ghost of Criselda was around them and gradually liking his company as well.

Heart and Soul

As Crisanta and Diego fell in l^ve, Criselda also fell in love with Diego. There rivalry rose among the ghost and her living twin sister. She became too jealous of her sister to the extent that she was longing to live again.

With her quest to be visible and fight with her sister for Diego she possessed the body of a girl, Francheska (Cheska) in order to take Diego away from Crisanta.

Heart and Soul

The bond between the twins was then put to a test. Will Crisanta surrender her love when she finds out that her rival for the man she loves is actually her twin sister Criselda who is even a ghost?

Their quest to be with their true parents, deal with Cheska and Raymond de Villa, try to make up with each other (which usually fails) and fight for Diego’s affections make up most of the show’s plots and more engaging.


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