La Vida Lena Episode 29

La Vida Lena Episode 29 Lena Mendoza drives the public through the tales of her life and her magical transformation, Miguel asks Rachel for divorce over her attempt to k!ll Lena

Kiko came from the office of Ramona and saw Jordan behind his laptop. Jordan asked what brought him there and he explained that he helped Dr Ramona with something and that was all he could say. Jordan understood and emphasised that he was excellent in keeping secrets.

Kiko had a hunch that Jordan already knew the truth since he started talking about him keeping a secret from him (Jordan) last night. When Kiko went home, he told his wife about it and Digna refused Kiko’s request of them telling Jordan the truth. Digna was not ready to bear losing a child again.

To Digna, it did not matter for Jordan to know who he was. She also feared that knowing the truth would make Jordan search for his right parents. Kiko made it clear that not every child is unable to bear the truth to know he or she is adopted.

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The next day at M&R, Jordan discovered the new hashtag about Satin Dream and Lena’s before and after picture that has gone viral. Lena got upset when she realised it was Rachel who might have done it since the before picture was her high school one. She also decided to upload her secret affair with JD online but Jordan objected.

He did not want Lena to use same evil approach, stressing that Rachel was suicidal and that could make her k!ll herself for good. Lena said Rachel would never hurt herself, she only did that to gain sympathy but would never hurt herself. Jordan walked out and warned Lena that Rachel’s blood would be on her head if she upload it.

Ramona talked to Lena not to be in opposing side with Jordan as she was not used to that. She said Jordan only cared about Lena’s safety and if he would go against her to save her from herself, Jordan would do that. Dr Joaquin indicated that ever since she introduced Jordan to her, she realised that the boy l0ved and care for her so she should make up with him.

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Betchay on the other hand also convinced Jordan that Lena would not have chosen to upload Rachel’s video if she did not know Rachel was only faking suicide to ensnare Miguel. Jordan refused to accept it, he did not want them to ruin the life of Rachel. At Royal Wellness, Miguel learnt about how Adrian and Rachel had been able to k!ll the hype of Lena.

Adrian showed the before and after photo of Lena which was changing conversation on Satin Dream. Miguel was so upset about that and he and Adrian began exchanging words on that. Vanessa intervened that they did not have to feel guilty since what they posted was true not a lie. Vanessa invited Miguel and Rachel for a dinner to celebrate.

The Narcisos during the dinner praised Rachel for her brilliant idea that has coiled back Lena to her ugly state. Least did they know that Lena and her team was also putting their heads together to use that transformation story to their advantage.

Betchay worked on Lena’s TV interview on Amariba Pinas, a motivational and Inspirational programme that the untold stories about celebs, renowned and famous people recount their life changing stories to inspire others. During the Show, Lena was introduced as the brains behind Satin Dream, a woman who rose from the grass to grace.

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Lena narrated how she was living a simple life with her grandpa Dado but things begin to fall apart when she refused to sell her soap formula to someone. That person destroyed the crops which their lives depended on it, the person burnt down their shelter and she lost the most important person in her life, Dado.

She was then convicted and when she was released to start a business with the famous Dr Ramona Joaquin of Royal Wellness, she suffered an accident which destroyed her face so she had to let go of her deformed face which was born with to do a plastic surgery.

And through series of surgeries she got that face. She also made it clear that Satin Dream did not promise a total change of face but bringing the natural beauty, with a moisturised and beauty skin. As Miguel switched the television for the Narcisos to watch the interview, Lukas was upset that M&R has quickly responded to maintain their market spot.

Vanessa was upset that Lena was playing the victim and Adrian realised Lena was now trending for a good reason. Betchay was touched by Lena’s story and played the video three times to watch. Lena thanked her for always being by her side and admitted she would not have reached that far without her support.

Betchay decided to take the lead to inform the Cabreras about Magda’s successful interview while Jordan would drive Lena to her condo.
Rachel and Miguel had an argument over Lena. Miguel was unhappy with what Rachel did against Lena. He was hoping for a fair marketing strategy but his wife played dirty. Rachel made him know he was no Saint to ask for a fair game since he slept and got Magda pregnant and also put her behind bars.

After watching Lena’s television interview, Rachel stormed Royal Wellness and had an argument with her husband once more. When Jordan alighted Lena in order to park the car, Rachel knocked Lena down but Lena saw her face when she rolled the glasses of her car down.

She went home to call her father to cover her up otherwise she might end up in prison. She said she was losing her sanity when she run Lena over and wanted him to get rid of any security footage. Miguel overheard her and questioned her on what she did. She told Miguel that she knocked Lena over with her car and did not know what had happened to her.

Miguel was so done with her çraziness and threw her out and also opted for a divorce. Rachel went to the Suarez mansion and her father reminded her that they were political and were not like the Narcisos. He said Rachel was a public figure and it would have become a scandal if someone had seen her.

Rachel told Conrad of Miguel’s plans to divorce her. Conrad wanted her to accept it and know he and Allison were there for her. Allison also told Rachel that she was beautiful and Miguel would lose a lot if he dared to divorce her. Lena who was already admitted, was recovery pretty fast. Dr Martina came to Lena’s ward to announce the presence of Miguel and Jordan went to meet him.

Jordan hit the gift Miguel was carrying for Lena for it to fall. Miguel told him that he was not there for him but for Lena. Jordan saw him having guts after what his çrazy wife did to Lena. Ramona went to the place where Kiko found Maria Aurora Gonzales was staying but found out that she d!ed from heart attack. She also told Kiko that she had already talked to Thomas, the driver of Lukas and he was convinced that she k!lled Don Luis.

Kiko did not find that as surprising since it was obvious where his loyalty lied. Ramona returned to the hospital and Lena told her that she would be discharged the next day. Dr Joaquin also told Lena how unsuccessful her research was going but she hoped for the better to clear off her name.

She lamented that the deàth of Don Luis took everything from her, her husband, her child and also her professional license. Lena assured that she would always be there for her.


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