Viral Scandal Episode 42

Viral Scandal Episode 42 Axel attempts to propose after finding Rica spending the night with Kyle, Alberto begins his revenge on Troy

In Kyle’s house Rica told him she wanted to have the same courage like Rose to face her issue. She apologised to Kyle for not listening to his advice and also thanked him for not stopping to tell her the truth.

She later realised Kyle was asleep and helped him to sleep on the couch. Rica ended up sleeping next to Kyle after Kyle had a nightmare. In the club, Chino realised Axel was worried about Rica instead of Kyle and told him that Rica was fine since the man was already arrested.

He believed he might have been called but his battery was deàd. He decided to sleep with Chino that night. At the house of the Sicats, Dan was worried that Rica was not back and decided to go and search for her.

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Due to the betrayal of Audrey, Laura knew Troy was mad but was trying to hide his emotions. She knew Troy has hurt his wife but that was not a justification for her to sleep with Bobby, her brother-in-law. Knowing what Laura meant, Troy stood on his grounds that he could not afford any public backlash since he had already declared to the media on his detachment from his father.

Now, he had to be close to his family to make the public know he has a complete family. Laura interjected that he was talking like his father. He made it clear that he was a politician, hence had to talk like one. Rica woke up to realise it was already morning and she was still holding unto Kyle’s hand.

She overheard some voices approaching and when they came, Axel was upset to see Rica spending the night with Kyle. Kyle quickly woke up to the voice of his mother and introduced Rica to her as a junior architect of BA. Rica asked of her leave and Axel offered to send her home.

Since Rica might not have slept well, Kyle gave his car keys to Axel to drive Rica back home. As they reached their destination, Rica told Axel to ensure Kyle take his medicines, he should change his bandage constantly, he should help him wear his attire.

Least did she know that her good will to ensure the speedy recovery of Kyle got on the nerve of Axel. Axel yelled at her, surprising Rica that Mr Invested was in a foul mood that early morning and wondered what was wrong.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Axel screamed in fury.

Rica looked perplexed and before Axel would drop the bombshell, Nico called out Rica. Dan asked why Rica did not inform him that she would sleep outside. Rica apologised to him for her inability to inform them and explained that her boss got hurt and she decided to help him out and Axel offered to bring her home that morning. She told her father they should talk in the house.

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Dan was shocked that Axel and Rica’s boss were different and Axel made it clear that he and Kyle had no bad intentions against Rica, they respect and truly cared about his well being. Back in the house, Consuelo asked questions about Rica while she dressed the wound of her son.

She believed Rica could be so important to him for him to risk his life to save hers. Kyle knew where his mother was driving so he made it clear that they were just friends. Archie on the other hand decided to do what was right to win over Ella’s trust again.

While Troy was at the Sidero High School to see to a project, he received a text that Archie knew where Ella was. The school’s headmistress came for him. Jigs also came there but Zhenny assured Troy that she told Jigs not to be present. Troy had a talk with Jigs to question him about his motive of coming.

Jigs said he worked on the project and would not allow Mayor Troy to claim the glory of what he did, adding that since Troy had made things tough for him, he would also do likewise. Soon, some of the townspeople appeared to discredit Troy, calling him branded names like a liar.

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Troy knew his dad was pulling the strings. Jigs stood in merry knowing the people were ruining the reputation of Troy. Elsewhere, Audrey learnt from Farrah about an event which she was not invited and believed Alberto has started his revenge against her family.

Rica on the other hand, told her parents about how Kyle was stabbed because of her. She then told her parents that she wanted them to carry-on with the case in order to fight for justice. Karla then sent a message to Troy about Rica’s change of plans after the mayor went to legend food to talk to the owner to drop the charges against the townspeople.

The owner refused Troy since Alberto gave him a hint of a corrupt act Troy engaged in. Troy sent Karla a message to meet him. Rica went to work and learnt that Madam CC was coming so Miss May wanted everyone to act right. Consuelo Constantino arrived with Kyle and Axel.

Kyle introduced her to Rose his new worker. Kyle also made her meet Rica once again and the mentor of Miss May told Rica that she new she was a junior architect and asked her how she applied. The question got Rica frightened but she replied it and all the subsequent questions. Rose saw that as more of interrogation than mere questions.

Liam while driving with his other companion saw Archie in traffic. They ordered Archie to pullover but he refused. Archie ran when the traffic showed the green light and the boys raced after him.

“I will do the right thing!” Archie said.

“This one is for you Ella!”

The boys called Jigs to inform him about seeing Archie. Jigs assured that he was on his way so they should chase Archie.


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