Anuja murdered Anshuman… Facts about Anshuman’s death in Tumhari Pakhi

Anuja murdered Anshuman… Facts about Anshuman’s death in Tumhari Pakhi

After being forced to remarry, Pakhi faced lots of ill-treatment from a woman she once called an in-law, Devki also called Miss Anuja.

What has happened to the lovely woman who loved Pakhi and made her son go all the way to Singapore to win back his wife? At this point the real intentions of Anuja is revealed, to win the trust of the Rathore family and to destroy it.

Miss Anuja, according to Tumhari Paakhi story was thrown out of the house by her husband 25 years ago over infidelity.

Anshuman and Lavanya found it necessary to search for her after the former accused Pakhi for a similar crime.

Once the Rathore family found out that Tanya was behind the misfortune that befell on Pakhi they gave Anuja a chance in their life.

Anuja at a point did not want to get close to the Rathore mansion but Pakhi facilitated the process even when she did not know she was her actual in-law.

In the Rathore mansion, Anuja revealed to Lavanya and Anshuman that she has a junior son, Aaryaman and wanted to be with her younger son as well. She called for a search for that son.

Once the search for Aaryaman began an impostor presented himself as Aaryaman who had in his mind to steal the Rathore fortune by running away with Anshuman’s son, Aryaan.

Aaryaman went for Ayaan from school in the guise of Anshuman to present Aryaan to the abductors but had changed of mind after the intelligent talks of Ayaan

Anshuman who was informed by Ayaan’s teacher that he came for his son used the GPS tracker of Ayaan’s watch to locate him.

There a fight erupt leading the abductors to cross his car which led to Anshuman’s death.

However, before his death Anuja was not in talking terms with Anshuman even when Anshuman pleaded with her for forgiveness. She did not forgive him for claiming Aaryaman was a thief.

But this same Anuja forgave Aaryaman suddenly when he revealed to her that he kidnapped Aryaan and changed from his plans.

Anuja stood in for Aryaman and stopped Pakhi from pressing charges against him. Pakhi would not have none of that after getting him jailed for his crime Anuja became a snake.

Those who would be nice to you, care for u, show they love you but the reality would be different.

Anuja as a lost but found mother after 25 years did not show any concern about Anshuman but Aaryaman, a child who Mr Rathore never made mention to his two children, Anshuman and Lavanya.

How true is it that there was a son like that? This introduction of Aaryaman and Anuja cost the life of Anshuman.

It makes no sense once she pressured Pakhi to get Aaryaman from prison and marry him. Did Anuja ever get married after her incident with Mr Rathore? She did not even bother to search for her children after her kicked her out of the house.

It would make sense if Anshuman’s accident was planned by her to accrue the Rathore’s wealth.

why would she change ? why would she protect her Aaryaman even when he caused the death of Anshuman? Why would she hate paakhi if she was only making Aaryaman pay for taking her husband from her?

it makes sense if she wanted to get all the wealth of Anshuman, she did not find another way to do so… knowing Pakhi would intrude her plans.

Miss Anuja started casting lot with her grandson without thinking about Aryaan’s feeling if she takes him from Pakhi.

She even sent the case to court for Pakhi choosing Veer. It is obvious that Anuja was in the mansion for revenge and never bothered when Anshuman died.

She returned after realising her family became rich now she wanted their money, this is Anuja we see today.

She did not love Ayaan but wanted him for her revenge against Pakhi just to destroy Anshuman’s family as hers was.


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