La Vida Lena Episode 50 Finale

La Vida Lena Episode 50 Finale Lena exposes the criminal activities of Miguel to the corporate bodies, Lena and Jordan live happily ever after, while Lukas pays harsly for his crimes

Rachel and Allison went to visit Conrad at the precinct to enquire if he knew his son Adrian was deàd. Conrad answered the affirmative and was sad that his son and him could not bond as father and son should.

Considering what had happened to the Narcisos, Rachel and Allison viewed themselves as lucky to still have their father with them. Rachel broke the news of her pregnancy to Conrad, Conrad was happy to hear that at least he would be able to see his grandson even when he was behind bars.

According to him, he was at peace for the fist time in his life at prison. Jordan in a meeting figured an effective way to get back at Lukas for him to show up from his hideout. He suggested they used Adrian’s bank account which he hacked to access his offshore account.

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Lukas made a call to order for his smooth exit and promised to pay the person 10million. Jordan was able to hack the site for Lukas to lose access to his account.

“No money, no exit,” Lena wrapped her hands around the plan.

Lukas could not access his account and he screamed in agony. Ramona had a better idea, she proposed they withdraw the money to deposit to the corporate account of Royal Wellness. Rachel went to the check-up and told Allison that her baby was in a good shape. Lena stumbled on Rachel when she escorted Ramona to the health facility.

Lena asked Rachel if she had told Miguel about her pregnancy but Rachel retorted that it was none of Lena’s business. She asked whether Lena was planning to get married to him and Lena said that was the plan. Rachel thanked her for seducing and stealing Miguel from her. That, she said opened her eyes to see how selfish and greedy Miguel was. Something she would have taken so many years to find out.

“You’re welcome classmate,” Lena said with pleasure.

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Lukas called Vanessa to inform her that all of his money was gone. He couldn’t figure out how he lost the money but he was thinking the cops or an hacker might have frozen it and enlisted his wife’s help to get him money for them to flee since that had been the plan since day one.

Vanessa now understood why Adrian was forcing her to be out of the country and Lukas admitted. He said he needed the money for them to escape. He asked if Adrian was able to sell the mansion and Vanessa said yes and the money was there. She told him all that he had to do was to tell him when and where.

Allison was glad that the storm was finally over and told Rambo that she lõved him and was there for them to pursue their lõve story without any lies. Rambo  was glad that he has hit the jackpot, he no longer cared whether she was Allison or Allice all that he knew was, he was deeply in lõve with her.

Miguel finally got an officiating pastor for his wedding with Lena and told Lena to set the date. Lena wanted them to postpone the wedding but Miguel refused. He revealed that he has already informed the press, much to Lena’s surprise. Miguel convinced her that they were two business tycoons and their wedding shouldn’t be that simple.

He told Lena how strong she was for defeating the Narcisos. Lena said to what cause and he told Lena not to be little herself. He set the next day as the day for the wedding and was in a hurry to leave due to the tradition that couple who would get married were not supposed to see each other for 24 hours. He k!ssed Lena and when he was leaving, Lena informed him that Rachel was expecting a child and he was the father.

Though he looked surprise but said their plans would push through and the baby would have nothing to do with them. Lena accepted and when he left, she smiled. The wedding day reached, the bride was a bit late and apologised to her groom for the lateness since she had work to do.

The media there were surprised since that day was her wedding day but Lena considered the day as any normal day. In her wine colour gown holding her flower, walking slowly on the red carpet as the groom who was in his yellow suit matched with his white sleeves waited next to the judge and the officiator.

Lena made it snappy to the judge that they should exchange the vows. Miguel accepted to take Lena as his lõvely wedded wife, when Lena was asked same question, she played around it.

“I do…..not”

“What?” Miguel wondered.

“You will find out!” Lena smiled.

“The man standing in front of you right now is nothing but a thief.”

“No woman in her right state of mind should ever marry this man.”

“What are you talking about that’s fake.”

Lena mentioned out Mr Telford’s name and the man claimed to have invested 25million and he transferred it into the account of Harmony.

“Yet we never received anything,” Lena said.

“That’s impossible I managed to transfer it into your company,” the investor was surprised.

Lena projected the account of Harmony to him to ask if that was the account he sent it to and the man said no. Lena explained that it was because the account he sent the money to was not for Harmony. It was Miguel Villarica’s personal account, much to the investor’s dismay. Lena then said Miguel has been using her name to make money and warned everyone against him, demanding the people to stay away from him if they did not want their reputation to get tarnished associating with a criminal like Miguel.

“How can you do this to me?” Miguel queried

“If you want I can tell everyone what you did to me,” Lena hissed, threw his flower at him and left.

Lena arrived with Jordan in a meeting with Vanessa and a lawyer to discuss the last will and testament of Adrian Narciso. Lena thought since Lukas was alive, whatever Adrian inherited would become null and void. The lawyer admitted that cases of such kinds were very unusual and there was no proceedings set to revoke inheritance in case the benefactor faces his deàth so while there was no law yet, they had to go with the status quo.

That meant that Lena was the lawful owner of Royal Wellness. In fact all the estates and all the assets already under Adrian’s name which he inherited, the mansion and the liquidated assets, they would bequeathed on his mother, Vanessa Narciso and Lena. Lena asked whether the money would be able to cover all the debts of Royal Wellness and the lawyer said it was more than enough.

Lena wondered why Adrian bequeathed on her his inheritance while they did not get along well when he was alive. The lawyer read Adrian’s will to answer Lena that, Adrian did that since Lena was the true descendant of the Narcisos and he also wanted to recompense for the pain and suffering she endured in the hands of his family so that he would be remembered with fondness for the woman that he lõved.

Vanessa was sad, later she was sitting alone, mourning while holding the ashes of and Kiko together with Ramona arrived. She was expecting the arrest and asked Kiko why he kept so long to come. Vanessa asked Ramona whether she was there to gloat. Ramona said for 20years of pains and suffering she would say yes to see Vanessa’s downfall.

Kiko arrested Vanessa for an attempted assault on account of a plan to spill acid on Magdalena Mendoza. She was also being arrested for perjury and obstruction of justice on account of her framing Dr Joaquin for the murder of Don Luis Narciso.

“Do you have evidence?”


Vanessa then explained to Ramona that she did that to protect her husband and she believed Ramona would do that too. Ramona said she protect her family against bad people to pin blames on innocent people to suffer a crime that they did not commit to protect a terrible person.

Vanessa said they were different because he would go to any length to prove her lõve for her husband and did everything for him without questioning. That was because l0ve is blind , Ramona admitted löve was blind but not stūp!d.

Before her arrest, Vanessa pleaded with Kiko for one more day to do something vital. She met with Lukas in a dark remote forest to inform him that she had the money inside the car and it was heavy so he should help her carry it. When Lukas followed her, he was surprised to find out that he was surrounded by the Salvacion police.

He quickly held Vanessa as hostage, asking why she betrayed her own husband. Vanessa said she did that since he k!lled Adrian but he said everything was an accident. Adrian strangled him and to his deàth, he was still weak. He managed to use Vanessa to escape the police. 2months later, he was still at large.

Lena believed Lukas could not go far since he had no money and the police have confiscated his passport. It was Lena’s engagement so Dr Ramona did not want them to talk about any negativities. Meanwhile, the waiters at the function were all tied. Lukas disguised himself as a waiter and planted bomb at the function.

Ramona was at the kitchen to prepare a coffee when she bumped into Lukas who threatened her with a knife. He swore to k!ll her to hurt Lena for ruining his life and taken everything so dear to him. Ramona indicated that Lena did him no such thing. Lukas himself ruined his life ant the life of everyone around him. Lukas claimed they all deserved what he did against them.

During the confrontation with Ramona when he was able to corner her, Lena arrived and was astonished seeing the fugitive’s face. She tried to save Ramona but Lukas threatened to slash Ramona’s throat with his weapon.

He turned her into his hostage when Lena arrived in the scene. He claimed Lena ruined his life just like his mother so Lena asked what he did to her mother. This is when he confessed about being the real culprit behind the demise of Helen.

Jordan and Lena were able to save Ramona and immediately escaped along with the other people at the venue. Despite finding out the truth, Lena still attempted to save her already deranged father by persuading him to run with them, but he instead detonated the bomb.

Lena finally took full control over Royal Wellness while Kiko got promoted at work, Ramona on the other hand was able to take back her license as a doctor, and Digna, Betchay, Dr Martina and Ramona were named as the new board of directors of Royal Wellness.

Miguel, who now worked as a waiter, had the chance to say sorry to and make amends with Lena after everything he did to her. He also attempted to apologise and rekindle his connection with his ex-wife Rachel, but she refused to talk to him. Thus, he simply left a brown envelope containing money for their baby.

While Vanessa, Conrad, and Brian were all in jail, Lucas was revealed to be alive and being taken cared of in a special facility as he had lost his left arm and both legs due to the explosion.

Lena and Jordan finally got married, something which Dado had already foreseen when he was only 14 years old. Since she has been the l0ve of his life, Jordan promised not to hurt nor forsake Lena as they look forward to a future together that is was lovely as the cityscapes.




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